Cockapoo Puppies – Top 10 Breeders in the US! (2024)


Are you looking for Cockapoo puppies in the US? Their friendly nature, balanced temperament, and cuddly appearance make them one of the most sought-after dog breeds in the country.

The Cockapoo is an adorable, tiny mixed-breed dog, a hybrid born from the union of the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle.

Along with being a popular pet, this cute and fluffy dog is frequently used as a therapy dog because of its emotional intelligence and temperament.

However, searching for trustworthy breeders is crucial to finding the right dog. Many pet enthusiasts, especially first-time pet owners, are unaware of the risks of getting a Cockapoo puppy from an unethical breeder.

This article lists all factors you should consider when choosing a breeder to maximize your chances of getting a healthy and well-adjusted dog.

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1. Mulberry Farm


Mulberry Farm Kennels is one of the most experienced breeders raising ethically-bred Cockapoo puppies in New York.

They’ve been in the business since 1997, with the owner’s breeding experience spanning over five decades.

This breeder specializes in small and toy-sized F1 generation Cockapoos. Each Cockapoo puppy has a health guarantee and a certificate of approval from a veterinarian.

The puppy’s price varies with each litter and depends on type, size, and coat color.

Even though they frequently have lengthy waiting lists, it is occasionally possible to adopt a dog on the same day as the visit.

Mulberry Farm Details:

2. Pure Heart Farm & Ministries


Pure Heart Farms & Ministries, located in Huntsville, Ohio, is a modest breeder operating from a home-based setup.

They proudly hold membership in the esteemed American Cockapoo Club, an organization committed to advancing the Cockapoo designer breed.

The American Cockapoo Club (ACC) offers invaluable assistance and support to registered Cockapoo breeders throughout the United States.

The breeders at Pure Heart Farms & Ministries only breed F1 or first-generation Cockapoo puppies for sale in the US to ensure great temperament and health.

Based on scientific research, Pure Heart Farm and Ministries collaborates with the ACC to guarantee a flawless 50/50 genetic characteristic distribution that will provide you with the healthiest hybrid conceivable.

All Pure Heart puppies are home-bred and socialized with adults and children from the very first day of their lives. Therefore, they will easily adjust to any environment when they come to you.

Pure Heart Farm & Ministries Details:

3. A & J’s Love Our Pups LLC


A&J’s Love Our Pups LLC is a licensed home-based breeder in Georgia specializing in Cockapoo breeding. Their puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club, American Cockapoo Club, and Continental Kennel Club.

The club registrations and memberships guarantee that quality criteria are met and enable third-party intervention for the benefit of clients.

The breeder’s mission is to ensure all puppies go to loving and caring homes.

Their puppies are nurtured in family settings, and as a result, they have good temperaments and playful personalities.

All puppies are examined for health and given the appropriate vaccinations for their age by a resident veterinarian. You may go to the website right now and put down a deposit for a dog.

A & J’s Love Our Pups LLC Details:

4. American Cockapoo


American Cockapoo, also known as Eden Orchard, is a small-sized breeder of Cockapoo puppies in the US.

What sets it apart from other Cockapoo breeders is the focus on training Cockapoos to serve as service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals.

While you can get a companion animal from this establishment, it is more suitable for those looking for Cockapoos with particular skills. Additionally, it provides all its learners with free parenting training and tutorials.

This allows you to meet your potential puppy, explore the grounds, and get to know the parents. The selective breeding methods used by Eden Orchard are known to be based on science.

All dogs and pups are DNA checked to ensure they don’t have any inherited diseases or congenital disabilities and have the specific color or coat type you want. This one is one of the few breeders in America to go that far.

American Cockapoo Details:

5. Mill Creek Family Farms


High-quality Cockapoos with champion genetics are bred at Mill Creek Family Farms, a family-run farm and dog breeding business.

The breeders actively seek purebred parent dogs to obtain the genetically strongest dogs to produce first-generation hybrids with longer lifespans and higher quality of life.

To avoid the transmission of any inheritable disorders, parent dogs are also tested for a total of 170+ diseases.

Cockapoo puppies from Mill Creek Family Farms come in various colors: black, black phantom, cream, apricot, red, brindle, and buff.

Moreover, their dogs can also be dual or tri-colored. Additionally, they are potty-trained as early as 2 weeks old.

Mill Creek Family Farms Details:

6. Midwest Doodle Ranch


The Midwest Doodle Ranch specializes in breeding F1 Cockapoo puppies in the US.

They are owned and operated by a family that includes multiple breeders and skilled dog nutritionists. Therefore they only provide the highest-quality dog food to their puppies.

When you buy your dog from Midwest Doodle Ranch, they will advise you to give it the finest food and supplements. Additionally, this helps ease the adjustment for puppies into new homes.

Midwest Doodle Ranch aims to maintain contact with every individual who adopts from them as this enables them to stay updated about any potential health issues.

Despite testing each of their breeding dogs, they still want to be available for you if a health issue develops.

They give age-appropriate boosters to all of their puppies and ensure they are properly socialized and accustomed to a balanced life.

Midwest Doodle Ranch Details:

7. Puppy Spot


Puppy Spot is a well-reputed and verifiable marketplace offering a vast selection of designer breeds for sale to customers across the United States.

This online community, in collaboration with animal welfare experts, researchers, and veterinarians from Animal Humane, strives to create a safe environment for the breeding and adoption of dogs.

Puppy Spot deals with only the most reputable dog breeders in the world, ensuring that puppies are acquired from people concerned about animal welfare and quality.

It is a renowned website with more than 200,000 positive ratings in the US and an extensive record of selling high-quality puppies.

The age range for cockapoos is 4 to 9 weeks, and they come in various colors and lineages, including champions.

Puppy Spot Details:

8. Family Love Kennel


Family Love Kennel is renowned for breeding some of the highest caliber Cockapoos puppies in the US. Small in size, this breeder only whelps three to four litters a year.

Due to the limited number of pups, the breeder can give each pup individualized attention. All of their puppies flourish under this care and grow up to be well-socialized and well-behaved dogs.

Contrary to what their name would imply, they don’t keep their dogs in kennels; instead, they breed them in the cozy surroundings of a family home. As a result, their puppies are accustomed to living inside from birth.

Each of their pups has undergone CERF and OFA health inspections, and a comprehensive health guarantee accompanies each puppy.

Family Love Kennel Details:

9. Creekside Puppy Adoptions


With almost ten years of Cockapoo breeding experience, Creekside Puppy Adoptions is an Illinois-based breeder.

They are a family-run business that raises pups until they are between 4 and 8 weeks old before offering them for adoption.

Creekside collaborates with several regional family breeders who have experience working with and using dogs for therapy.

Dogs are chosen with care, not only for their physical characteristics but also for their intellect and disposition. All of the puppies receive current vaccinations with a health guarantee.

Creekside Puppy Adoptions Details:

10. Barmor Puppies


The last on our list of breeders raising Cockapoo puppies in the US is Barmor Puppies.

With 30+ years of experience and expertise in breeding and rearing hybrid, purebred, and caliber puppies, Barmor Puppies is an institution.

Apart from placing hundreds of Cocakpoos in ideal homes, Barmor Puppies has won The AKC championship multiple times for selective breeding.

Despite their notoriety, Barmor never established a kennel since they thought that a dog’s natural setting was in a person’s house.

If you make a reservation early in the year, you can guarantee yourself a Barmor puppy, even though Cockapoos and Schnoodles are typically hard to come by.

You’ll be notified when the dog becomes available and requested to pay a modest deposit. Afterward, the dog is yours seven weeks after it is born.

Barmor Puppies Details:

How to Choose Cockapoo Breeders in the US?


After deciding to get a Cockapoo, the next step is to conduct extensive research to choose the best breeder. This is necessary to prevent you from falling into the hands of dishonest breeders and puppy mills.

Take your time and ensure that the breeder you have chosen is one you can trust and who will support you both during the buying process and beyond, if necessary.

Consider the following points in mind when choosing a Cockapoo breeder.

  • Find breeders who are well-known in the Cockapoo community. Ask for suggestions from reliable people, such as vets, neighborhood dog clubs, and dependable websites.
  • Take into account breeders who have a lot of Cockapoo breeding experience.
  • Make sure the breeder doesn’t practice unethical methods like overbreeding, removing babies from their mothers too soon, or selling to pet shops or brokers.
  • Ask the breeder about their socialization methods. Puppies should be exposed to a variety of stimuli, situations, and experiences from a young age to support their general social development.
  • They must offer a health guarantee for the puppies and show you proof of their vaccinations.
  • Analyze the breeding dogs’ temperaments. Ideally, the mother and father should have warm, gregarious, and well-balanced personalities. This makes it more likely that the puppies will inherit positive features.
  • Request information regarding the breeder’s breeding methods. They should adhere to ethical breeding practices, refrain from overbreeding, and provide sufficient downtime between litters to the dams. This promotes the breeding dogs’ long-term health.
  • Find a breeder who continues to provide help and direction even after you take your Cockapoo home. Throughout the dog’s life, they should be prepared to offer aid, guidance, and resources.
  • A documented contract outlining the terms of the sale, such as any health guarantees, spay/neuter agreements, and return policies, should be provided to you by the breeder.
  • Additionally, they must present the necessary registration documents or paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

What not to say to a dog breeder?

Don’t ever assume that the breeder wants to “get rid of” puppies. Don’t refer to puppies as products.

How do I know if my puppy seller is legit?

A breeder will generally come with good references, AKC registration, and will generally be able to tell you all about their dog’s line.

How do you tell if a breeder is scamming you?

Some things to look out for include asking for payment in gift cards, saying that they will ship you the puppy, and continually raising the price.

Cockapoo Puppies – Top Breeders in the US


It’s important to choose the right breeder when seeking Cockapoo puppies in the US.

The top 10 breeders in this guide have been picked with care based on their standing, moral standards, and dedication to raising puppies who are healthy and well-adjusted.

Each breeder stands out for their devotion to the breed, proficiency in Cockapoo breeding, and outstanding client testimonials.

We hope our list helped you save time and find the Cockapoo of your dreams!

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