Golden Retriever Breeders in Quebec – 2024 Top 10 Local Breeders!


Reputable Golden Retriever breeders in Quebec are not difficult to find.

Breeders belonging to the Golden Retriever Club of Canada (GRCC) follow a strict code of ethics and guidelines for the breed’s welfare.

They agree to maintain the highest standards of care, cleanliness, and health for all their dogs.

Knowing where to find a reputed breeder of Golden Retrievers in Quebec can be challenging, but with this list of the 10 best Golden Retriever breeders given below, your search will, no doubt, be a lot easier.

Where to Find Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale in Quebec?


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1. Goldenhearth Golden RetrieversNorsehaven-Goldens

Goldenhearth Golden Retrievers are members of the CKC, GRCC, GRCQ, and Secours Golden Retriever Rescue, Quebec.

Clorinda Di Tommaso, the founder, breeds just one or two litters per year. This helps her focus all her love and attention on all the puppies.

Their well-developed website has a handy booklet that informs buyers about their breeding practices and valuable information about their new pups.

It is evident that Ms. Di Tommaso puts a lot of love and care into her Golden Retrievers, so you are assured of getting a healthy, happy, and affectionate Golden to add to your family.

Goldenhearth Golden Retrievers Details:

    2. Norsehaven GoldensMajesty-Golden-Retrievers

    Norsehaven Goldens are proud CKC, GRCQ, and the GRC(UK) members.

    Dominic Valois, the breeder behind Norsehaven Goldens, has owned beautiful English cream Retrievers all her life and began breeding them way back in 1991.

    Her mission statement is to breed English Type Goldens for temperament, health, beauty, and longevity.

    All Norsehaven Goldens are tested for elbows, hips, heart, and eyes (using tests like OFA, OVC, BVA, or Penn Hip, and CERF for eyes).

    They only sell their puppies on nonbreeding contracts and give a health guarantee for 3 years.

    Norsehaven Goldens Details:

      3. Majesty Golden RetrieversLa-Cite-Golden-Retriever

      Anik Primeau founded Majesty Golden Retrievers with her husband Dominic Picard. Anik herself began breeding and handling dogs from a young age.

      She has also been a judge for the Canadian Kennel Club.

      Today, Majesty Golden Retrievers consists of a large team of men and women to manage the breeding and boarding of dogs. 

      The team members are all passionate about their Goldens.

      No wonder Majesty Golden Retriever puppies have found their forever homes worldwide, including Monaco, Switzerland, France, Chile, and the United States.

      They encourage all buyers to make an appointment to see their dogs and their installations and view the health certifications of the parent dogs.

      All Majesty Golden Retriever puppies are microchipped, dewormed, vaccinated, and guaranteed.

      They also have an up-to-date health record emitted by a veterinarian following a complete examination.

      Majesty Golden Retrievers Details:

        4. Golden Retriever FarmHow-to-Choose-Top-Golden-Retriever-Breeders-Quebec

        The founder of Golden Retriever Farm, Mr. Raymond Marengère, has an experience of nearly 18 years in breeding both English and American Golden Retrievers.

        Their facility is in Ontario, but they ship their dogs all over Canada. They also have dog boarding for pet parents who want to travel.

        All Golden Retriever Farm parent Goldens are CKC registered and tested for hips, elbows, and eyes, while their puppies are dewormed and vaccinated.

        They are only ready to go home after eight weeks of socialization and training.

        The breeder, Mr. Raymond Marengère, has received stellar testimonials from genuine buyers on top search engines.

        Golden Retriever Farm Details:

          • Location: 2925 Joanisse Road, Hammond, Ontario, K0A 2A0
          • Phone Number: 613-487-3150
          • Website: Golden Retriever Farm

          5. Authentique GoldensWhispering-Willow-Goldens

          Sonia Guignard of Authentique Retrievers is a passionate and knowledgeable Golden retriever breeder in Quebec.

          She keeps Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers at her facility.

          Sonia is a genuinely concerned breeder who plans just a few litters yearly. This ensures that she can pay attention to all the new pups.

          If you check out her Facebook page, you will find plenty of photos that show well-trained and socialized Golden Retriever dogs.

          They appear healthy, happy, and of stable temperaments.

          Contact Sonia Guignard using the details below to find Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Quebec.

          Authentique Goldens Details:

            6. Golden LoveAuthentique-Goldens

            This is another top breeder of English-style Golden Retrievers in Quebec.

            They are always available to answer your questions, even after you take your puppy home.

            Most users who bought their Goldens from them saw the care, love, and attention they put into their breeding program.

            Golden Love GR puppies grow up with kids and are well-trained and socialized before leaving for their forever homes at two months of age.

            The breeder is also forthcoming about the health certifications for their breeding stock.

            For details about 2023 litters, please contact them using the details given.

            Golden Love Details:

              7. La Cite Golden RetrieversBeausoleil-Golden-Retriever

              Owner of La Cite Golden Retrievers, Ms. Anna, is one of the most reputed Golden Retriever breeders in Quebec.

              She provides unparalleled support services to the families that adopt from her.

              She is always available to answer your questions, even months after you buy a Golden from La Cite.

              The best part is that her website has advertised applications for 2023 litters, so contact her right away for information about new puppies.

              La Cite Golden Retrievers Details:

                8. Beausoleil Golden RetrieversCanopy-Golden-Retrievers

                Francine Lehouillier of Beausoleil Goldens has been breeding GRs for several years now.

                From her, you are sure to get high-quality Golden Retriever puppies in Quebec, bred specially for beauty, health, and temperament.

                No wonder Ms. Lehouillier has received stellar reviews about her breeding ethics and principles on major social media sites.

                Her puppies have gone all the way to France, the US, Thailand, and several other nations.

                Beausoleil Goldens have a litter planned for January 2023, so contact Ms. Francine today.

                Beausoleil Golden Retrievers Details:

                  9. Canopy Golden RetrieversConclusion-For-Golden-Retriever-Breeders-in-Quebec-List-of-Top-Local-Breeders

                  Your search for healthy and loving Golden Retriever puppies in Quebec can end with a visit to Canopy Golden Retrievers.

                  Their puppies are healthy and adorable and have friendly dispositions.

                  After all, they grow up with other dogs and kids and are well-trained and socialized to various experiences. This results in alert and bold puppies.

                  The breeder behind Canopy Goldens – Lisa – takes the time to answer all your questions.

                  She even keeps in touch with you after you take your puppy home and is known to give fantastic training tips as well.

                  Canopy Golden Retrievers Details:

                    10. Whispering Willow GoldensGolden-Love

                    Nancy Sabiston of Whispering Willow Goldens is a reputed English Golden Retriever breeder in Ontario. She is willing to ship her puppies to buyers in Quebec.

                    Nancy focuses her breeding program on health, temperament, and beauty.

                    Most Whispering Willow Goldens have become beloved family pets, therapy, and service dogs.

                    Many of her dogs have gone on to become class pets to comfort kids.

                    Check out Ms. Sabiston’s Golden Retriever puppies for sale in Quebec.

                    Whispering Willow Goldens Details:

                      How to Choose Top Golden Retriever Breeders in Quebec?Golden-Retriever-Farm

                      Your search for healthy and lovable Golden Retriever puppies for sale should begin with a top breeder of Golden Retrievers in Quebec.

                      Ethical breeders have plenty of knowledge about the breed. They are members of various Golden Retriever Clubs in and outside Canada.

                      This ensures that they follow the code of ethics and breeding standards laid down by the Club.

                      It is a good idea to visit the breeder once you shortlist one.

                      Check their facility and ensure it is clean and well-maintained. Observe their dogs. They should appear well-cared for and healthy.

                      Ask your short-listed breeder/s several questions about the Golden Retriever breed. Find out what health issues are commonly seen in the breed.

                      The breeder should take the time to answer all your questions. She/he should be forthcoming about the certifications of health tests conducted on their breeding stock.

                      The puppies should be dewormed and vaccinated and also vet-tested.

                      Good breeders do not send their pups to their forever homes before they are eight weeks old.

                      During this period, they should socialize the puppies and provide them various experiences. This ensures confident dogs with stable temperaments.

                      Frequently Asked Questions


                      The English Golden Retriever is considered to have the calmest disposition.

                      At what age do Golden Retrievers mellow out?

                      Most Goldens mellow out at around three years old.

                      Do Golden Retrievers like to be held?

                      These dogs love interaction. While they like to be held, you may not like to hold them for too long, due to their size!

                      Golden Retriever Breeders in Quebec – List of Top Local BreedersGoldenhearth-Golden-Retrievers

                      If you are looking for reputable Golden Retriever breeders in Quebec, we hope the above list of top breeders helps you.

                      These Golden Retriever breeders in Quebec are in good standing with the CKC.

                      They are themselves dog handlers and trainers or have experience breeding Goldens for several years.

                      They make it a point to conduct various health tests for joints, eyes, hips, heart, etc. to ensure healthy offspring.

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