6 Best Dog Breeders in Quebec! (2024)


A responsible breeder who breeds healthy puppies will increase your chances of having a long-lived, happy dog.

When buying a puppy, a breeder should never pressure you into making a decision quickly, and if you are, then you may want to consider why the breeder is so eager to sell the puppies.

The following are the top 6 dog breeders in Quebec.

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1. Salon Canin & Géant Shrek Irish Wolfhounds


Since 2008, Salon Canin & Géant Shrek Irish Wolfhounds have been dedicated to breeding Irish Wolfhounds.

Having been actively involved in this breed for over 14 years, they have fully committed to breeding this highly sought-after and gorgeous breed.

They place a high priority on the continuous improvement of their lines. There’s nothing more important than health, temperament, and conformity.

They have been members of the Canadian Kennel Club (CCC) and the Irish Wolfhound Club of Canada (IWCC) for many years.

In addition to searching for the perfect temperament, they also ensure the health and well-being of their puppies.

They test their sire and dam for heart and eye disease and DNA testing using Embark or Optimal Preference. In addition, they perform liver shunt testing on all puppies.

They raise Irish greyhounds with love and care in a safe, nurturing environment. Their greyhounds’ needs often precede everything else in their lives. In essence, they rule the household like kings and queens.

They take great pride in their puppies. They carefully select each of their adoptive families to ensure their puppies live happy and fulfilling lives.

Salon Canin & Géant Shrek Irish Wolfhounds team is always available to help you at any stage of your puppy’s life. Seeing their puppies is a wonderful experience!

Salon Canin & Géant Shrek Irish Wolfhounds Details:

2. Kenoma Border Collies


Known for their gorgeous puppies, Kenoma Border Collie breeders specialize in breeding Border Collies with show-quality appearances.

They have years of experience breeding Border Collies, and their Border Collies are fantastic family pets.

All dogs are trained, and their health is checked early. As early as a few months old, physical exercise is part of their daily routine.

As with every breeder on this list, Kenoma Border Collies emphasize their dogs’ health.

In addition to feeding them the most nutritious food, their pups are given a safe environment where they can run and play.

Kenoma Border Collies Details:

3. Chenil l’Aile Bleue


Chenil l’Aile Bleue has been breeding dogs since 1998. They are located outside the city of Quebec in St-François Île d’Orléans.

They devote all their time to caring for and training their dogs. Chenil L’Aile Bleue has a unique breeding program, aiming to breed dogs that are good hunters and companions.

Having healthy and genetically sound hunting dogs is especially important to them. All sires and dams are certified by OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) Foundation elbows and by CERF (Canine eye registration foundation) for eyes.

They are also genetically tested for exercise-induced collapse (EIC) and central nervous system disease (CNM).

They primarily hunt waterfowl. During the summer, the team participates in hunting contests for working and retriever dogs to develop their skills.

Kennel owners who adopt dogs from Chenil l’Aile Bleue can receive hunting training.

Chenil l’Aile Bleue Details:

4. Les chiens du Ô Ranch


Small dogs are Les chiens du Ô Ranch specialty, particularly Cavalier King Charles cross dogs, Cavanese, Cavapoo, Cockalier, Cockapoo, Cocker spaniels, Havacos, Havanese, Havanese cross breeds, and Havapoo breeds.

The team regularly announces new arrivals on the website or by contacting them.

All puppies are vaccinated and examined by their veterinarian. After they turn two weeks old, deworming is performed every two weeks.

All puppies are guaranteed against infectious diseases within 30 days and congenital defects within the first two years.

All their puppies are fed Oven-Baked. When you receive your puppy, you will receive a bag of Oven-Baked.

You can schedule an appointment to see their kennel by contacting them. You can count on them to help you make the right choice and guide you in adopting your little bundle of joy.

Les chiens du Ô Ranch Details:

5. Akita from Aomori


In 2014 Akita from Aomori started breeding Akitas. Initially, breeding was strictly family-oriented, with only a few sires and dams living in their homes.

In 2015, Akita from Aomori decided to expand their breeding program. As breeding has evolved, competition and health tests have become increasingly important.

The families they select are carefully screened. Before finalizing an adoption, they always try to meet potential adopters.

Nevertheless, since this is sometimes impossible, they need to speak with you to determine if an Akita is right for you.

Akitas are not for everyone, so prospective owners should make sure they have thoroughly researched the breed before adopting one.

Following the discussion or meeting, an official reservation can be made.

You must complete a contract, sign it, and make a $200 deposit. As soon as your future puppy arrives, they will notify you. Prices may vary depending on the type of dog. Whether parents are champions or not makes a difference.

Akita from Aomori Details:

  • Location: 8525 rue Alexandre, Trois-Rivières, Quebec, G9B 2J9
  • Phone Number: 819-692-7020
  • Website: Akita from Aomori

6. Paradise Kennel


Paradise Kennel is more than just a breeder. Your relationship with them goes beyond the day you bring your Havanese puppy home.

The Paradise Family group loves to stay in touch by sharing photos and videos of special events, the first time your puppy goes to the groomer, and everything in between.

Seeing their fur babies grow up in loving homes makes them happy. They’re there for you if you have questions about your pup or concerns!​

The kennel is licensed and PEL-inspected. Additionally, they have cared for their dogs for over 25 years.

In their breeding program, they strive to produce puppies of high quality that are pleasant to handle.

They do not register their puppies. Their dogs are sold as companion dogs/therapy animals.

Their primary concern is your puppy’s health, so they offer a 5-year warranty and lifetime support service.

Paradise Kennel Details:

How to Choose the Best Dog Breeder in Quebec?


If you speak with others with experience with the breed you are interested in, you will likely find a good breeder. Examples include:

  • Ask your veterinarian for a reliable referral.
  • If you like a friend’s dog, find out who the breeder is.
  • “Word of mouth” referrals are generated by breeders who earn a good reputation by producing healthy puppies for happy families.
  • Check out local dog shows for breeders or Google breed clubs near you. For a list of CKC Registered Breeders in Canada, visit www.ckc.ca/accountablebreeders.

After you’ve found the right breeder, learn more about them, and remember that they’ll want to learn more about you, too!

The best breeders are looking for long-term, caring homes for their puppies so they will have some questions for you.

Your goal is to have a healthy, happy pup, so you must also ask them questions.

Finding a Quebec Dog Breeder


Meeting them at their kennel or home might be the best option to learn about a breeder.

Ask the breeder for a video conference meeting if you cannot meet in person. Keep an eye on the puppies and the breeder:

Does the breeder keep the facility neat and clean? Is it odorless? Is the breeder genuinely passionate about their pets?

Do the dogs have access to food? How do the breeder and dogs interact? Dogs need to be outgoing around strangers and not be intimidated by them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have a dog in Quebec?

It can cost anywhere from $1,500 a year to $4,000 a year to have a dog in Quebec.

Do you need a license for a dog in Canada?

Yes, all dogs in Canada will need a license and a tag.

How do I move to Canada with a pet?

You’ll have to get your pet examined and certified.

Best Dog Breeders in Quebec


If you are searching for a purebred pup, remember that many shelter dogs are purebred and looking for a home.

However, you may not have access to registration papers. Consider adopting if you won’t show or breed your dog. Finding one in a shelter may be more fulfilling for you.

Breed-specific rescue groups are available online, and there are often purebred puppies available for adoption.

Typically, dogs are given up for adoption due to family circumstances rather than their actions.

However, if you want to start with a puppy with a proven pedigree and verified family history, select the best pup from a reputable Quebec breeder.

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