Best Pet Insurance For French Bulldog & Features To Look For! (2024)

best pet insurance for french bulldog

With their small build and unique, cute appearance, French Bulldogs can be found in homes of a wide range of environments and owners.

For their ever-increasing number of owners the world over, there’s nothing quite like the company of these four-legged friends. 

Just like any breed, however, the French Bulldog is not immune to accident and illness.

Any owner will likely tell you that the only thing more stressful than these mishaps themselves is the treatment and more specifically the price.

That’s where pet insurance comes in.

Rarely, if ever, is a trip to the vet’s financially friendly, but in times of costlier emergency visits, the right plan will help you reduce and manage the resulting bill.

We’ve taken a look at a range of pet insurance providers and found our top picks for French Bulldog coverage.

Our recommendations come with some factors you should always be looking for so that no matter what plan you choose, you’ll have all you need to keep everyone’s tail wagging!

In addition to providing suitable insurance coverage for your Frenchie, you should also consider picking up a reputable book on the breed because, as we all know, Frenchies are not your average dog.

 The Owner’s Guide To The Perfect French Bulldog is jam packed with information about daily care, training, health concerns, exercise needs, grooming, and so much more.

It prepares you for all aspects of life with a Frenchie and provides you with a deeper understanding of their temperament and quirks. Truly a must-have!

What to Look for in Pet Insurance for French Bulldogs

For French Bulldogs, who can suffer from a number of health problems common to their breed as well as broader canine concerns, it’s important to consider if an insurance plan will cater to the range of treatments that they may unfortunately need.

Accidents will also need to be covered as these make up the majority of unplanned vet visits, and then the specific terms of the policy will influence your choice.

It can be daunting to look at any kind of insurance, and making a balanced decision can be more challenging still.

However, in plans for your French Bulldog, you should always be focusing on these factors. 

Common Health Issue Coverage

With their compact size, Frenchies are susceptible to a number of spinal problems, such as intervertebral disc disease or hemivertebrae, which can lead to paralysis in extreme cases.

Patellar Luxation and hip dysplasia are other common bone conditions that can affect the mobility of this breed.

Some pups are born with a cleft palate, and both skin and inhalant allergies are common. Eye issues can arise (like conjunctivitis or cherry eye), as can ear infections and dry skin.

There’s also the risk of diabetes or obesity, and a particular sensitivity to heat, all of which can lead to further complications as well as being health issues in their own right.

(Yes, Frenchies can overheat quite easily. Learn the signs of heat exhaustion and what you can do to prevent your Frenchie from suffering in this article.)

It’s crucial to be aware of the health issues common to French Bulldogs when you’re deciding whether you can take on the purchase of the pup in the first place.

However, it’s equally important when choosing an insurance plan to be certain they’ll all be covered.

Accident Coverage

Health conditions aren’t the only hazards to your dog’s well-being, as no matter how closely you maintain their wellness accidents are guaranteed across their lifetime.

They’re also sudden, unpredictable, and lead to unplanned emergency vet visits.

These trips can easily run into the three- or even four-figure range in cost.

It’s one thing to pay out for planned treatments, but your insurance plan needs to cover these instances of unexpected veterinary care. 

Deductibles, Limits, and Claiming

Deductibles are the cost that the insurance holder will pay out themselves before the insurance provider contributes their share.

Largely this is paid on a per-incident basis, and the amount of the deductible is largely down to personal preference. 

Make sure you understand the limits of insurance payouts before buying.

These can depend on and change with the age and health of your Frenchie, as well as more obvious factors, like the type of treatments and the reasons for it.

There will also exclusions to where insurance is paid out, which is why – again – you need to ensure the policy covers as many health conditions and accidents as possible.

Consider also reimbursements, as this is the percentage of cost that providers guarantee to payout after your deductible.

Claiming on your pet insurance also differs between policies. This can range from submitting hard copies of vet bills and paperwork to electronic submissions.

Policies will also come with waiting periods, where new customers will have to wait a certain time after taking out their plan before they can make claims. 

Review of The Best Pet Insurance For French Bulldog

#1 Pets Best

Pets Best

Pets Best offers perhaps the most affordable coverage pricing of any of these plans.

At an example deductible of $500 and an 80% reimbursement level, price plans range from $44-$54.

There’s also no enrollment fee, negating the additional one-off cost that most providers charge when you join. 

Better still, there’s no upper age limit for a pet covered by Pets Best (though, again, increased age will result in an increased rate).

Coupled with a 24/7 vet expert helpline, constant peace of mind is virtually assured throughout the lifetime of your policy. 

Illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, allergies, and infections are included in the coverage, as well as conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, and cherry eye.

Accidents are covered, as are exam fees, emergency care, and hospitalization.  

There are also no annual or lifetime limits to their policies, so if you’re unfortunately faced with the prospect of multiple trips to the vet’s then you can do so without the added stress of exhausting your policy’s coverage. 

Offering value without sacrificing user benefit, for pet owners on a budget Pets Best is an excellent option. 


  • Affordable pricing.
  • 24/7 expert helpline.
  • No age limits.
  • Accidents and exam fees coverage.
  • No annual or lifetime limits.


  • Three days waiting period for accidents, 14 days for illness.
  • Plan price increases with pet age.
  • Claim repayment is slower than competitors.

Other Great Options For French Bulldog Insurance

Runner-Up: Embrace

embrace pet Insurance

One issue that often arises with pet insurance policies is that pre-existing conditions are not always covered.

With Embrace, however, all curable, pre-existing conditions are covered, so if your beloved Frenchie already suffers from something like hip dysplasia when you join it’ll be included in your coverage.

Their plans also offer comprehensive coverage for unexpected incidents, whether that’s a broken bone or a stomach issue resulting from eating something they shouldn’t.

A large number of conditions specific to breeds, of which French Bulldogs have several, are also covered in their plans.

In terms of price, you can expect to pay between $46-$60 a month based on a deductible between $500-$700.

However, Embrace also offers a unique system called the Healthy Pet Deductible, in which your annual deductible is reduced by $50 for every year that a claim isn’t made.

There is, however, a $25 enrollment fee, and even in months where no claims are made there is still a $1 transaction fee.

Embrace also has another unique perk: the optional Wellness Rewards program.

Where most providers won’t help you out with grooming, vaccinations, or routine checkups, through this program these additional costs become less of a burden.

The program is designed to encourage and reward owners who take a more proactive approach to their pet’s everyday well-being.  

If you’re taking out a policy for the first time on an older dog or switching providers, with their approach to pre-existing conditions and well-maintained health, Embrace is a good place to focus your search.


  • Covers curable, pre-existing conditions. 
  • Comprehensive coverage for unexpected incidents.
  • Exam fees covered.
  • Optional Wellness Rewards program.
  • $50 reduction in annual deductible for each year with no claims.


  • $25 enrollment fee.
  • Monthly transaction fee.
  • Unlimited reimbursement options require an additional phone call.
  • Two-day waiting period for accidents.

Healthy Paws


With illness and injury being perhaps the most stressful part about owning a pet, convenience in an insurance plan will always be welcome.

Healthy Paws have emphasized just that with their policy. 

Using an online form or even a dedicated app, claims can be submitted via a “1-2-3 system.”

Firstly, a visit to the vet, then followed by uploading the bill to one of these services, and finally the payout – a much swifter process than offered by most providers.

Healthy Paws also states that 99% of their claims are processed in just two days, cutting down on the usual anxious wait.

They also offer “one easy-to-understand insurance plan,” reducing the time it takes to apply.

Unlimited reimbursement comes as standard on this plan, meaning that only your Frenchie’s age or environment and your level of deductible will factor into the pricing. 

Finally, there are no annual, lifetime or per-incident caps on claims, meaning that this truly is the most efficient processing policy that we’ve found.

Whilst their universal plan may need some scrutiny for French Bulldogs with a larger array of issues, for general peace of mind Healthy Paws is a widely appealing provider.


  • No annual, lifetime or per-incident caps.
  • Unlimited reimbursement as standard after the deductible is paid.
  • Convenience – claims easily submitted online or via a dedicated app.
  • 99% of claims processed in two days.
  • One easy-to-understand insurance plan.


  • Waiting period of 15 days for both accident and illness.
  • Exam fees aren’t covered.
  • $25 enrollment fee.


Having operated for decades in pet insurance with over $1 billion paid out in claims, Trupanion stands as one of the more established providers in the industry.

No doubt due to their extensive experience, there are a number of impressive benefits to their protection. 

Perhaps most remarkable is that their policy will work in every veterinary hospital in North America.

Their vet-direct pay system means that all a pet owner needs to do is pay their deductible in-store and Trupanion will take care of the rest.

This eliminates much of the usual claims application process, and Pet Insurance Review even states that they are “the only provider that has the option to pay vets directly in 5 minutes or less.”

As for the content of their policies, their comprehensive coverage even extends to breed-specific conditions – although regrettably, pre-existing conditions are not covered.

There are no payout limits as standard, and a $0 deductible is available (though this will of course increase your monthly payments). 

Though no Wellness Reward packages are available, an additional Recovery and Complementary Care package is offered to assist owners and their Frenchies after treatment.

Coupled with their swift and proven payment system, customers who value experience will find an ideal match with the long-established Trupanion.


  • Vet direct pay – easy claims application, just pay your portion.
  • Works in every veterinary hospital across North America.
  • No payout limits.
  • Optional Recovery and Complementary Care package.
  • Extensive experience.


  • No exam fee coverage.
  • Pre-existing conditions aren’t covered.
  • Waiting period of 30 days for illnesses.

Buyer’s Guide

Why Do I Need Pet Insurance for My French Bulldog?

No one wants to think about their Frenchie falling into ill health or having an accident, especially when so much of your time together focuses on friendship and happiness.

However, it’s just not feasible – or possible – for these things to be eternally avoided.

Pet insurance is not a legal requirement, but it is no less essential.

The treatment of any animal is a costly and challenging process, and with the emotional burden alone being difficult to shoulder there’s no reason to weigh yourself down with unnecessary monetary worries.

These policies are there to make the process of crucial vet visits as simple as possible. Inevitably, insurance does come at a price.

As far as possible you need to ensure you get the plan that best suits your financial situation without sacrificing the needs of your canine friend.

Don’t forget to factor in your individual needs or preferences, many of which we have explored in our options above.

The unfortunate truth is that, without insurance, the cost of pet treatment can be financially crippling.

Any veterinary practice or hospital is sure to have stories of animals having to be euthanized when they could have been treated, purely because without insurance their owner was unable to pay the cost of treatment.

Pet insurance is of course crucial to safeguard the health of your French Bulldog and to make sure they can get the help they need as quickly as possible.

However, it’s also there to ensure that you and your beloved companion don’t have to say goodbye any sooner than is absolutely necessary.

If you love Frenchies as much as we do, you’ll enjoy reading through all of our articles dedicated to this delightful, adorable breed. You can access them all here.