Belgian Malinois Puppies in New York – Top 6 Breeders! (2024)


The Belgian Malinois is one of the most intelligent dog breeds and is famous for its excellent field skills as a working dog. If you’re looking for Belgian Malinois puppies in New York, it might seem like an overwhelming task to find a reputable breeder. New York is home to many dog breeders, some legitimate, others not so much. 

Not only are they a popular pick for a K9 companion in the military, navy seals, and police work, but they also make amazing family pets. 

Belgian Malinois are straightforward to train, making them a popular choice for service dogs, alert dogs, and other working dog jobs.

They are not only intelligent but also empathetic and loyal pets, forming strong bonds with their owner and becoming very protective over their household. 

So, where can you find one of these fantastic dogs to bring home and call your own? This article will review our top 6 picks for Belgian Malinois breeders in New York that we believe to be reputable, honest, and authentic. 

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1. Heritage Kennels, NY


First, a training facility, Heritage Kennels is family owned and operated. They specialize in special forces and police dog training, such as detection and patrol.

They also offer basic obedience and advanced classes for pets or working dogs, including therapy dogs. 

Heritage Kennels claims their trainers have years of experience under their belts and are prepared to handle any dog with any issues.

Their initial evaluation is free, and their training classes can be personally tailored to each dog’s needs. They are also members of the Working Dog Association

As for their breeding facilities, Heritage Kennels does not appear to have multiple litters available at one time. Instead, they have many fully trained adult dogs for sale on their website, with a note regarding some upcoming litters.

They genuinely care about their animals and have great reviews from many satisfied customers across the web.

Heritage Kennels Details:

2. The K9 Center 


Founded by John Browne, a master trainer with over 35 years of experience, The K9 Center is one of the leading dog training facilities in the state of New York.

They offer basic obedience classes in a group setting, helping to enhance social skills and build lasting bonds between dogs and their owners.

They dedicate themselves to creating obedient, well-mannered pets that are a joy to be around by the end of their training. 

The K9 Center also breeds German and Belgian Shepherds, including Belgian Malinois, at their facility in Hauppauge, NY.

According to their website, their dogs are bred from “champion Belgian stock” and specially bred to have specific physical characteristics. 

The K9 Center boasts of its pristine living conditions for all its dogs and the countless good reviews back up that claim online. Many of their puppies are bred and trained for life as working dogs and will start young, and the team at this facility takes pride in their work. 

The K9 Center Details:

3. Amanda’s Belgian Malinois 


Amanda’s Belgian Malinois has Belgian Malinois puppies in New York for sale on their website, ranging in age from as young as ten weeks to as old as two years.

These dogs are well-socialized and raised with children, and many have already begun, if not completed, basic obedience training. All dogs are current on their vaccines and are sent home with AKC papers, sample food, and a one-year health guarantee. 

With large, comfy enclosures, Amanda’s Belgian Malinois puppies are happy and healthy.

During birth, the mothers have a cozy whelping box in which they are safely protected from any elements and can stay safely with their puppies. After delivery, both mama dog and her pups receive monthly vet checks. 

The testimonials attest to the standard of care Amanda offers her Malinois, and many of her customers have traveled across the country to bring home one of her pure-bred pups.

Amanda even provides a photo op for new families and their puppies. She also offers transportation services for those who cannot make the trip themselves.

Delivery times and prices can vary greatly depending on location, but most places in the US would receive their puppy within a day or two. 

Amanda’s Belgian Malinois Details:

4. Vom Kugelblitz Kennels


Vom Kugelblitz Kennels is run by Jennifer Gambino, a former K9 police officer with over 15 years of experience.

She has personally trained canines for use as therapy dogs, narcotic detection, search-and-rescue, security, bed bug detection, and other various service dogs. Jennifer is an exceptional option if you are looking for Belgian Malinois Puppies for sale in New York.

Jennifer has also participated in rescuing hundreds of animals due to natural disasters and man-made issues such as hoarding and puppy mills.

Vom Kugelblitz breeds and trains top-quality dogs used as working dogs or family pets. They specialize primarily in German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Dutch Shepherds. 

All litters are born and raised on family property, and their training begins at only three days old. They are introduced to a busy household’s daily bustle and exposed to loud noises to assist with auditory stimulation.

Pups are fully potty trained by five weeks; after that, they are moved to a larger play area and provided with a puppy gym. 

Between 5-8 weeks, Vom Kugelblitz puppies frequently socialize with humans and other animals.

Crate training is done in short bursts, and the pups are almost entirely trained in basic obedience commands when they go home with their new families. Many of the dogs trained by Jen are currently employed with local law enforcement and as professional sports dogs. 

Vom Kugelblitz Kennels Details:

5. Hirten Bray Hugel


A family-owned business in Orwell, NY, Hirten BrayHugel has years of experience under their belts. They own 21 acres of private land where they breed, raise, and train professional service dogs. All of their puppies are health checked and DM clear. 

One of the owners, Donna Jean, is highly praised on social media because she provides lifelong support to her customers. She is willing to step in and help whenever someone has any questions or concerns.

The breeders’ kindness and professionalism shown by Hirten Bray Hugel are top-notch, and all of their clients highly speak of them.

Hirten Bray Hugel is passionate about keeping their animals safe and healthy. Their kennels are heated in winter and have air conditioning for warmer weather. They are outside as much as possible, and training begins very young. 

Hirten Bray Hugel Details:

6. Manhattan Puppies & Kittens


Manhattan Puppies & Kittens is a clean, well-organized breeding facility located on the Upper West Side in New York.

They pride themselves on their vast knowledge of hundreds of different breeds and are experienced with training, housebreaking, and anything else you may need when purchasing a new puppy. 

Walk-ins are always welcome, or you can book an appointment to visit and look at their options.

It can be hard to breed Belgian Malinois in NY, so if you are interested, they may need to put you on a waitlist. Prices are on the higher end, as is expected for purebred dogs. 

Social media reviews state that the UWS facility is well kept, and their animals are happy and healthy.

The staff is attentive, caring, and knowledgeable, willing to answer any questions. All puppies are vet checked, up to date on vaccines, and come microchipped. 

Manhattan Puppies & Kittens Details:

Belgian Malinois Puppies in New York – Top 6 Breeders


Belgian Malinois are dogs of many talents. Whether you are looking for a protection or guard dog, family companion, or therapy dog, these dogs can definitely meet your needs.

These dogs are incredibly intelligent, both mentally and emotionally, and will become very attached to their owners.

Unfortunately, there are many unsafe and even illegal forms of dog breeding out there that you must be careful to avoid. When choosing a dog breeder, be sure to check out the facility yourself to check for any red flags.

Do not hesitate to call the local authorities if you see anything suspicious. The safety and health of these animals should be first priority.

It can be tiresome doing all the proper research required to find healthy, well-bred Belgian Malinois puppies in New York. Thankfully, you can choose from several caring, reputable breeders.

With the above list, we hope to narrow down your options to help you find the best breeder to fit your needs and match you with your perfect forever puppy. 

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