10 Best Horse Rescues in Alberta! (2024)


Reports estimate that almost 25,000 horses are slaughtered in Canada, particularly in Alberta, annually. The meat is sent to Japan and other countries where it is considered a delicacy.

Horses are kept under appalling conditions at these slaughterhouses – often under unhygienic conditions and without medical care.

Thankfully, horse rescues in Alberta are working tirelessly to prevent this inhumane culling of old or unwanted horses.

Naturally, many people want to know which the best horse rescues in Alberta are, so they can adopt horses from these organizations or help them with donations or with their time.

We have a handy list of 10 reliable horse rescue organizations in Alberta (and surrounding areas) for you. These charities provide food, shelter, and medical care to injured, old, and sick horses.

They passionately and genuinely care about the welfare of each and every horse and are working tirelessly to prevent them from the horrors of the slaughterhouses.

Here is a list of 10 charities and horse rescues in Alberta and nearby areas.

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10 Horse Rescues in Alberta


1. Bear Valley Rescue Alberta


First on the list of horse rescues in Alberta, Canada, is Bear Valley Horse Rescue. Bear Valley Rescue Alberta was founded in 2004. They started by rescuing 12 PMUs (pregnant mares that are used for their urine for hormone replacement therapy in women).

Since its inception, Bear Valley organization has helped re-home thousands of such PMUs and their foals.

Bear Valley Rescue happens to be the first Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) verified equine sanctuary. The GFAS lays down strict standards regarding animal rescues and adoptions and the Bear Valley Rescue adheres to them.

They also are federally registered as a charity and issue receipts for donations of cash. Bear Valley is also incorporated under the Societies Act Alberta.

This reliable organization ensures that all donations go entirely to the welfare of the rescued horses.

Their Achievements

  • Currently, Bear Valley Rescue is raising funds to build a training arena for horses that are deemed un-trainable. They also plan to expand their clinic
  • They have helped rehome thousands of horses, ponies, hens, donkeys, roosters, and cows.
  • Bear Valley Rescue has partnered with Tiny Tales Pony Rescue of Delta BC to further help rehome horses across the country.

There are numerous ways you can support this rescue organization: adopt, donate, foster, sponsor, or volunteer.

Bear Valley Rescue Details:

2. Horse Heroes Alberta


Horse Heroes Alberta is a community of horse lovers that helps rehab and rehome unwanted horses. They always focus on the horse’s quality of life even if it means taking compassionate end-of-life decisions.

Founder of Horse Heroes, Alberta – Cindy Thomas – started the organization when her own Clydesdale named Molly was stolen.

Thankfully, Molly returned in a relatively good condition but Cindy vowed to help prevent other horses from going to the slaughterhouse.

Today, Cindy campaigns to raise awareness among horse owners about the truth of auctions. Since 2019, she has saved over 1200 horses from being auctioned off by meat men to the slaughterhouse.

Horse Heroes host events like car washes and BBQs to help raise funds while also educating people to create awareness about the safety of horses.

If you are unable to keep your horse for some reason, please do not sell or auction it. These horses are brought by kill buyers and meat men for their meat. Instead, contact Horse Heroes on the details below:

Horse Heroes Alberta Details:

3. Last Chance Horse Rescue


This organization promotes affordable euthanasia for old horses.

Horses need to be drug-free of de-wormers and antibiotics for at least half a year before slaughterhouses can use them for meat.

This means that old and sick horses continue suffering for 6 more months after their owners send them to auctions thinking they will be put out of their misery right away.

They are kept under terribly inhumane conditions without food and medical care for months before they get relief from their suffering.

Last Chance Horse Rescue believes that every horse should die with dignity. They want to help horse owners who do not have money for euthanizing their horses – without asking questions or judging them.

They also help rehome abandoned, retired, injured, and unwanted horses.

So, if you or someone you know has a horse that needs to be put down, contact Ken and Mandy Royko of Last Chance Horse Rescue, below.

Last Chance Horse Rescue Details:

4. Adorado Nino Horse Rescue & Sanctuary


Operating out of LeDuc County, Adorado Nino Horse Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving horses from the horrors of slaughterhouses. The name ‘Adorado Nino – means adorable boy

The organization got its name after the founders helped reunite a young horse named Adorado with its mother Peaches.

Many people from across the globe followed this heartwarming story of Adorado and Peaches. The story was even featured in Horse & Rider Magazine.

Today, Adorado Nino provides shelter to hundreds of old and injured racehorses. For the founders of this wonderful organization, horses are not things to be used – rather they are vulnerable individuals that need love just like everyone else.

Adorado Nino Horse Rescue & Sanctuary Details:

5. Dare2Dream Horse Rescue Alberta


Henry & Brenda Fehr started Dare2Dream Horse Rescue with the aim of saving horses from slaughterhouses. They both have over 50 years of equestrian experience and have raised and shown Appaloosa horses.

In addition to training and raising horses, the Fehrs also teach youth interested in working with horses. They do not charge any fees for keeping horses that owners can no longer look after and run solely on donations and their own funds.

Check out their lovely videos of horse transformations of rescued old and emaciated horses.

So, do not hesitate to contact them to donate, adopt, or sponsor one of their horses.

Dare2Dream Horse Rescue Details:

6. Wild Horses of Alberta


If you are looking for horses for adoption Alberta, then the Wild Horses of Alberta Society (WHOAS) is a good place to start your search.

This charitable organization began as a non-profit society in 2002. For the past 20 years, they have been working tirelessly to manage wild horse populations in and around the foothills of mountains of Eastern Alberta.

The organization is working hard to prevent licensed horse trappers from capturing and removing wild horses from around the area.

Here is what the WHOAS does

  • Rescue and rehabilitation of horses that enter private properties and pushing them back to the forests.
  • They have found permanent homes for 28 horses captured
  • Educational activities – they help in spreading awareness about wild horses in schools.
  • Assisting land owners of private lands that border the forests inhabited by wild horses – helping repair fences, etc.
  • Collecting DNA samples of wild horses for scientific studies.

Wild Horses of Alberta Details:

7. Humanity for Horses Foundation


This non-profit rescue organization was started in 2015. Since then, they have rescued over 630 horses from slaughter. HHF aims to save, protect, and improve the lives of horses in BC and Alberta.

Humanity for Horses Foundation Details:

8. Canadian Horse Rescue and Rehoming Society


Canadian Horse Rescue and Rehoming Society is dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating Canada’s national horse breed – the Canadian Horse.

They encourage horse owners to contact them instead of auctioning their Canadian horses where their fate is uncertain. (Note that they only rehome Canadians and not other breeds).

Their network is spread across Canada and it provides food, shelter, and medical care to the Canadian Horses in need. The organization provides refuge and safety to Canadian Horse breeds in need until they find their forever homes.

You can help the CHRRS by donating, fostering, or adopting their rescued Canadian Horses and also by helping with their fund-raising events.

You can also donate food and blankets for horses. They even need volunteers to attend horse auctions and bid against kill buyers and dealers.

Canadian Horse Rescue and Rehoming Society Details:

9. Second Chance Cheekyeye Ranch


The Second Chance Cheekyeye Ranch (SCCR) consists of a group of passionate volunteers that aim to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses. They aim to bring a complete stop to the slaughtering of horses.

Since 2016, the SCCR has rescued 202 horses and rehomed 166. Get involved with in volunteering for them below:

Second Chance Cheekyeye Ranch Details:

10. Old Friends Canada Society


Old Friends Canada Society is a non-profit organization situated in beautiful BC, Canada. They are on a mission to save, protect, rehabilitate, and rehome old, unwanted, sick, injured, abused, and retired donkeys, mules, and horses.

Currently they have around 15 retired horses but wish they can have more funds so as to save every horse in need. They rely heavily on donation and funds, so please donate generously, or adopt or sponsor a horse/mule. You can also help by volunteering.

Old Friends Canada Society Details:

How to Choose Horse Rescues in Alberta?


The charitable, non-profit organizations on the list above are deemed the best charities that are dedicated to preventing unwanted horses from going to the slaughterhouses.

They are transparent in their mission and figures and have a clear goal and vision. These organizations also publish their financial records and statements each year and provide tax certificates to their donors.

Once you have decided that a horse rescue in Alberta is truly committed to helping old, sick, injured, or retired horses, you can help the organization in the following ways:

  • Donate generously
  • Adopt or foster a horse
  • Become a member of that organization
  • Help with their fundraising efforts
  • Volunteer to clean stalls
  • Help with their awareness campaigns
  • Buy their merchandise
  • Sponsor a horse

We hope this list helps you find the best horse rescue in Alberta for you to support.

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