7 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Alberta! (2024)


Are you looking for the best Maine Coon breeders in Alberta? You’re in the right place. 

Maine Coon breeders in Canada breed their cats with priority placed on the health and well-being of kittens. Your kitten will likely also have been vet-checked, vaccinated, and given a clean bill of health before coming home with you. 

Even though Maine Coons are a large domesticated cat breed, they’re adaptable, friendly, furry, and intelligent. If you’re residing in Alberta and are looking for a Maine Coon breeder, we’ve put together a list of some of the best breeders to choose from. These breeders not only range in size, but also vary in the type of Maine Coons that they breed.

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1. Marwood Maine Coons Alberta


If you’re looking for a Maine Coon breeder in Alberta, you can’t go wrong with Marwood Maine Coons. Situated in rural central Alberta on 10 acres of land, Marwood Maine Coon takes great care to ensure that their cats are selected from healthy lines.

Their goal is focused on producing Maine Coons that are healthy, happy, and well-mannered.

They have their cats and all information on their upcoming litters on their website, and all kittens receive two vaccinations and multiple dewormings before going to their new home.

If you are on the VIP list for Marwood Maine Coons, you’ll also be able to make an appointment to visit the kittens when they’re nine weeks of age.

Want to check out the cattery? Not a problem at all, Marwood Maine Coons accepts tours and will be happy to show you where the kittens are raised.

Marwood Maine Coons Details:

2. Morwenna Maine Coons


Situated in Central Alberta, Canada, Morewenna Maine Coons is a responsible and ethical breeder registered with The International Cat Association (TICA).

The goal of Morwenna Maine Coons is focused on raising cats that are healthy, affectionate, and well-balanced. They list all of their female and male cats on their website along with available kittens.

Prices for kittens start at $2,000 with shipping within Canada costing an additional $400. An initial deposit of $500 is required to reserve your kitten and regular photos and videos will be provided for those on the waitlist.

Each litter will also be spayed/neutered and come with both a veterinarian-certified healthy guarantee and a written sales agreement.

Morwenna Maine Coons Details:

3. Cass Coon Cats Alberta


A small family-owned and operated Cattery, Cass Coon Cats is dedicated and committed to ensuring the overall health of the Maine Coon breed. Located in Calgary, Cass Coon Cats is registered with TICA and CCAFC.

You are more than welcome to view the cats on their website, and they also have a kitten questionnaire form that you’d need to fill out to be on the kitten waitlist. All kittens are litter trained and kept until they are about 12 to 14 weeks old.

When it comes to cost, kittens are priced at $2,000. They will also be checked by a veterinarian prior to going to their forever home and a TICA Certificate Litter Registration will be given once final payment has been made.

Cass Coon Cats Details:

4. Maineficient Coon


Established in 2018, Maineficient Coon is based out of Breton, Alberta. They specialize in European Maine Coon cats with prices varying depending on what you’re looking for.

When you bring your kitten home it would have already been vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped and health checked. 

They do list all of their available kittens on their website, and you can either email or head to their Facebook for more information pertaining to their kitten litters.

All kittens leave this breeder’s care at 14 weeks old and they’ve got plenty of information pertaining to the Maine Coon on their website.

If you’d like, you’re also more than welcome to browse their website and take a look at the male and female cats that they have in the cattery along with any cats that may have retired recently. 

Maineficient Coon Details:

5. Schlater Maine Coon


While Schlater Maine Coon is a small cattery, the breeder has many years of knowledge and experience in the animal medical field.

The Cattery has two male and female cats who are not caged and have plenty of space to roam around. You can see these cats on their website to learn more about them if you wish.

You can also see the available kittens on the website and they range from $1,800 to $2,800 depending on their sex, color, and other characteristics.

Kittens are ready to go when they’re between the age of 12 and 16 weeks old and you’ll also get everything from TICA registration papers to a health guarantee and more.

If you’d like to see what past kittens look like, Schlater Maine Coon also has an adorable photo gallery for you to see how their kittens look like.

Schlater Maine Coon Details:

6. Housemaines


Housemaines has been breeding Maine Coons since 2000 and is part of both the TICA and CFA. All of their breeding cats are genetically tested and have negative results for certain illnesses.

On their website, they have a plethora of information on their male as well as female cats.

If you’re looking for a kitten, you would need to fill out their Housemaien questionnaire. While there isn’t a whole lot of information on their website pertaining to the price of their kittens, you can always contact them for more information.

If you’re curious as to when was the last time the website has been updated, you’ll be glad to know that Housemaines have the date of when they’ve last updated the site on their website for your convenience.

Housemaines Details:

7. Maine Star Coons


Located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Maine Star Coons has been breeding Maine Coons since 2019. All kittens are handled from birth and are extremely friendly, cuddly, and affectionate. When it comes to kittens, all of them are desexed at three months of age.

They list all of their available kittens on their website, and prices start from $1,000 but can vary in cost depending on their tiers. Kittens are also vet-checked prior to heading home with their family and they also come with three boosters.

In addition, Maine Star Coons also offers a one-year congenital disease defect guarantee. This includes one month of free pet insurance with Trupanion. If you’d like to view the kittens, you can also do so with a $20 nominal fee.

Maine Star Coons Details:

Conclusion For “Best Maine Coon Breeders in Alberta”


As seen from the above, there are plenty of Maine Coon breeders for you to choose from in Alberta. What’s great about the majority of these breeders is that they also clearly state if there are any kittens available on their website.

Before proceeding to welcome a kitten to your home, however, it’s important to make sure that you’re ready for the responsibility.

While individuals commonly think that cats don’t require as much effort to care for as dogs, that’s not true – especially if you’re looking after a kitten. Your cat requires love and care, so make sure you’re ready to give it the attention that it deserves.

If you’re not sure, you can always reach out to the breeders for more information on how to care for your Maine Coon.

When it comes to applying for your Maine Coon, most Maine Coon breeders will require you to fill out a form.

The form typically asks you for information pertaining to the type of Maine Coon you’re looking for, if you have any previous experience with animals if you’ve other pets in your home, and more.

You’ll also need to put down a deposit when filling out this form.

If possible, it’s also always a good idea to take a look at the cattery before proceeding with the breeder. By taking a look at the cattery, you’ll have a better idea of how your kittens are raised, along with the environment that it’s raised in.

There, you’ll also be able to take a look at the kittens and ask the breeders any questions that you might have. 

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