The 5 Best Cat Breeders in Australia! (2024)

There are many reliable cat breeders in Australia, and it can be time-consuming to vet all of them. So, we did all the leg work to save you time, and our list will give you a jump start on your search for your brand-new kitten.

Cats are a great choice if you have small children and do not feel comfortable keeping a dog or are unable to care for a dog because of where you live.

Cats are clean and self-sufficient and do not need you to be around all the time, which is probably why approximately 30% of households in Australia own at least one cat.

Cats are not native to Australia, and certain breeds have to be imported even now. Therefore, if you are interested in adopting a cat from another country, you must go through many hoops and procedures set by the Department of Agriculture.

That’s why purchasing a cat through a local breeder that can navigate the legal requirements is a good idea.

Let’s look at some great cat breeders where you can find yours today:

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1. El’ Sprite Toygers


A Toyger is a mixed breed cat when you mate a Bengal with a shorthaired domestic cat. Toygers have the characteristic Bengal stripes but are adaptable domesticated companion cats.

If you are looking for a dependable, quiet cat with a laid-back temperament, then the Toyger is the perfect pet, and the El’ Sprite Toygers – an ideal breeder. It has been breeding this cat breed for the past 22 years.

Their Toygers originate from a top-of-the-line Toyger breeder in Europe. Throughout the years, they have maintained consistency and commitment to ensuring that their cats are bred responsibly.

If you are interested in adopting a Toyger kitten from El’ Sprite, then you will be happy to know that every kitten is:

  • Desexed before they are sold.
  • Is microchipped.
  • Comes with two months of free health insurance.
  • Are dewormed.
  • Are litter trained.
  • Come with a gift basket of kitten goodies.

They have many kittens available, and some are even at a reduced price. You can browse the available kittens on their website and contact them for more information.

El’ Sprite Toygers Details:

2. Ashmiyah Bengal Cats


Ashmiyah Bengals Cats has cats for sale in Australia and specializes in breeding Silver and Snow spotted Bengal cats. Ashmiyah currently has two kittens available for adoption, and they are ready to go to their new home as advertised on their homepage.

They breed show kittens and prefer to give them to homes where they will be shown. If you are not interested in showing, you must indicate this in the adoption form.

If you are looking to adopt a cat from Ashmiyah, then you will need to fill out an adoption form, and they will ask you the following questions:

  • Personal information like name and contact details.
  • What do you do for a living?
  • Do you rent or own your home?
  • Did you know that if you must enter or depart Australia, your Bengal cat will need a 5-degree registered pedigree as a legal requirement?
  • Do you know that, on average, you will spend $50 on purchasing items for your Bengal cat’s diet?

All cats are sold with a signed Health Contract. You will need to mark that you understand this on the adoption form. Contact them to find out more about what is included in their health contract.

Ashmiyah Bengal Cats Details:

3. Miakoschka Siberian Cattery


The Miakoschka Siberian Cattery, located in Brisbane, Queensland, was the first breeder to introduce this specific cat breed to Australia in 2003. The breeders pride themselves on being the first Siberian cattery in the region.

They have maintained their standards when it comes to breeding standards and is considered the authority on the breed. Much information on other Australian sites that mention Siberians comes from the Miakoschka Siberian Cattery site.

The owner of the cattery, Marie, moved from New Zealand in 1979 and got her first Siberian in 1985. Currently, the cattery imports Siberians from around the world, including Russia.

Miakoschka is proud to have access to Russian pedigree breeds where this particular cat originated. If you are interested in adopting a Siberian cat from Miakoschka, then you should know the following:

  • They currently have desexed female cats that are for sale. Each cat is about $1200.
  • They are connected to a cat freight service that can transport your cat worldwide. They have been doing it for 20 years.
  • If you plan to have your cat shipped to you and live outside of Australia, you should contact the cattery soon, as preparations to send the cat can take up to seven months.
  • You will need to send a confirmation deposit. It will reserve your spot to pick up the litter in 2022.
  • If you have allergies, you can inform the cattery, and they can help you check them before your visit.

Miakoschka Siberian Cattery Details:

4. Adelhills Bengals


Adelhills Bengals are located in the scenic area of One Trill Hill, spread over fourteen acres. As their name suggests, they breed Bengal kittens for sale in Australia.

Adehlhills focuses on the temperament, health and physical structure of the kittens it breeds. The cattery owners moved to Southern Australia from the Northwest of the USA to breed Bengal kittens.

They have a Family Care Program (FCP) where all their female breeding cats are kept in loving and safe homes. The FCP program allows the cats to be comfortable before it is time to give birth.

A week before it is time for them to give birth, they return to Adelhills, where they are looked after and assisted in birthing their babies. Once the babies are weaned, the female cats will go back to the FCP families.

If you are interested in adopting from Adelhills, then you should know the following:

  • You will need to download the adoption form to fill it out.
  • Once you have completed the form, you must email it to the address below.
  • It is essential to understand what is required to raise a Bengal kitten. This page gives a good overview of what you must commit to before purchasing.

Adelhills Bengals Details:

5. Donskoy Cats of Australia


Rounding up our list of cat breeders in Australia is Donskoy Cats of Australia, the only breeder of the rare Donskoy cat in Australia and Asia. The owner believes in keeping a homely environment for her cats and does not cage them.

The Donskoy cat is famous worldwide and is often referred to as the hairless cat with leather-like skin. They also have large almond-shaped eyes and large triangular ears.

They are allowed to roam free throughout the house and at night sleep at the foot of the bed. As their tagline explains, they are not a cattery but a home.

The Donskoy Cats of Australia is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). If you are interested in adopting a cat from Donskoy, then you should know the following:

  • They will transport kittens anywhere within Australia for a cost.
  • They will perform genetic tests on the kitten that they can send you before purchasing.
  • You will need to complete the registration form before being considered for adoption.
  • If your application is vetted and passed, you will be contacted via email when a new litter arrives.
  • Once reached, you will need to download the contract and deposit $500 to the breeder to complete the purchase.

Donskoy Cats of Australia Details:

How to Choose the Best Cat Breeders in Australia


Unfortunately, falling victim to cat scams is a common occurrence in Australia. This section will tell you how to avoid being scammed by unethical breeders and cat mills.

The first thing you need to remember is that if the price of the kitten you are looking at is low compared to other breeders that sell the same cat, you are probably getting scammed.

Therefore, conduct a market survey to get an idea of the going rate for a cat breed before you purchase a cat.

Secondly, if the breeder refuses to talk on the phone, you may have a problem. A phone conversation will often help you vet the breeder and ask essential questions.

Furthermore, if the breeder claims to be registered with a local or international body, always verify their claim; some breeders mention big names even when they are not affiliated.

Ask to see their license/registration number and email the body to confirm.

If it turns out that they are not registered but claiming to be, then there might be many other things they are claiming, and it is best not to proceed with the adoption.

Finally, breeders that abide by the breeding guidelines and laws of the country should be trusted only. For example, in Australia, all cats must be microchipped, and if they are over six months of age, they must be desexed.

Similarly, all cats three months of age and older must be registered with the local council.

If the breeder is getting all of this done, their chance of being reliable is higher. However, if someone is not following this protocol, they may be a scam.

Conclusion For “Best Cat Breeders in Australia”


We have provided a great list of cat breeders you can start with when searching for a kitten in Australia. Our guide includes different breeds so that you can take your pick.

Remember getting a new pet is a responsibility. With any new animal, it is essential to know that everyone in the family should be on board when it comes to feeding the cat, emptying the litter box or showing it some love.

We hope you find a loving and curious cat soon!

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