15 Best Horse Rescues in Ohio! (2024)


Horse ownership is popular in Ohio, and you might be considering purchasing a horse yourself to begin your equine journey. There might be another alternative, horse adoption! There are numerous quality horse rescues in Ohio.

Horse adoption is easier than you might think; with the internet at your fingertips, it’s easy to browse adoptable horses. We’ve compiled a list of horse rescues in Ohio, taking care of some of the work for you.

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1. Fighting Chance Rescue


Fighting Chance Rescue in southern Ohio does a remarkable job rescuing horses. It is one of only a few with its own critical care facilities and senior sanctuary.

These facilities make it possible for them to take in horses that are in far worse condition than other rescues can manage.

From there, they rehab their rescue horses, place them with fosters and then see them comfortable in loving homes. FCR has rescued over 300 horses from slaughterhouses or abusive situations since it opened.

FCR also manages a program called “Destiny’s Hay Loft,” where they maintain funds to provide emergency food to horses at risk of starvation.

Fighting Chance Rescue Details:

2. Ohio SPCA


The Ohio SPCA strives to address the rampant abuse and neglect of horses that plagues many Ohio counties. 

As much of Ohio is rural, the local humane societies lack the funding to assist with large animals. The Ohio SPCA helps by first intervening with assistance in situations where temporary financial hardship may be the cause.

If they cannot resolve transitional issues or it seems like the horses may be in immediate danger, they’ll rescue horses.

Rescued horses will go through recovery and rehabilitation before being adopted into permanent homes.

Ohio SPCA Details:

3. Wyandot County Equine Rescue


The Wyandot County Equine Rescue was established in 1985 and sports a shelter farm that offers sanctuary to horses, donkeys, and mules. They don’t turn any equine away and don’t charge a surrender fee for unwanted animals.

They have two full-time live-in caretakers that see to the needs of the animals they shelter. Often they take in older horses that are placeable in various homes.

They are adamant that owners not place their unwanted horses up for adoption online because they run a high risk of being placed in abusive situations or sent to slaughterhouses.

Wyandot County Equine Rescue Details:

4. Angels Haven Horse Rescue Inc


Angels Haven Horse Rescue Inc rescues abused and neglected horses across Ohio. They’ll take horses in any condition and won’t judge the owner because they focus on rescuing horses.

This horse rescue in Ohio is so dedicated to removing horses from dangerous conditions they’ll even purchase them from their owners.

Once they have the horse, they seek veterinary care for the animal and then work with other organizations to have it placed for adoption.

Angels Haven Horse Rescue Inc Details:

5. Copper Horse Crusade


Copper Horse Crusade sustainably rescues horses from slaughterhouses by focusing on pulling young and trainable horses to be rehabilitated for adoption.

Their philosophy is that while it’s sad for an older horse to be lost to the slaughterhouses, it’s even more tragic for a young horse with a lot of life left ahead of them to be lost.

Saving horses takes time and resources, and they can save more horses by dedicating those resources to the ones more easily rehabilitated and re-homed.

Copper Horse Crusade Details:

6. Bella Run Equine


Bella Run Equine started as a horse rescue in Ohio in 2008. The founders would travel to kill auctions, select one or two horses and then rehabilitate, train, and find new homes to call their own.

By carefully budgeting the money they took from the adoptions, they saved more and more horses over the years. 

A rescue horse from Bella Run Equine may be a diamond in the rough because the nonprofit actively seeks out horses others won’t choose. They take in horses that others would find too challenging to rehabilitate.

Bella Run Equine Details:

7. Kls Equine Rescue


Kls Equine Rescue was founded as a response to an influx of abandoned or neglected equines in 2010.

Their rescue horse in Castalia, Ohio, comes from several different sources; some are horses confiscated by animal welfare, and others are voluntarily surrendered or abandoned by owners who can no longer care for them.

Over the years, the horse rescue has taken in and helped over 85 equines with the intention of serving many more in the future. 

The all-volunteer organization is involved in the community and proactively educates the public on horse care. They work with 4-H, and host clinics for the Boy and Girl Scouts, Big Brother, and Big Sister organizations. 

Kls Equine Rescue Details:

8. Last Chance Corral


Last Chance Corral specializes in rescuing and adopting orphaned foals, or as they’re known in the horse world, “nurse mare foals.”

It’s an unfortunate reality that nurse mare foals exist. These foals are born because a nurse mare is required for another foal that was born and then rejected by their mother or whose mother isn’t producing enough milk.

It’s less expensive to induce lactation through pregnancy than other hormonal means, so mares are often bred exclusively so they can nurse other foals. Their own foals are then killed or sold to auction.

Last Chance Corral Details:

Location: 5350 Old Rt. 33, Athens, OH 45701
Phone Number: 740-594-4336
Email: [email protected]
Website: Last Chance Corral

9. Focus Rescue and Rehabilitation


Focus Rescue and Rehabilitation takes in horses that have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or are on their way to the slaughterhouse. 

These adoptable horses are rehabilitated where necessary and then placed in new homes.

This horse rescue in Ohio does not take in senior, blind, or lame horses just because they’re not serving their purpose for an owner who is planning on replacing them.

Adopting horses from this rescue is thorough; they will want to see your facilities before you can adopt a rescue horse from them.

Focus Rescue and Rehabilitation Details:

10. RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adoption Program


RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adoption Program is a Quarter Horse-specific rescue program that takes in horses that were formerly competing or are competition worthy and are now in need of rehabilitation or re-training due to injury, neglect, or abandonment. 

In ordinary circumstances, these horses might not get a second chance. They’re also the opportunity for someone entering the equine world to own a horse that can compete but who otherwise might not have been able to afford that quality of horse.

RE-RIDE Quarter Horse Adoption Program Details:

11. Cataleyas Legacy Animal Rescue


Cataleyas Legacy Animal Rescue is a horse rescue in Ohio that takes in adoptable horses to find them a good home. They organize an animal food bank to provide for the horses in their rescue and other animals in need.

Every Sunday, the rescue holds a volunteer service day, where all their volunteers gather to help around the shelter or work on projects. They’re always looking for more people to make community connections with. Sometimes you can also find a mini horse to rescue.

Cataleyas Legacy Animal Rescue Details:

12. Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Inc


Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Inc rehabilitates and re-homes farm animals that have been neglected, abused, or abandoned.

They will go to auction houses, buy horses being bid on by meat buyers, and rescue them from imminent death. Often, they find a demand for donkeys, mini-horses, and ponies.

Ohio has a large Amish community; unfortunately, they will send their horses to auction houses for various reasons to retire them. In an attempt to reach them before they get there, HTFAS founded the Amish Horse Retirement Initiative.

The initiative gives the Amish community an auction house alternative when it comes to re-homing their horses.

Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary, Inc Details:

13. Kindred Spirits Rescue Ranch


Kindred Spirits Rescue Ranch rescues not only horses but other farm animals as well, including cows, sheep, and donkeys. 

Their organization works with the local animal shelters in their community and other sister rescues to make the most significant impact.

Along with that, they engage in community outreach so they can educate on the importance of animal welfare and rescue.

They keep an active blog detailing the events and stories of their ranch, as well as numerous video posts.

Kindred Spirits Rescue Ranch Details:

14. CANTER Ohio


CANTER Ohio is a unique horse rescue in Ohio if you want to adopt horses. CANTER stands for the Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses.

They provide retired thoroughbred resources with the possibility of a second life.

Through rehabilitation and re-training, these beautiful animals are transitioned into adoptable horses that can find a new life after their time on the racetrack is over. 

Through their website, you can view horses available for adoption in Ohio and other states affiliated with the network. 

Allowing CANTER to help place retired thoroughbreds keeps them out of places like auction houses where meat buyers can purchase them.

CANTER Ohio Details:

15. Maggie’s Mission


Last on our list of horse rescues in Ohio is Maggie’s Mission. Maggie’s Mission is one of the last horse rescues in Ohio that we’ll cover! Like some of the others, they don’t specialize in just horses. They all adopt dogs, cats, and assorted small animals. 

Maggie’s Mission is a 100% volunteer run and doesn’t have a physical shelter for the horses they recuse. Instead, every animal they take in is kept with a foster family until they can be adopted.

Throughout the year, this rescue hosts numerous events for the community to attend. These events are intended to create a bond between the rescue and the general public and raise much-needed funds to continue their excellent work.

Maggie’s Mission Details:

Conclusion For “Best Horse Rescues in Ohio”


Ohio is a state that loves its horses; they abound through the rural areas in farms and private homes.

But sometimes owners fall on hard times, or there’s neglect for other reasons that are abhorrent. In those circumstances, horses don’t get the treatment that they deserve.

But the state has a wealth of resources, from the Ohio SPCA to specialized horse rescues to even smaller sanctuaries that look out for these magnificent animals. 

If you’re planning on purchasing a horse, think about a rescue horse instead. There are plenty of adoptable horses in the state that are looking for a new home.

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