Best Barking Dog Alarm To Help Protect Your Property! (2024)

Best barking dog alarm

Barking dog alarms are a popular alarm for deterring and preventing intruders, as they create an illusion of aggressive animals that naturally protect property.

These alarms are ideal for those who don’t own a dog and who want a bit more safety or for owners with very quiet dogs that will probably provide no help in the event of an intruder.

They are the ideal deterrent for unwanted company because they are there to warn an intruder that they may want to reconsider breaking into your home.

Is it really worth it if it sounds like three angry Rottweilers are ready to take you down? Probably not.

Burglar alarms are designed for this, of course, but they have become so commonly used in American households that nobody will bat an eyelid.

A burglar alarm going off could easily be faulty, and some may not even bother to check.

Burglar alarms alert those in the household that someone has broken in, whilst barking dog alarms are there to prevent someone from breaking in.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best barking dog alarms to protect your property and loved ones and included a useful buyers’ guide and FAQ for any unanswered queries.

These are some of our favorites!

In a rush?

Our top pick is the S SELDORAUK Dog Barking Alarm, a motion-detecting alarm designed to deter burglars and intruders.

The sensor and receiver can create eight different alarm sounds, ranging from three dog barking noises to welcoming sounds.

The alarm has a working range of 200 meters and comes in three modes if you prefer to have LED flashing lights as well.

This is a bargain alarm that could protect your household, so it is a wise investment.

Review of The Best Barking Dog Alarm

#1 S SELDORAUK Dog Barking Alarm

Dog Barking Alarm Motion Detector,Pir Wireless...
  • 【8 Doorbell Ring Chimes (Less is More)】-Three Dog Barking sounds;1x Generally Alarm; 1x...
  • 【Long Working Range】-1000Ft at open area with open antenna and it’s suitable for 0~200 m² to...

The S SELDORAUK Dog Barking Alarm is a motion sensor that is ideal for a home or office that needs protection.

Featuring eight different ring chimes, including three dog barking sounds, a normal alarm sound, and a welcoming “Ding Dong,” this alarm system is ideal for any situation.

Having the mixture of sounds allows for multiple usages for when you are in and out of the house.

The welcoming noises are ideal when you are in the house, so you know when someone has arrived in the day or night if you prefer a quieter atmosphere.

The different dog barking noises are also ideal for this but also for the days and nights when the house is empty.

These barking noises are there to prevent anyone coming in, allowing for reassurance of the user.

Reaching up to 200 meters in an open area, it can be used for any outdoor or indoor setting.

You can also choose to have LED flashing lights along with the alarm sounds.


  • Versatile and usable for any situation. 
  • Different alarm and barking sounds. 
  • Accompanied with flashing lights if wanted. 
  • Can be portable if necessary.
  • Waterproof.


  • Affordable price point means it won’t act in the same way a high-quality security system will.

Other Great Barking Dog Alarm Options 

Runner-Up: Safety Technology International, Inc. ED-55 Rex II, The Electronic Watchdog Alarm

Safety Technology International, Inc.ED-55 Rex II,...
  • Barking dog alarm
  • Place in any location indoors where you want to detect movement

This barking dog alarm is ideal for indoor locations such as offices.

The dog barking noises are designed to sound like a dog is inside, with a slight echoing effect to mimic a room.

Whilst this may put some people off, remember that a defined barking sound will make the intruder expect to see a dog.

These are made to sound like there is potential danger inside (without owning an actual dog).

It works as a motion detector and gets louder with a closer proximity of the unwelcome guest.

It also features a growling setting when the unit is muted – ideal for your peace of mind when you are sleeping or away.

This can also be useful for apartments, shops, studios, or private property. The detection range can work up to 26 feet. 


  • Various vicious barking and growling noises. 
  • Best for indoor locations.
  • Barking does not loop to sound more believable.
  • Water resistant lid.


  • Works best for indoor locations so not effective on farm land.

Safety Technology International, Inc. Electronic Barking Secure Watch Dog 

Electronic Barking Secure Watch Dog
  • Switch from the barking dog to alarm or chime
  • Comes with a wireless remote control to allow you to arm/ disarm the unit from a distance as well as...

Another Safety Technology International Inc. product, this security system has various settings to suit every need, ranging from barking dog sounds to welcoming chimes.

The real feature of this alarm system is the wireless remote control, allowing more control from a distance to turn off the device.

This is useful if the alarm is faulty, or set off by a nonthreatening animal, and it also features a panic alarm in case you see something the alarm does not.

This also means you don’t have to damage your ears by going directly to the alarm to turn it off or change a setting.

It is a motion sensor that works from 10-20 feet and can sense movement through objects and walls.

It works all day and all night, allowing you the protection of a real dog without actually owning one (for better or worse).

There are several barking sounds from soft to vicious. 


  • Handy wireless remote control makes it easier to use. 
  • Realistic dog sounds that echo to mimic a real dog inside.
  • Motion sensor can detect movement through walls and doors.


  • Not the greatest motion-sensing distance but can detect movement behind walls and doors.
  • Cannot sense through solid brick or cement walls, so this feature is best used for inside the house.

Govee Motion Sensor Alarm

The Govee Motion Sensor Alarm is the most impressive when it comes to how many sound effects it has to offer.

With 36 ringtones including dog barking, there really is not a situation where you wouldn’t need one of these.

During the day, you can use a convincing automatic doorbell sound for when people come to the door.

At night, a siren or barking dog sound is useful for warning intruders of danger inside. It comes with five adjustable volume settings.

A plug-in receiver that resides indoors will flash blue LED lights, ideal for when you are awake already so you have some time to prepare.

The one downside is that these motion sensors are not waterproof, so they must be taken down or under cover when outside to prevent damage.

For around 20 bucks, this is the most affordable product on our list. 


  • Designed for front doors, garages, offices, and other private settings. 
  • Wide range of sound effects to fit any situation, including barking dog.
  • Receiver is great for alerting when someone comes to the door.
  • Very affordable.


  • These motion sensors are not waterproof so not ideal outside unless there is proper concealment.
  • Whilst affordable, this will not work in the same way more expensive security systems will work.

Wall Mount High Power Sensitive PIR Motion Sensor Voice Box 

Wall Mount High Power Sensitive PIR Motion Sensor...
  • LONG RANGES OF MOTION: Motion sensor audio-activated speaker will play the audio as people come to...
  • CUSTOMIZED SOUND: Upload the sound files via USB flash disk or SD memory card. (Support max 2G SD...

If you find most barking dog alarms do not mimic the most authentic dog sounds or are often played on loop, this audio recordable motion sensor is ideal for you.

This alarm is made for customizable sounds, uploaded through an SD card or USB flash disk.

This means you can have complete freedom with whatever sound you would like your alarm to make.

It is an ideal purchase just for events or scaring friends – if that is an intended use.

When it comes to barking dogs, you can download the barking and growling noises online or even record them from dogs you may know.

This may seem tedious, but it actually allows for a more realistic recording that you can control and change – useful for making new alarm sounds to confuse nearby potential intruders.

This can range from snarling and scary dog noises to haunted house sounds. This sensor features built-in speakers to provide the right audio quality.

This is a wall mounted design, so it works best at the top of a wall, hidden under a roof or foliage. This motion sensor is, however, the most expensive on our list.


  • This sensor boasts a long range of 16-100 feet.
  • Recordable feature allows for complete versatility in sounds.
  • Very loud, great to scare off intruders.


  • Tedious recording system for those who want a quick barking dog alarm.
  • Not waterproof, so it will need proper covering.
  • The most expensive on our list.
  • Very loud – not ideal if the motion sensor detects movement from something nonthreatening.

Buyer’s Guide

Why You Should Invest in a Barking Dog Alarm System 

In short, a barking dog alarm system is a great way to pretend you have protective dogs without the hassle of actually having the dogs.

This makes them an ideal purchase for any type of household: families, people who live alone, elderly people, or even people who just want extra peace of mind and privacy.

These alarm sounds are designed to drive away potential intruders by making it seem like breaking into the house is not a good idea according to the very angry barking dogs.

These sound effects are made to sound like the dogs are indoors and have heard somebody, so they are meant to make an echo and slightly muffled noise.

You can’t have a high-quality dog sound coming from a very specific part of your wall outdoors, because it just won’t be believable. 

Whilst not every alarm system is for barking dog sounds alone, this sound effect has become very popular and well used in a lot of system ringtones.

This is because the effectiveness of the aggressive bark is great for deterring intruders and burglars.

The motion-sensing feature allows for a 360° guard dog (ironically) to protect property or rooms 24/7.

However, this does mean it has the potential to pick up random and nonthreatening animals or people you actually don’t mind entering your property, but it’s worth it for the added peace of mind at night. 

Imagine you live in an area of high crime, whether that is burglary or something else threatening, and you don’t have a dog to protect you.

You might live alone, you might be elderly, you might have a really expensive and fancy car.

Having a well-trained dog is great for this added security, but if you choose to not own a dog for whatever reason, these alarm systems are designed for your peace of mind.

Whilst a burglar alarm tells you someone has broken in, a barking dog alarm works to prevent them from entering.

Our top tip is to start shouting alongside the barking dog noise, perhaps pretending to tell your dog to be quiet, for some added realism.

Where to Put a Barking Dog Alarm 

As some sensors are not waterproof, cover is the main concern when installing an alarm system.

They are most commonly placed at the top of walls underneath the overhang of a roof, perfectly concealable in the dark (just make sure they don’t show any light to give it away!).

Motion sensors are great for detecting movement through walls or below them, but their 360° design means they could be affected by any movement.

This needs to be considered if you install your alarm near a tree or foliage that could move in different weather conditions.

It may also be worth purchasing multiple alarm systems and installing them above doors and windows for extra protection.

An alarm above the front door won’t prevent intruders from breaking in through the back door.

A system with a receiver is handy, as they usually plug into a socket indoors and alert you with a light.

This is great for when someone has come to the door or if someone is breaking in.

Another top tip of ours is to have “Beware of the dog” stickers dotted around your property to make it even more believable.

If an intruder chooses to ignore these signs, then the barking dog alarm will definitely convince them to change their mind.  

As barking dog alarms are designed to be believable, make sure to test the range of each product.

A house that has continuous barking that sounds quite repetitive will be a bit obvious to possible nearby intruders.

It is also good to have several alarms placed around the house to give the illusion of the dogs running around indoors.

Otherwise the one alarm system could be a bit of a giveaway if the intruder decides to try other areas of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Barking Dog Alarms Work? 

They are an effective method of deterring unwanted visitors and intruders, but this does not mean they work 100% of the time.

It may require some trial and error, and some intruders may simply not care about the prospect of aggressive dogs.

These alarm sounds are not the only way to prevent burglars or to protect your home and family from crime, but they are very effective. 

Do Beware of Dog Signs Deter Burglars? 

“Beware of dog” signs are a great way of silently telling someone to go away without causing a fuss.

They work hand-in-hand with barking dog alarms, as the signs act as a first layer of protection.

If the intruder does not fall for the signs, the barking dog alarm will be a little bit more convincing.

A lot of people would not want to risk their own safety by breaking into a house potentially filled with aggressive dogs, so these signs and alarms are harmless additions to your security system. 

Can I Use a Barking Dog Alarm If I Have Dogs Already? 

Sometimes, having dogs as well as a barking dog alarm can be a great advantage.

The barking sounds of the motion sensor may trigger your own dogs to bark too, creating a very believable atmosphere.

This could also wake you up in the night to defend yourself properly.

If an alarm system begins to fault, you have an actual dog to act as a backup.

However, the barking alarm could scare your own animals into thinking there is an aggressive dog nearby.

It could also create a dog barking frenzy, even if the motion sensor is only triggered by a moving branch of a tree.

If your dog doesn’t bark and isn’t phased by anything, an alarm is probably ideal.

Perhaps you’re interested in installing a barking dog alarm and adding a real protection dog to your family.

You’ll find our list of the best family guard dogs to be very helpful in making your decision. Don’t forget that training is absolutely critical for protection dogs of all types.

Check with our article on training guard dogs and watchdogs to learn what is required.

Where Is Best to Install a Barking Dog Alarm?

The most important thing to remember when installing any alarm is concealment.

These alarms are designed to alert and scare off intruders, which won’t happen if the alarm is in plain sight and the intruder can work their way around it.

We recommend placing alarms at the top of walls and under overhanging rooftops, particularly near doors and windows. It is best to buy multiple to place around the property and as backup.

Make sure to avoid trees or anything that could trigger the motion sensor, or you will be hearing barking dogs forever.

As a lot of motion sensors can work through walls and doors too, they can be installed indoors wherever, as long as nothing triggers the sensor.

Garages, offices, and other private areas require indoor alarm systems for additional protection. 


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