5 Best Belgian Malinois Breeders in Indiana! (2024)


If you’re searching for the best Belgian Malinois breeders in Indiana, you’ve come to the right guide.

Belgian Malinois are hard-working, confident, and smart dogs. They’re obedient dogs with strong protective and territorial instincts.

The dog may be reserved with strangers but highly possessive and affectionate towards their owner. They’re a working dog breed that requires extensive exercise and activity to keep physically and mentally fit.

That said, only individuals with sufficient experience with dogs and their needs should take in a Malinois because this breed will require a significant chunk of your time for training and exercise. So, if you’re sure a Belgian Malinois will make the right pet for you and have decided to bring one home, the next step is to finalize a breeder to adopt your future four-legged BFF from – a tedious task many also find challenging.

When you search for dog breeders in the market, several breeders claim to breed the highest-quality puppies. However, not every claim can be trusted, and getting scammed is not uncommon.

While some breeders work tirelessly for the physical and mental well-being of the dogs they breed, others may neglect the health of their puppies by keeping them in unhygienic and unsafe environments.

This can also result in the puppies coming out as unhealthy with behavioral issues which no pet parent wants to deal with.

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1. Will Power Malinois


Will Power Malinois breeds premium-quality Belgian Malinois dogs in Milltown, Indiana, and is a reliable breeder you can trust.

All the puppy parents have champion bloodlines, so the puppies they give birth to turn out to be healthy, fit, and with ideal temperaments.

The puppies receive 1st 6-way shots, 2nd 10-way + Lyme, and kennel cough vaccine and are dewormed, microchipped, and checked by a vet before adoption.

So, you can adopt from Will Power Malinois without worry, as the puppies are in good health.

Moreover, Will Power Malinois wants to control the puppies’ nipping behavior before they’re sent off to their forever homes.

They also prefer that you wait until ten weeks to take the puppies to their homes so they can receive sufficient socialization.

Parents’ hips are both OFA good, and the pictures of OFA and AKC registration can be found on their website’s gallery.

The puppies are given a scented blanket, a 1-gallon bag of dry food, AKC registration paperwork, and microchip information to register the dog for free in case it gets lost or stolen.

Your puppy will also come with a one-year health guarantee!

You can view the puppies that are currently up for sale here.

For more information regarding the adoption process and other queries, you can contact the breeder through the contact details mentioned below.

Will Power Malinois Details:

2. Burr Oak Malinois


Another great option to consider for Belgian Malinois puppies for sale in Indiana – is the Burr Oak Malinois breed for the highest quality and invests a significant amount of time and resources into its dogs and in sending them to their loving, forever homes.

All the dogs under the care of Burr Oak Malinois are AKC registered as purebreds, and you can view the currently available puppies here.

If you find a Belgian Malinois you’d like to make your pet from the list of currently available puppies, you can contact Burr Oak Malinois to kickstart the adoption process.

However, since the breeder does not mention it on their website, ask them whether they vaccinate, deworm, and get their puppies vet-checked before they’re adopted.

As a part of the adoption process, you must speak to the breeder about yourself and your home.

You can contact the breeder for more details regarding the puppies, their adoption process, and other details through the contact information shared below.

Burr Oak Malinois Details:

3. Posh Puppies Indiana


Posh Puppies is another breeder that can be trusted to deliver good-quality Belgian Malinois puppies in Indiana.

The breeder is focused on breeding and raising healthy dogs with good temperaments and would adjust easily to any home.

Posh Puppies Indiana has an ultra-modern facility where the puppies under their care are raised.

The facility comes with radiant heat so the puppies are always warm and do not feel uncomfortable in the cold, along with a puppy salon for the puppies to relax in and receive regular grooming.

Posh Puppies Indiana ensures a licensed veterinarian regularly checks their puppies so any health conditions and illnesses can be ruled out or treated.

As per policy, you must submit a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy.

However, you can also contact the breeder personally and express your interest in only adopting a Belgian Malinois and see what they can do for you.

All puppies under the breeder have received their initial vaccination doses, are dewormed, and come with a health guarantee.

You can contact the breeder for any queries or questions through the contact details mentioned below.

Posh Puppies Indiana Details:

4. Mohawks Malinois


Although Mohawks Malinois is located in Kentucky – a 3-hour drive from Indiana – they’re a reputable breeder known for breeding high-quality Belgian Malinois puppies.

Purchasing or adopting a puppy only within your state is understandable. However, you’d be surprised how you can find equally good puppies that are sometimes even cheaper outside of your state.

Moreover, traveling is worth it to bring a well-bred puppy home. You might not even have to travel at all in case the breeder provides shipping, and lucky for you, this breeder does!

Mohawks Malinois breeds and trains Belgian Malinois, who are excellent workers and make loyal family pets. It prides itself in the quality of the Malinois they breed. You can view the puppies that are currently up for sale here.

If you come across a puppy you’d like to adopt, you must pay a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve your puppy. The puppies at 8 weeks old are priced at $2000 plus shipping.

If you’re comfortable with your puppy being shipped, contact Mohawks Malinois and discuss shipping charges.

Mohawks Malinois Details:

5. Belgian Malinois of Kentucky


Last on our list of the best Belgian Malinois breeders in Indiana is a breeder in the neighboring state of Kentucky.

Located approximately 3.5 hours from Indianapolis, the Belgian Malinois of Kentucky raises high-quality Malinois dogs and sells them nationwide.

The puppies are physically and mentally healthy, well-socialized, and would truly light up any home they go to!

You can read the reviews from the breeder’s previous clients here.

Moreover, before you finalize the Belgian Malinois of Kentucky as your pick to adopt from, make sure to inquire about the vaccination and deworming status of the puppies under their care.

You can contact the puppies for more information regarding the adoption process through the contact details mentioned below.

Belgian Malinois of Kentucky Details:

How to Choose Belgian Malinois Breeders in Indiana


The idea of bringing a dog home sounds easy and simple. However, when you have to pick a dog breeder among many options, it’s anything but easy and simple.

Finding the right dog for you and your home that’s healthy and has a good temperament requires effort and time.

You can rescue, adopt, or purchase a puppy.

But if you decide to buy a purebred dog directly from a breeder, you must ensure the breeder you pick can be trusted to breed and raise physically and mentally healthy puppies, as there’s little room for error.

To pick the right breeder, here are some factors we consider keeping in mind:

  • Ethical Breeding: An ethical breeder will take the possibility of genetic defects being passed onto the puppies from their parents in mind when breeding. Therefore, it’s a must for any responsible breeder to carry out genetic or DNA testing on the puppy’s parents before going ahead with the breeding procedure. If possible, ask the breeder for documents that show that necessary genetic testing was conducted. This will include tests for heart problems, hip dysplasia, and other conditions.
  • Health: A reliable breeder will make sure all its puppies are up-to-date on their vaccine shots and dewormed and provide you with a one-year health guarantee against any genetic defects.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: Make sure to check the breeder’s reviews from previous buyers on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, along with Google reviews. Moreover, you can also read testimonials on the breeder’s website if they’re available to get an idea about the experience their previous buyers have had with them.

More Information About Belgian Malinois Puppies in Indiana


Belgian Malinois is a unique breed requiring special attention and time from its owners. Here is some information you must know before you bring a Belgian Malinois puppy home:

  • Characteristics and Temperament: Belgian Malinois are intelligent and obedient dogs. They’re gentle but require extensive socialization from a young age as they have a strong protective instinct. A socialized Belgian Malinois will do well around children. That said, leaving any dog with children unsupervised is not recommended.
  • Exercise Needs: A Belgian Malinois thrives on extensive physical exercise. Three walks a day with high-level activity for your Malinois should be sufficient. You can take them on a hike, jogging, or playtime.
  • Cost: You can expect your Belgian Malinois to cost anywhere between $3500 and $9000.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a Malinois be left alone?

These dogs cannot be left along for very long at all. One hour is the longest they can be by themselves.

Can Belgian Malinois be around cats?

It depends on the cat. It also depends on the individual dog. You can usually get puppies to adjust to cats.

What is the best age to train a Belgian Malinois?

Training should start around eight weeks old.

So Where Are the Best Belgian Malinois Breeders in Indiana?


There aren’t many Belgian Malinois breeders in Indiana. However, you still have several breed-specific options to consider within Indiana.

If you can’t find your ideal breeder within Indiana, you can consider going for the Malinois breeders in Kentucky, as all the breeders mentioned above are reputable and reliable.

We wish you the best of luck in bringing a Belgian Malinois home!

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