6 Genius Ways to Stop Your Dog from Eating Cat Food! (2024)

Dog eating cat food from a bowl.

While I was growing up, my dog and cat were good friends. They respected each other’s boundaries and never tried to steal food from one another. Boy, have times changed.

It looks like some animals today are only out for themselves.

Stealing food when the other is not around, and sometimes eating the food while the victim stands there helpless to stop the egregious offense.

Whether bullying, jealousy, or intense hunger caused your dog’s behavior, it has to stop. There are several options you can consider to stop a dog from eating cat food.

Since your dog and cat don’t have access to the internet (at least we don’t think they do), you’ll have to do the leg work for them.

Quick solutions to stop your dog from eating your cat’s food…

Just Cause Cat Food Tastes Good, Doesn’t Mean That It’s Good For You

One of the reasons why your dog is eating the cat’s food could be because it tastes so darn good. Dogs and cats have different dietary needs.

Unfortunately, for dogs, cat food is nutritionally made for cats. It is chock full of vitamins and protein.

This extra protein and fat can cause an upset stomach, digestive problems, and weight gain for your irascible pup.

Since the cat food contains so much protein, it also has a lot of iron in it. This added ingredient can put stress on your dog’s kidneys and liver.

It’s best for everyone involved if your cat only eats cat food and your dog only eats dog food.

Every time you feed your cat, you could put your dog in his crate (I use this double-door crate – it’s collapsible, has a removable tray, and includes a divider), but this can get to be quite a hassle day after day.

Here are a few options you can try to make sure your dog doesn’t eat any more cat food.

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Ways to Stop Your Dog From Eating Your Cat’s Food

#1 – Elevate the cat’s food

One of the simplest ways to keep Fido from overeating with Fifi’s breakfast or dinner is to place the filled cat dish at a higher level.

Place the bowl on a cat post or kitchen counter. Make it so that your dog can’t reach wherever the plate is set.

Providing your cat has no health issues; they should be able to jump up and claim their meal.

If placing the cat dish on a higher perch is not an option, you could use a water-filled spray bottle (like these brightly colored sprayers) on your dog.

Have the bottle near the cat’s saucer. When you see the dog going for the cat food, spray the dog twice.

This tactic, while not our favorite options by any means, will harmlessly teach your dog to stay away from the cat’s food bowl.

I couldn’t use this on my large dog because he likes getting sprayed. When I water the plants outside, he runs in front of the hose and tries to eat the water.

This 10-minute task has turned into a 40-minute Olympic event. Such fun!

#2 – Feed using an interactive cat puzzle

If you want to feed your cat and stimulate them at the same time, feeding puzzle games are available.

Cat Amazing, is designed to hold dry cat food or treats and your dog will not be able to access their daily nourishment.

The cat will have fun hunting for its food and get some exercise, as well as a sense of satisfaction, knowing that they can get to the food and the dog can’t.

Cat Amazing Classic – Cat Puzzle Feeder –...

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#3 – Use a protective cat bowl

There are feeders available for your cat if they eat canned/wet food.

One such feeder to aggravate your dog is the Felines Only Cat Feeding Bowl. It actually works with both wet and dry cat food kibble.

Felines Only - the Purrrfect Cat Dish -...

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This feeder is designed to keep dogs out of it. The enclosure has an opening big enough for your cat to fit its head in and get the food.

This choice may not work if your dog is about the same size as your cat or has a really skinny head, like a Whippet (they look like Greyhounds but are a lot smaller – learn about them here).

#4 – Secure cat food bowl in a separate room using a door strap

Another way to keep your dog away from the cat’s food is to put the food in a different room.

The Door Buddy Door Latch Plus is effortlessly installed on an interior door. You attach it to the door frame and door.

The door latch is easily adjusted so that it will leave just enough room for the cat and not the dog, to enter the room.

Your cat will have its own private dining area that the dog cannot access.

Door Buddy Cat Door Latch & Cat Door Stopper....

The Door Buddy’s doorstop will make sure that your dog or cat doesn’t accidentally close the door.

This way, no one gets locked in or out of a room. You, of course, will be able to enter and leave the room with no problem.

Tip: Just so you know, this doorstop is also terrific to use if your dog enjoys stealing a snack or two from the cat’s litter box (gross, I know). Head over here to discover more options for preventing this nasty habit.

#5 – Use a pet gate

A pet gate is another way to keep your dog from eating cat food. The barrier can be set up in hallways, doorways, and many other places.

With the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door, you will be able to keep your dog in one room while the cat food is in another.

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It has a small door for the cat to come and go as they please. This portal enables your cat to eat its food without the fear of being rudely interrupted by a pushy canine.

There is also an opening for you to pass through and keep everyone else out. The gate is sturdily constructed and is easily set up and taken down.

Baby gates are another option.

If you used a baby gate to keep your child within a specific area, you could also use the gate to keep the dog from getting at the cat’s food.

When you reinstall the baby gate, place it a few inches higher off the ground.

With the cat bowl in the next room, your cat will be able to slip under the gate to retrieve its food while smirking at the dog left behind.

#6 – Go high-tech and get an automatic pet feeder

If you don’t want your pets to feel like they’re in San Quentin Prison with its bars, there are other pet feeders to consider.

One such pet feeder is the Automatic Pet Feeder – SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder.

This innovative pet feeder works electronically (battery-operated), and the lid won’t open unless it senses your cat’s microchip or the included RFID collar tag.

Sure Petcare -SureFlap - SureFeed - Microchip Pet...

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Not only can the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder be used to keep your dog out of the cat’s food, but it can also house both wet and dry pet food.

SureFeed is a well overdue invention for multi-pet households.

It will ensure that prescription medication hidden in the pet food will only be eaten by the correct pet.

If you’ve ever tried to give pills or liquid meds to your pet, you know how difficult it can be. This feeder makes medication time less stressful for everyone in the house.

In Closing

As responsible pet parents, it’s our job to make sure that our furry family members are happy and healthy.

The sharing or stealing of pet food may look cute, but there are consequences for these actions.

When your dog eats the cat’s rations, they are not getting the proper amount of vitamins and protein.

This overabundance or deficiency can lead to weight gain and liver and kidney stress, as well as digestive problems for your dog.

New strategies should be taken to keep Fido away from the ever-tasty cat food. Various options are at your disposal.

Whether you use negative reinforcement like sudden noises or spray bottles, pet feeders, or gates to restrict your dog’s cat food access, you want to ensure that both your cat and dog are only eating from their own dishes.

These steps will keep your dog from developing unwanted health issues, and it will keep your cat from starving.

The last thing you want is for your cat to end up on the street, asking for handouts. What will the neighbors think?!!

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