Cockapoo Puppies In Illinois – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)

Pet lovers have a lot of options when it comes to what type of companion they want to bring home. For people who suffer from allergies, hypoallergenic dogs like Cockapoos are a great choice which is why we have a list of the best Cockapoo puppies in Illinois for you right here.

On top of that, are you living in a small apartment? Then, Cockapoos will make a great addition because they don’t need too much space to thrive!

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Cockapoo Breeders In Illinois


If all these boxes (and a few more) ticks for you, here are our top 4 Cockapoo breeders in Illinois who may be waiting for you with the puppy of your dream!

Visiting every breeder in Illinois is not only impractical but also makes the process of onboarding your new furball a lot more hectic.

To save you the hassle, we have weighed all the concerning factors and gone through thousands of reviews to bring you the most highly rated and safest breeders for your budding family.

1. Gardner Lane Puppies


Gardner Lane Puppies has been in operation for quite some time now, and it has several testimonials, registration badges, and happy customers to prove that! It is certified by the Designer Dogs of America.

The health of the puppy is taken very seriously by this breeder, which is why all types of health tests are cleared before the adoption process. The center also suggests that you visit a vet as well within 2 days of adopting the little one.

Several families are in charge of taking care of the Cockapoo pups. For now, the only way to get in touch with them is by email, phone call, Facebook, and Instagram. A lot goes into adopting and looking after a pup.

Hence, make sure you go through the center’s website for all the details.

Besides, the cost of puppies is subject to change. Therefore, gather all the details you can about upcoming litters before placing reservations. The reservation fee is $500 and it is non-refundable.

So, make sure you have thought it through before getting a pup!

Cockapoo Breeder Information:

2. Patty’s Pups


Patty’s Pups is a family-owned business that has been around for years taking care of little Cockapoos meticulously. You can also ease your pockets a little because of the discounts due to the low overheads of the center.

When you visit this breeder, you will be escorted to a room where you can spend quality time with the new litter. When the weather is better, you can hang out with the little canines outdoors!

Rest assured, the pups will be bathed, groomed, and nails trimmed before they are sent home with you!

Along with a well-presented puppy, they will give you a sales receipt, health guarantee certificate, registration papers, puppy food, microchip pamphlet, probiotics, blankets, toys, and medical records.

The center has uploaded guidelines on different pup-related topics on the website, which are not limited to how to house train them, basic guidelines as a puppy parent, and a massive FAQ section to answer all your queries!

Most importantly, the center is registered with the Illinois Department of Agriculture, so it is subject to frequent inspections and compliance policies.

Cockapoo Breeder Information:

3. No-Shed Dogs


As you can guess from the name of this particular breeder, No-Shed Dogs specializes in dogs that shed less or not at all!

Apart from that, the center is good at rearing happy and healthy Cockapoo puppies that have either been born at the center or rescued in some way.

Make sure you are clear about your needs when adopting a pup from this place, so the center can provide for you what you desire.

Rest assured whichever pup you choose, it will be tested for temperament, de-wormed, current on all shots, and come with a 2-year health guarantee.

On the day of the adoption, you will receive a puppy pack along with the puppy, which will include cookies, leash, collar, chew bones, toys, bed, food, crate, and training treats.

Even though you are getting this large pack of goodies, the cost of a Cockapoo pup is quite cheaper here compared to other stores in Illinois!

They have been raising and putting up pups for adoption for 22 years! That is enough time to gain a lot of experience and knowledge in this field. Therefore, you can trust the facility.

Cockapoo Breeder Information:

4. Kathy’s Country Kennel


Kathy’s Country Kennel has been a breeder for 23 years now, which makes this place a safe option for people who are looking to adopt a Cockapoo puppy in Illinois.

The center pays special attention to the health of the pups. So, the pups are taken to the vet within 3 to 5 days of birth.

They are also declawed, dewormed, and vaccinated (even against COVID-19) before they are allowed to go to their forever homes. Besides, the 1-year health guarantee certificate confirms that they are free of any genetic defects and diseases.

Moreover, the Cockapoo pups at Kathy’s Country Kennel are usually raised like a member of the family. They get to sleep with the owner and her daughter and learn to socialize with other dogs and people from a very early age.

The owner welcomes all interested customers to visit her home to survey the puppies and their living conditions. She has also made it clear that she won’t ship any puppies as that is a traumatic experience for them.

Therefore, you have to pick them up from the center yourself.

Moreover, the owner highly encourages you to take the puppy to a vet within 3 days of adoption. Otherwise, the purchase contract will become void!

Cockapoo Breeder Information:

  • Address: 3409 W. Gracy Road, Prarie Grown, IL 60050, Illinois
  • Phone Number: 847-338-3018 / 224-290-0231
  • Website: Kathy’s Country Kennel

Factors To Look For While Adopting Cockapoo Puppies In Illinois


As someone looking to adopt Cockapoo puppies from Illinois, you have to make sure you are considering the following factors. These are the qualities solid breeders must have:

· Do They Allow Visits And Bonding Time?

Unless you are located far from Illinois and it is difficult for you to travel all the way, you should consider visiting the breeding center to see the puppies in person.

Some centers indeed sell puppies based on photos and videos. It does work in some cases, but those mediums can fail to provide a true picture.

For this reason, we highly encourage you to visit the puppies and create a bond with them before taking them home.

· Do They Have All The Essential Paperwork?

Some centers will voluntarily provide you with this information, but at some places, you may have to ask them to show you the desired certifications.

Either way, you should only rely on institutions that have legal rights to sell Cockapoo puppies in the area.

Besides, at the time of adoption, the centers must provide you with the American Kennel Club registration certificate of the puppy.

A 1-year or 2-year health guarantee, medical examination papers, vaccination documents, purchase contract form, and other papers required.

Fortunately, we have only selected centers that have essential paperwork to prove their legitimacy in Illinois.

· Do They Provide Professional Veterinary Care?

Professional breeding centers have close connections with veterinary services in the region. In most cases, they can refer you to their vets for your pup’s medical checkups and other reasons.

Sometimes, the center may have its vet, which proves convenient. That way, the pups can always get quick checkups and tests if needed!

· Do They Maintain Neat And Clean Living Conditions?

As someone wanting to adopt a Cockapoo puppy from a breeding center in Illinois, you should pay attention to the environment the pups are raised in. The condition of the living area gives away the professionalism of the center.

Therefore, you must pay quick visits to the center for investigation. Usually, though, certified centers get annual inspections from authority bodies in the region.

Still, since it has to do with your future puppy, you should make an effort to sniff around the place!

· Dogs Are Treated As Family

A certified breeder will always treat their puppies as part of the family. The puppies are grown in a home environment and made to socialize with other people and animals from an early age.

Sometimes, they are even allowed to sleep with the owners of the center.

This shows that the puppies were raised with lots of love and tenderness. As a result, they grow up healthy both mentally and physically.

What You Can Ask Breeders Of Cockapoo Puppies In Illinois

Adopting a live animal is not easy, especially if it is small and cute like Cockapoo puppies.

As a new parent, you should do your research online about how to take care of them. But you can also ask the breeders all sorts of questions, such as the following:

  • Where should my puppy sleep- with me or separately?
  • When should I microchip my Cockapoo puppy?
  • Can I return my puppy if I fail to take care of it?
  • Can you suggest to me the type of food I can give my puppy?

Conclusion For Best Cockapoo Breeders In Illinois


Whatever decision you make, make sure that you have thought that through.

Since it involves the life of a puppy, research your budget, annual medical cost, monthly food cost, and other expenses before embarking on the journey to become a Cockapoo parent!

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