Debate Over! – 20 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats (2024)

A large brown dog lying beside a tabby cat.

If you are ready to bring a new pet into your family and are trying to decide whether a cat or a dog is the best option, consider all of the reasons why dogs may be the best option and why many people feel that dogs are superior to cats.

1. No Litter Box

Dogs can easily be house trained, so they will use the bathroom outside.

You won’t have to worry about cleaning out a litter box every day, buying litter, or having to smell the litter box in your home if you don’t change the litter as often as needed.

2. Protection

If your dog is trained correctly, he will be able to protect you from other people and animals. Dogs are very protective of their families and may even protect other pets in the household.

Cats are not protective and will likely run away if they feel threatened.

3. Encourage You To Stay Active

When you have a dog, you will need to walk and play with him daily to keep him happy. This will motivate you to walk or run and be active and could help you stay healthier and happier as well.

Cats are not as active and prefer to sleep most of the day.

4. Unfailing Loyalty

Dogs are known for being loyal, while cats prefer to be on their own. When you bond with your dog, he will always want to be by your side and with you at all times.

Your dog isn’t likely to get mad at you or avoid you as long as you treat him properly and show him plenty of affection.

5. Obedient

Most dogs like to please their owners and are naturally obedient. They can also be trained to obey specific commands and do different tasks.

Cats do not train easily, and although they are smart, they have very little interest in pleasing their owners or being obedient to them.

6. Can Be Trained To Do Tricks

A brown-and-white Border Collie leaping through the air to catch a Frisbee.

Dogs can be trained to do tricks and can be very entertaining. Dogs enjoy training and learning new tricks to impress their owners and make them happy.

Cats can be trained, but they don’t retain the training as well as dogs and aren’t likely to perform tricks on command.

7. Warn You of Danger

Dogs are very alert and capable of warning humans of danger. They can sense things such as earthquakes or a person’s bad intentions.

They can also be trained to alert their owners if they are about to suffer from a health issue such as a seizure or diabetic complications.

Dogs have also been known to alert their owners when there is a fire, gas leak, or another hazard that may harm them.

8. Love To Play

Dogs love to play and be active. They are full of energy and enjoy having fun and just spending time with their owners.

Dogs love to swim, fetch, roll around, run, and jump. They can play for hours without tiring and are great for active families.

9. Make Us Laugh

Every dog has its own personality, and most of them are hilarious. You can always count on your dog to do something silly to make you laugh.

Whether it’s the way he acts when you come home or the way he sleeps, dogs are always making their owners smile.

10. Highly Adaptable

Dogs are highly adaptable and can quickly learn new commands and become comfortable in new environments.

If you move around a lot, are busy, or travel a lot, a dog can make a great companion and will have no problem fitting into the new environment or situation.

11. Can Read Our Emotions

Dogs can pick up on emotions and tell what we are feeling. While they may not understand everything we say, they have a way of knowing when we are sad, scared, nervous, or even happy.

They often try to comfort their owners when they are feeling upset.

12. Encourage More Social Interactions

Because dogs need to be walked regularly and need to be socialized with other people and animals in order to behave properly, it encourages their owners to socialize more as well.

You may meet new friends by taking your dog for walks around your neighborhood, visiting local dog parks, or just taking your dog to veterinary appointments.

13. Can Be Crate Trained

Dogs can easily be crate trained and actually feel very comfortable in their crates. Cats do not do well when confined in small spaces and may never adapt to it.

Dogs will quickly associate their crates as their territory and may even prefer to sleep in their crate.

14. Can Be Trained as Service Animals

Due to their ability to learn quickly and sense illnesses and hazards, dogs can be trained to be service animals.

They can assist owners who have disabilities and help them navigate the world safely while still providing them with some sense of independence.

15. Will Give Their Lives To Save You

Dogs bond with their owners quickly, and they are very loyal. Dogs have been known to fight to the death to protect their owners and will give their own lives if it means saving the people they love.

16. Give Their Owners a Sense of Purpose

When you have a dog in your life, it gives you a sense of purpose. You will love your dog like your own family and want to do everything possible to provide him with a safe and happy life.

Dogs show their appreciation in various ways, and knowing that your dog is happy can give you a sense of pride and well-being.

17. Petting Dogs Lowers Stress & Release Feel-Good Hormones

Studies have shown that just petting your dog regularly can help reduce stress and release hormones that help improve your mood.

Dogs make people happy, and just having a dog nearby can help you feel better and live a happier life.

18. Wide Variety of Colors, Shapes & Sizes

You can find a dog to fit your lifestyle and family no matter what your preference. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

You can spend time with different breeds to learn which one fits best with your family before you decide to buy or adopt a dog to call your own.

19. Can Help Prevent Allergies in Children

Children who are exposed to dogs at a young age are less likely to develop allergies as they age.

When children are around dogs, they can pick up microbes that help make them immune to allergies and even asthma. This makes their immune systems stronger and keeps them healthier.

20. Don’t Jump on Counters and Tables

Cats are known for jumping on counters and tables and don’t do well with boundaries.

Dogs can easily be taught boundaries and aren’t likely to jump up on surfaces if they have been trained not to do so.

That’s a Wrap! 

If you are trying to decide if a cat or a dog is right for your family, consider the personalities and characteristics of each type of pet and decide which one will fit in best with your lifestyle.

Many people prefer dogs for all of the above reasons and more.