6 Best Cat Breeders in London! (2024)


We can think of a thousand reasons why cats make the perfect pets. They’re clean, loving, smart, intuitive animals that require little attention but love to snuggle! This is the guide if you’re a Londoner searching for a new feline companionWe can help you find the best cat breeders in London.

Most of the catteries listed in this guide have chosen to specialize in one cat breed.

However, if you’re uncertain which breed is right for you, explore some of the shelters in the London area – cats are seeking a forever home. They will prove themselves to be grateful, affectionate family members. 

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1. Raphdoll Cats London


Raphdoll Cats London is a TICA (The International Cat Association) and GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) member and produces healthy, quality ragdoll kittens.

They’re located in London, so you won’t have to travel far to pick up your new kitten once he or she is ready to join your family. 

Your kitten will be well cared for and well-socialized while in Raphdoll’s care. Babies will be litter box trained upon arrival at your home and, of course, will have had plenty of human handling!

The Raphdoll team can’t resist cuddling with these babies any more than you will be able to!

Raphdoll ragdolls will have had two vaccinations and deworming upon pickup. All are vet-checked and will not be sold unless deemed healthy by a veterinarian.

Parents have been tested for genetic conditions, lowering the probability that your kitty will be diagnosed with an ailment. 

Raphdoll Cats London wants to establish a Long term relationship with its cats and humans! If you’re traveling out of town, consider booking cat-sitting with Raphdoll.

For just £25 each day, your cat can relax in a safe – even luxurious – environment with the Raphdoll team. 

Raphdoll Cats London Details:

2. Banjaks Devon Rex


The Devon Rex is an adorable cat with oversized ears and a matching personality! They’re fun little kitties that will just as soon cuddle on the couch as climb the curtains.

If you want a playful companion, consider shopping for your cat at Banjaks Devon Rex, the next London cat breeder on our list. 

Kittens cost £750 and are GCCF registered. You’ll receive all the appropriate paperwork when you pick up your cat. Kittens have a six-year pedigree, and parents have been genetically tested to ensure the health of offspring.

Of course, your cat will have been vaccinated and wormed when it’s time to go home with you. 

Speak to this London cat breeder about breeding rights for your animal. In most cases, you’ll be required to sign a spay or neuter agreement, but breeding rights may be available at an additional cost. 

Banjaks Devon Rex Details:

3. CoCo Dolls


CoCo Dolls is another ragdoll breeder located in London. They’re a very small-scale, family-run breeder that takes its time spoiling kittens. Your cat will be pre-spoiled before joining your family, and it shows!

Kittens have been placed with individuals, families, and seniors successfully. Speak to the London cat breeder if you have existing pets. 

CoCo Dolls asks that adoptive families establish a relationship with them, and they request that you keep in touch with them, providing updates until your cat reaches one year of age.

Sometimes, your cat may gain the temperament to become a therapy cat – the CoCo Dolls team can lead you through the process if you’re interested. 

Your kitten will come home with you at 12 weeks of age unless sold as a pet, in which case they’ll join your family once altered.

He or she will be microchipped, vaccinated, and wormed, and you’ll be required to sign a contract based on how you intend to “use” your cat.

Pets, breeders, show cats, and show/breeder cats are all options and the price of your cat will vary based on which you select. 

CoCo Dolls Details:

4. The Pedigree Paws


If you’re unsure which cat breed you want to adopt, please check out The Pedigree Paws! This London-based business provides a global service: connecting would-be pet owners with the dog or cat that will complete their family.

Breeders are recognized by the KC, FCI, GCCF, or FIFe, so you know your kitten comes from a healthy, clean, and responsible cattery!

When this guide was published, the cost for purebred cats ranged from £900 to £1600, which may change as prices are set at the breeders’ discretion.

Read the kitten’s biography to determine whether you must complete an application or place a deposit to reserve your kitty.  Clicking the name of the cat you’re interested in will reveal more information about your feline friend. Learn about his or her bloodlines, show potential, vet records, and more.

Read about the kitten’s personality to ascertain whether the cat is a good match for your family. 

London cat breeders will often offer health insurance and a health guarantee. Speak with your breeder directly to find out more about the options available. All cats will be vaccinated and dewormed, and most will be microchipped for safety. 

The Pedigree Paws Details:

5. Kittiekatz


Kittiekatz doesn’t have much web presence, but they’re an excellent London cat breeder worth looking into.

The small-scale, family-owned business specializes in Bengal kittens, and available kittens are updated frequently on the company’s Facebook page. 

You can expect to pay £800 for your kitten. When arriving at your home, your cat will be vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and insured!

The four weeks of insurance can be extended through Petplan if you keep coverage.

Kittens also come with pedigree papers; speak to the London cattery about the opportunity to obtain breeding or show rights for your cats if interested. This may add cost to your total purchase price. 

The International Cat Association (TICA) is a global domestic and pedigree genetics registry. The organization requires that registered breeders adhere to strict breeding standards.

Your cat will come with TICA registration papers as further assurance that he or she was raised humanely and healthily. 

Kittiekatz Details:

  • Location: London 
  • Phone Number: 748-760-1765
  • Social Media: Facebook

6. Catcuddles


Catcuddles isn’t a London cat breeder but instead is one of the many charitable organizations in the city. The Catcuddles team seeks to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cats and kittens that have been displaced for any reason.

Some cats have been abused, some surrendered, and others have just wandered from their homes with no identifying microchip or collar. 

Catcuddles offers two options: you may adopt a cat or foster one. Fostering offers a wonderful opportunity to learn what life is like with a cat!

You’ll provide temporary shelter for your animal and transportation to and from vet appointments. For example, all cats are spayed or neutered before being placed.

When the cat is matched with the perfect family, you may be asked to provide transportation to the forever home. 

Should you realize you’re ready to adopt, great! Fill out an application with Catcuddles and let them know about your history with animals, your lifestyle, and your family. The team will get back to you with appropriate matches for your family. 

It’s important to note that if you’ve got your heart set on a kitten, you must be prepared for double trouble! Kittens are adopted in pairs unless you have a cat already in your home. Speak with the charity for more information. 

Catcuddles Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fly my cat from the UK to the US?

Cats born in the UK do not need a permit to enter the US. However, you should still get a certificate from your vet.

Which area in London has the most cats?

South West London has more than 800 cats per square mile.

What are British cats called?

British cats, or British shorthairs, or the British blue cat are the breeds most associated with the UK.

Where Are the Best Cat Breeders in London?


Whether you’re interested in a Bengal, Siamese, or any other cat, you’ll want to make sure your kitten is coming from one of the responsible cat breeders in London.

The breeders covered in our guide are exactly that, and most are recognized by GCCF and other nationwide registries. 

Adopt a cat from a reputable shelter or purchase one from a responsible breeder. This will help to ensure that you and your cat enjoy a healthy, long friendship for years to come. 

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