French Bulldog Puppy Costs | Real Breeder Examples & Prices! (2024)

French Bulldog laying on white background

French Bulldogs are undoubtedly one of the most popular choices for those who want a small dog with the personality of a large dog.

With a cute face, those big ears, and that funny personality, you could not ask for a better companion breed.

The French Bulldog was created strictly for companionship rather than work purposes, and they fulfill this purpose very well indeed.

How Much Do French Bulldogs Cost?

A French Bulldog from a breeder can range in price from $1000 – $7000. Factors that influence this are the age, color, pedigree, AKC papers and, potentially, delivery costs. All of these considerations will determine the final cost. The biggest decisions you have to make are whether to rescue/adopt or work with a breeder, and which shelter/rescue or breeder to work with. Aside from that, age and color will have the greatest effect on cost.

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People pay as much as $10,000 for a French Bulldog, although $1000-$7000 is a more realistic price range. Not exactly cheap! 

There are many reasons for this cost and the high price only shows what a great pet the French Bulldog can be.

Otherwise, why would people be willing to lay down that kind of money for one?

You might notice that we have given a very wide range for prices. This variation exists because there is a wide variety of breeders in the world.

Let’s go over the basic factors that can impact the cost of a French Bulldog.

What Impacts a French Bulldog’s Price?


As a general rule, puppies will cost much more than an older dog.  


French Bulldogs have a wide variety of coat colors. Note that AKC breed standard colors are not the full range you can find them in. Breed standard colors include:

  • Brindle
  • Brindle & white
  • Cream
  • Fawn
  • Fawn & white
  • Fawn brindle
  • White
  • White & brindle
  • White & fawn
  • Cream & white
  • Fawn Brindle & white

Other colors are not considered within breed standard, but many are considered by buyers to be “rare.” 

Colors like this include blue, merle, chocolate, or variations of those as well as others.

It’s been suggested that other colors are associated with possible health issues. For example, blue-colored coats have been associated with ‘color dilution alopecia.’  

Visit our Guide to Frenchie Colors for more details, potential issues to be aware of, and images of the more popular colors.

We suggest you talk with your prospective breeders about these issues. No puppy, regardless of color, has any guarantees. However, finding a reputable breeder and getting applicable health screenings of pups and parents will go a long way.  

Pedigree & Papers

We discuss this more in-depth below, but note that puppies with AKC and/or CKC papers add to your cost. They are not a guarantee of health but do have advantages.

Your puppy’s parents will also factor into this. If he or she is the offspring of happy, healthy, purebred parents you should expect to pay more.

We have seen a premium of as much as $500 for a puppy with “Full AKC Papers” from breeders. Some less, some more.

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Overseas or US-Based Breeder

One of the larger considerations is the location of the breeder.

The farther they are from you, the more the puppy (or you) will have to travel, and the greater the travel expense will be.

Domestic (US or UK) Vs. Eastern European Breeders

We see many Frenchies from Ukraine and other areas in Europe. Eastern European bloodlines tend to be a bit bigger than their US counterparts.

It’s also harder to visit foreign breeders and thus determine the quality of their operation. 

We have encountered many people who have French Bulldogs from Ukraine, for example, and report being happy owners.

But there are also many reports of puppy mills just like we have here in the US.

The big takeaway here is don’t judge purely on price. Make sure the dogs are happy, healthy, and well cared for.

For local to the US options on breeders, we suggest starting with the AKC Marketplace. In the UK, start with the Kennel Clubs Assured Breeders.

Delivery Costs

If you are sticking with local breeders or those within driving distance, you may not have any delivery costs at all.

But some puppies are making a much longer trip though; either cross-country or from another country altogether. 

(Yes, Frenchies can fly on airplanes, but certain rules apply. Learn more here.)

Have you ever heard of a Flight Nanny? As the name implies, they’ll travel with your new pup on a flight to you.

You can then pick up the little furball at the airport and have him gently placed into your loving arms!

Of course, this adds to the cost. Expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for this service.

Options For Cheaper Prices


Call various rescue organizations to see if they have a French Bulldog available. Many breeders will retire their older dogs and give them to such organizations.

Because of their high price, you need to be extra careful to find a reputable breeder.

These dogs are sometimes exploited for their high cost and reputation as status symbols and cash sources.

Because of this, some dogs end up in the hands of a rescue organization.

Other reasons for adoptable dogs are families who move and can not have pets in the new home, an allergy develops, or possibly health issues of the dog or its owners. 

SNORT Rescue is a good place to start, as they specialize in dogs of this type.

Searching and by breed will help perform a quick search of your area.

Animal Shelters

Call various animal shelters to ask if they have or know of any French Bulldogs available.

Obviously, this is a shot in the dark, but if you call every animal shelter within two hours’ drive, you can give yourself as many “rolls of the dice” as possible.

Online Ads

Check ads on internet marketplace sites for amateur breeders. You have to be more careful with amateur breeders, but they will usually be much cheaper.

Be doubly sure these breeders are taking all necessary health precautions with the dogs. Be very careful when meeting unknown people that you met via the internet.

Always arrange to meet in a public place with a lot of people and take any other precautions that you deem necessary to ensure your safety.

AKC Papers or Not?

When dealing with professional breeders, many will have dogs listed with AKC papers, and others will say “pet only.” 

Essentially, AKC papers are an added cost the breeder incurs to register the pups. This allows you to compete in AKC competition and ensures the parents were registered.

But the pup coming with AKC papers is not a 100% guarantee of quality.

Think of it as a box being checked, and not much more. It indicates the breeder is at least going through the processes.

The more important factors are:

  • Will the breeder let you visit the puppies and meet the parents?  
  • What are the living conditions?
  • What health tests were done on the parents and puppies?  
  • If this is an adoption or rescue, what is known about the dog’s history?

Other Checks:

Because there are several other breeds that resemble the French Bulldog, unscrupulous breeders will sometimes try to pass these off as French Bulldogs so as to turn a profit.

The surest way to avoid this sort of scam is to familiarize yourself with the traits of the French Bulldog so that you can learn how to spot a fake.

Our Complete French Bulldog Overview is a great place to start becoming familiar with Frenchie traits.

Always ask for plenty of pictures and accept no excuses.

Why Are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

They are certainly popular, but they can be expensive compared to some other more common breeds.

The cost is high to breed them and because of this, there are fewer breeders in the market. The demand often outweighs the supply, and that means the prices go up even further.

There is another factor that contributes to the high price of this breed.

French Bulldogs are unable to breed and give birth in a natural way, and this means that they require artificial insemination and C-sections.

Also, puppies of this breed have a slightly higher mortality rate than most other dog breeds, which also contributes to the cost.

Obviously, these fertility issues are why relatively few breeders will choose the French Bulldog.

The extra time and costs associated with the breeding process are probably the main reasons for the high cost of a French Bulldog.

Where To Find French Bulldog Puppies

Like any breed of dog, a French Bulldog can be acquired in a number of ways. It goes without saying that a puppy will usually cost less than a full-grown dog.

That being said, the health of a puppy cannot always be guaranteed, making French Bulldog puppies an expensive gamble.

Your choice in the source of your dog is an essential one.

If you are going to pay the kinds of prices that these dogs normally cost, you need to be more than a little bit picky.

Let’s take another quick look at your options, even though we already covered some of them in the previous section:

  • If you want the best and most accredited breeders and pups, you can go through one of the various kennel clubs. The AKC, CKC, and UKC all provide links to registered French Bulldog breeders around the world. If you are looking for a cheap price, Eastern European breeders are often a good way to go.
  • Calling all of the various animal shelters within reasonable driving distance. Again, this one is a long shot since this breed is much less likely to be caught as a stray.
  • Contact SNORT or another rescue organization to adopt a seized or abandoned dog. Bear in mind that such a dog may have been abused and may require a different training approach. Never use harsh discipline on a dog who has been traumatized. Instead of instilling discipline, you will only trigger a fear response and possibly even aggression.
  • Checking various online ads for amateur breeders who charge less for their puppies. Make sure you vet amateur breeders as thoroughly as possible. Many websites do background checks for a small fee.
  • Contact French Bulldog owners on the internet and ask them to recommend a good breeder. Facebook groups can be a good place to meet other French Bulldog lovers and get referrals for good breeders. Contacting French Bulldog owners via Instagram can be another way of getting some good recommendations.

Things That French Bulldog Owners Should Know

French Bulldogs are a little more likely to develop certain health problems. One of these is obesity, as the dog is an example of extreme mixing.

The result is a small dog with the appetite of a large dog. Because of this, it is recommended that you feed your French Bulldog a lean but nutritious diet.

Although that pug nose is adorable, dogs with this feature are more likely to develop certain respiratory problems.

You’ll find an in-depth look at health conditions common to Frenchies in this article.

Thus, you should always be on the lookout for anything that might hinder your dog’s breathing.

As this is a short-haired breed, you won’t need to worry too much about shedding (find out what to expect here), but you will need to keep their toenails groomed.

If left untrimmed, the nails of a Frenchie will eventually get long enough to cause them significant pain. In essence, the nails will outgrow the dog.

Another thing to remember is that Frenchies cannot swim. Their body structure is not buoyant at all, and they will sink like a rock.

Always be aware of this fact, and keep your dog away from the water. Frenchies also don’t seem to like humid weather, so tropical dwellers might want to look at another breed.

Related Questions:

These are two of the most frequently asked questions regarding this breed.

Do French Bulldogs have health problems?

In a manner of speaking, yes. French Bulldogs are more prone to certain health problems.

Like all brachycephalic (pug-nosed) dogs, they are prone to breathing problems, especially in hot or humid weather and should always be watched for signs of overheating.

They are also at greater risk for obesity and the various problems that can result. Also, they seem to have a higher risk of hip problems and heart issues later in life.

How do you AKC register your new French Bulldog puppy?

If you have bought your puppy from a competent and registered breeder, your puppy should already be pre-registered.

A new litter can be registered as soon as it is born, and any breeder of high-end dogs should be doing this as a normal practice.

If not, it will probably cost you about $50 to register your dog.

You will need to contact the kennel club of your choice (AKC, CKC, and UKC are the top three) and ask them what is required.

Most likely, you will need to take some very specific types of photos and fill out some forms.

All in all, the process is not particularly hard, but it can take some time for the organization to process your registration.

Well, That’s A Wrap!

The French Bulldog is a wonderful pet, known for its high energy level, playfulness, and extreme intelligence.

However, it’s a high-end (and high-maintenance) kind of dog.

We would certainly never discourage anyone from buying the pet that they truly want, but you should think carefully before investing in a dog of this sort.

We hope that this article has been helpful in aiding your decision and that you will be fortunate enough to find the right dog at the right price.

If you’re considering this breed as your next family pet, you’ll want to learn as much as possible before purchasing.

Check out all our French Bulldog articles for more Frenchie facts, information, and helpful guides. Click here to see them all.