The 6 Best Hamster Breeders in The UK! (2024)

If you are on the hunt to find reliable hamster breeders in the UK, you are in the right spot.

There are several factors to consider before acquiring a pet hamster. First, is a Hamster a suitable pet for you and your family?

Secondly, are you and your family qualified to care for a hamster? Do you have the time, knowledge, energy, and resources to take care of a hamster long-term?

On average, hamsters can live for 18 – 36 months. So, you must ensure that you are ready to commit to the hamster’s care for the duration of its life, as feeding and maintenance can be time-consuming.

The list below aims to aid pet parents in searching for a reliable hamster breeder. This list contains tried and tested breeders that raise happy and healthy hamsters.

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1. Custard Hamstery


First on our list of the best hamster breeders in the UK is Custard Hamstery. Based in West Yorkshire, Custard Hamstery operates as a small family-run hamstery that focuses on maintaining its animals’ health and temperament.

They are registered with the National Hamster Council and have shown strict compliance with their rules.

Custard Hamstery, a functional member of the Northern Hamster Club, is known to breed litters while maintaining their lineage. They prefer to breed cream and cinnamon Syrians of all coat types.

Additionally, Custard Hamstery also offers other services, including Holiday Hamster Sitting and Hamster Training, at reasonable prices. Further details regarding these services can be found on their website.

You can view their previous hamsters in the UK over here. Reach out to them to see if they have any litters available at the moment; you can do so by filling out their contact form or directly emailing them through the email provided below:

Custard Hamstery Details:

2. Tristar Hamsters


Tristar Hamsters is run by Jean and David, who have worked as fully qualified NHC Senior Judges for Syrian, and Dwarf Hamster shows in the continent (Finland, Sweden, and Holland) and Northern Ireland.

Therefore, you can expect exemplary quality Hamster pups from them.

They are known to mostly breed a mixture of Syrians and Dwarfs (including Winter White, Chinese, and Campbells) Hamsters. They are registered with the National Hamster Council and faithfully abide by their Codes of Practice.

Tristar Hamsters prides itself on breeding hamsters with excellent health and behavior. Some of their available hamsters for sale in the UK are listed here. To learn more about their upcoming litters, contact them through the details provided below:

Tristar Hamsters Details:

3. Lilliput Hams


Lilliput Hams is run by Susan Washbrook, an exceptional breeder and exhibitor of Syrian and Dwarf hamsters, and the breeder has been working since 1985.

Some of her accomplishments include being the National and International Judge for Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters, President of the Southern Hamster Club, Chairman of the Midland Hamster Club, and committee member of The National Hamster Council.

Currently, she is focusing on producing golden, sable, and cream Syrians with patterns like banded and roan. Susan also breeds Winter Whites and Chinese in all colors, including the new sapphire Chinese.

When it comes to Campbells, she likes to focus on the opal and black-eyed white colors. For Roborovski, she keeps most of the shades, including the new blue gene.

Important information regarding the specific traits of each of these types of hamsters is in the link provided here. Use the contact details listed below to see the current availability of hamsters at Lilliput Hams:

Lilliput Hams Details:

4. Wellington Hamsters


Wellington Hamsters is the first hamstery in the UK to have won the championship in three different species of Dwarf Hamsters, specifically the Campbell, Winter Whites, and the Chinese.

They strive to improve their stock continuously. Before introducing new stock to their lines, they verify that they are of sound health and originate from proven lines.

Their primary concentration at the moment is on breeding the following colors:

  • Normal Winter Whites
  • Pearl Winter Whites
  • Sapphire Winter Whites
  • Argente Campbells
  • Albino Campbells
  • Normal Campbells
  • Opal Campbells

An information booklet is provided to the new parents when a Hamster is being re-homed.

This contains a pedigree certificate outlining the parents’ details, date of birth, and all the necessary information needed for the parents to take proper care of the adopted Hamster.

Wellington Hamsters also provides hamster boarding services. Additionally, it offers lifetime service for any help pet parents might need to ensure the best care for their pets.

Feel free to contact them directly to learn more about their adoption criteria.

Wellington Hamsters Details:

5. Duncton Hamstery


Andrew Bryan has been breeding and showing Hamsters since 1991 using the prefix ‘Duncton Hamstery’. They are registered with the National Hamster Council and have a Midland Hamster Club membership.

Duncton Hamstery is known to breed for quality rather than quantity. Instead of mass producing several litters at a time, they focus on improving and maintaining excellent health standards for the present few.

Their website lists details about hamster care, including advice about feeding, housing, handling, taming, and showing your hamster.

The website also mentions key points to remember while choosing to adopt a hamster; for instance, which species or gender meets your requirements.

You can learn more about Duncton Hamstery and all the services they offer by visiting their website link below:

Duncton Hamstery Details:

6. Towy Vale Hamstery


Last on our list of hamster breeders in the UK is Towy Vale Hamstery, a family-run business based in Carmarthenshire, and the breeders have been breeding hamsters since 2000.

They are passionate about their pets and take great care to ensure they receive the best possible care.

Towy Vale has experienced breeders who are all animal lovers themselves. They know how important it is to breed healthy hamsters, which will make them happy and healthy for their new homes.

They pride themselves on providing customers with high-quality litter, which includes a wide range of colors, sizes, and patterns.

The litters are all based on health checks and temperament tests before we place them for sale online or at local pet shops around the UK.

If you would like to find out more about their services or arrange an appointment, please contact them with the below information.

Town Vale Hamstery Details:

How To Choose a Hamster Breeder in the UK


Hamster breeders in the UK are not scarce, but ethically responsible breeders can be challenging to locate. This is why you must be very careful about which breeder you choose to trust.

Reach out to the breeders and communicate with them directly to learn about their breeding values and practices. Usually, a responsible breeder is well-accustomed to the needs and behaviors of the species they breed.

Moreover, an accredited breeder would not hesitate to equip you with a pedigree certificate and a detailed history of the hamster’s lineage.

There are some things that you should look out for to avoid promoting unhealthy breeding practices. For instance, a breeder who refuses to provide information concerning the animal’s lineage or the environment it’s kept in is dubious.

Breeders who do not provide upfront information about lineage, health, and environment are often violating animal rights in some way and, therefore, feel the need to conceal information from you.

On the other hand, an ethical breeder would have the pet’s best interest at heart. They will try to give you all the information regarding the animal you wish to adopt, as it would ensure that you can provide better care for the animal.

Conclusion For “Best Hamster Breeders in the UK”


You can expect a high standard of pet care from the hamster breeders in the UK mentioned above. Owning a new pet is a daunting task, but you can expect these breeders to help you through the process of adjusting to your new set of responsibilities.

Most breeders listed above offer training services and lifetime support for the Hamsters and their owners.

Do not rush through this process; take your time to research and reach out to the breeders personally.

This is essential to find the hamster that proves to be the best fit for you. This process might take time, but if you are careful from the start, it will make things easier in the long term.

We hope you find a beautiful, energetic, and happy hamster soon!

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