7 Best Cat Breeders in Vancouver, BC! (2024)


Feline fanciers in Vancouver are in luck. There are a number of catteries breeding various breeds of cats including exotic cats as well. These cat breeders are producers of some adorable and high-quality felines.

They produce healthy and beautiful cats that buyers will be proud to have as part of their own families. 

We’ve compiled a list of cat breeders in Vancouver, BC, to save you the trouble of researching. If you’re looking for a Persian, British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Maine Coon, or other exotic breeds, look no further. Here is a list of cat breeders in Vancouver. 

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1. Dearfold Cattery Vancouver


Located in Vancouver, Dearfold Cattery is a TICA and CFA-registered breeder of British Short and Longhair, and Scottish Straight cats. The website notes that they no longer breed Scottish Fold cats despite their name.

The process to adopt a kitten from Dearfold Cattery is to first follow their Instagram. All new litters are announced on Instagram. When you’re ready to purchase a cat, contact the breeder and they will respond with a screening questionnaire.

Once approved, you will be contacted with information regarding pricing and payments.

The kittens go home at 12 weeks of age. This cat breeder does not allow visits as they are a home breeder and not a kennel. They wish to protect their security and privacy. They deliver locally to their buyers.

Kittens go home with deworming, UTD on vaccinations and additional vaccinations are available for an additional fee, spay and microchip, and 30 days of health insurance, with health records of both the kitten and the parents.

All cats sell with a contract which is initiated once payment is made. There is no pricing information on the website, contact the breeder via Instagram.

Dearfold Cattery Details:

2. European Maine Coon Cattery


The European Maine Coon Cattery is located near Vancouver and is a TICA-registered breeder of Maine Coon Cats.

Their breeding pairs are imported from Europe and genetically tested to ensure that you get the healthiest and most long-lived Maine Coon cat possible. 

The process to purchase a European Maine Coon is to join the waiting list through filling in the form on the website.

The cost of a European Maine Coon is $2,500 or if you want the first pick that is available to you, then you will pay $3,000. Take a look at the gallery on the website to see past litters and the breeding cats. They are magnificent!

This cat breeder does not allow visitors to their facility, but you are able to pick up your cat when it’s ready to come home and tour the facility at that time. 

All cats are sold with a non-breeding contract. You may view that contract on the website. Kittens go home with a one-year health guarantee and with breeder support for the lifetime of the animal.

You may contact the breeder via the contact us tab on the website and email them with questions.

European Maine Coon Cattery Details:

3. FikaSnow Cattery Vancouver


FikaSnow Cattery is a TICA CFA and WCF registered cattery in Vancouver, BC. They are breeders of British Short and Long Haired cats and Scottish Shorthairs.

They breed cats with international championship bloodlines and genetically test their breeding pairs to ensure that you will get only the healthiest cats. They advertise that all of their cats are socialized and cage-free.

FikaSnow does a careful screening of potential buyers including video interviews and questions before adding someone to their waitlist. The deposit amount for the kittens is $300 to choose a kitten.

This cat breeder will give you photos and video updates upon request. Kittens go home at 4-5 months of age, which allows them to be vaccinated and spayed/neutered.

Kittens can be picked up or delivered within the locale, or through a flight nanny service at the buyer’s expense.

They will be up to date on all vaccinations, and deworming and will have a microchip, health certificate and a lifelong genetic health guarantee.

The website does not mention the full price of the kittens. Contact them via Instagram, email or the contact us tab on the website for further information.

FikaSnow Cattery Details:

4. Hollow Hills Persians


Hollow Hills Persians is a CFA, TICA, and ACFA-registered Persian and exotic cat breeder in Sooke, Vancouver. Their breeding pairs include TICA champions and grand champions. Hollow Hills Persians actively show their cats throughout the year. 

There are some gorgeous cats on this website gallery as well as breeding animals. This cat breeder sells to both show and pet homes. Their cats are bred for quality, looks, and sweet temperaments. 

Kittens are sold dewormed and UTD on vaccinations with a health certificate and TICA and CFA registration.

There is no further information regarding the pricing of these kittens, anything about the process of getting started, no waitlist, or information regarding purchase. Please contact the breeder via the email provided on the website for more information. 

Hollow Hills Persians Details:

5. Marvonack Exotics


Located in Chilliwack, about an hour from Vancouver is Marvonack Exotics. They breed show-quality Persians and Exotic Shorthair cats for show and pet homes. They are registered by TICA and CFA.

This cat breeder is an ex-judge of cat shows with a great deal of knowledge of what it takes to produce champion show-quality cats.

They are also willing to export their cats and they have gone on to win international acclaim. They guarantee that your cat will be in the finals if you show it. If you have ever wanted to show cats, this is a great place to start with a kitten from Marvonack Exotics. 

There is nothing on the website regarding final pricing or the process of reserving a kitten from this cat breeder. Email Marvonack Exotics for more information about purchasing one of their beautiful Exotic Shorthairs or Persian kittens. 

Check out the gallery of kittens and the breeding cats. They are absolutely beautiful with their individual coloring and adorable smushy faces.

Marvonack Exotics Details:

6. Mission Hill Persians & Exotics


About four hours from Vancouver in West Kelowna we have the Mission Hill Persians and Exotics Cattery.  Take a website tour of their home and facility to get an idea of how this cat breeder manages their extensive breeding program.

Their cats are home raised, and unlike other catteries on our list, they invite visitors to drop in and tour their facility and visit the cats. 

The kittens come from 35 years of experience and grand champion bloodlines. They only sell to non-smoking homes. The process to reserve a kitten is to call or email the breeder with your city of residence and phone number included.

Once you’ve been approved to purchase, a 35% deposit is required to reserve a kitten. 

Kittens go home with their deworming and vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and with a written health guarantee, and a two-year genetic health guarantee. 

There is no information on the final price of the kittens. Kittens go home with a contract at 12 weeks of age.

Contact the breeder for more information regarding the pick-up and delivery of kittens. 

Mission Hill Persians & Exotics Details:

7. Suncoast Burmese


Suncoast Burmese is a specialty breeder of Burmese cats in Vancouver, BC. They are registered with CFA, TICA, and ACFA.

They hold themselves to the highest standards with the goal to produce high-quality, healthy Burmese cats of standard and tortie colors.

They have been breeding since 1982 and raise their kittens in a home environment the kittens go home at 12-13 weeks of age already pre-spoiled. 

The process to purchase a cat from this cat breeder is to get on their reservation list by filling in the form on the contact tab of the website.

Once approved, a $200 non-refundable deposit is required to choose a kitten. Kittens are reserved at 8 weeks and have their first vaccinations.

This cat breeder requires the cats to be altered at 6 months of age. They will arrange pickup at their home. There is no information about the full pricing on the kittens or cats from Suncoast Burmese. Contact the breeder for more information. 

Suncoast Burmese Details:

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