Can Cockapoo Puppies Be Left Alone? How Soon? How Long? (2024)

Can Cockapoo Puppies Be Left Alone?

One of the premier designer dogs, if not the designer dog, the Cockapoo has had a long history of filling its owners’ homes with love. A cross between a Poodle and an American Cocker Spaniel, the Cockapoo combines playfulness with a friendly attitude. They’re notorious for making friends everywhere. Highly social, they love to bond with their owners and keep them in close eyesight.

Yet not every family is able to be home every single second of the day. Since not all dogs do well on their own for long periods of time, new owners may wonder if the Cockapoo can be home for short and long periods of time.

Can Cockapoo puppies be left alone? Cockapoo puppies can be left alone for short durations of time. Somewhere around two to three hours is acceptable for a puppy. With proper training and socialization, it is possible to leave your Cockapoo at home for longer as they grow older.

All dogs have different personalities that aren’t breed-dependent. Some do better than others at being left home alone.  You’ll get a better sense of your dog as things progress and he or she feels more at home and comfortable. We’ll explain in this article how you can ensure your Cockapoo is able to be home on their own for short and long intervals of time.

Make sure you stick around to the end to see what actual Cockapoo owners are saying about leaving their dogs alone!

How Long Can I Leave A Cockapoo Home Alone?

Depending on their age, Cockapoos can be left home alone anywhere for two hours to eight if they’re older. Puppies require a lot of care and bonding. If you want to limit the number of potty accidents that they make, then you’ll want to be home more often than not.

Cockapoo puppies should never be left home alone if they’re uncomfortable with the home. Those first few days that you spend with your Cockapoo in their new home should be familiarizing them with it. Once they spread their scent around the house, they’ll feel more comfortable about being in it. It has become their territory. You can sometimes encourage this comfort by letting them play in a room that is devoid of anyone else. More likely than not, they’ll pick up their toy and follow you, but if you can, try to leave them alone while they play in another room or go off exploring.

Once they’re comfortable, they are able to be left alone. As the Cockapoo becomes older and is able to hold their bladder for longer periods, they’re also able to be left at home for longer periods of time. Most adult Cockapoos can be left alone at home for six to eight hours.

Do Cockapoos Get Separation Anxiety?

Some Cockapoos can have separation anxiety. This is different from standard joy at being reunited. All dogs miss their owners when they’re gone. They might whine a little or watch out through the window to look for you. 

Missing their owner is different than separation anxiety. This condition is also not breed-specific. It can occur in any dog.

Separation anxiety typically includes a few different behaviors. The first is consistent whining, barking, or howling while they’re alone. They may quiet eventually, but if the sounds they make are consistent throughout the day, then it could be a sign that they’re suffering from separation anxiety. Another factor is an increased number of potty accidents in the home. Pee and poop may be found throughout the house. The poop might even be runny or actual diarrhea. This is a sign of their nerves or anxiety about being left home.

Younger dogs can have accidents, too, which is what makes it not always clear if the dog has separation anxiety or not. When pushed longer than their bladder can handle, an accident is inevitable. Separation anxiety describes the situation in which either a lot of accidents have occurred almost every day or the quality of the waste is indicative of nerves.

Another sign that they may suffer from separation anxiety is if they chew up or destroy furniture and other items in the home. Cockapoos are intelligent dogs. They require mental stimulation to keep from becoming bored. If that need isn’t met, then they might start destroying parts of the home in order to entertain themselves. This may seem like it’s separation anxiety, but it may actually just be because they’re bored. However, if the damage continues even after you’ve given your dog a toy to play with that occupies their mouth and mind, then it could be a sign of separation anxiety.

Their behavior surrounding you leaving and returning to home can also help identify whether they have separation anxiety or not. If they grow anxious or whiny when you pick up your keys or put on your shoes, then it might be because of separation anxiety. They’re recognizing these patterns as indicative that you are about to leave the home and them. When you return, if they’re more than excited to see you–to the point where they excitably whining or crying–then it might also suggest separation anxiety.

A bit of excited rubbing and tail wagging when you come home is one thing. A Cockapoo nearly wetting themselves because you’ve returned is another.

Keep a close on your Cockapoo’s behavior when it comes to leaving and returning home. It doesn’t hurt to put in a camera as well to see how they act when you’re not there. Once you have diagnosed whether or not the Cockapoo has separation anxiety or just simply misses you while you’re gone, you can give them the proper treatment.

What Can I Do To Make Alone Time Easier For My Cockapoo?

Whether your Cockapoo has separation anxiety or not, you can make it easier for them to be home alone. The first is to offer distractions. You’re their main outlet for fun and social engagement. When you’re not there, they don’t have a lot else to do. You should give them toys to play with and games that they can play on their own. Perhaps a self-fetch machine is something that you can set up for them in one of the rooms. They can wear themselves out while you’re working or having a social engagement.

Cockapoos are smart, too. You can find a few games that require them to use their mind in order to access treats. Those games alone might be enough to entertain them until you get back.

Another method is to leave the TV on or to have music playing. There have been some studies that have shown that having calm sounds like from a TV can make them less nervous. Classical music has also been shown to help keep them calm and relaxed.

One last method you might want to utilize is the use of a camera that allows audio. You can not only watch your dog but also speak to them. If they hear your voice throughout the day, it might make them less lonely.

What Services Can You Use To Help Out If You Are Working During the Day?

For Cockapoos who need to get out and be social, there are a lot of dog services that can help them while you’re at work. Rover is a site that connects you with dog sitters and dog walkers. Your Cockapoo will be loved on and entertained while you’re away at work. You don’t have to worry about them being lonely or anxious when they have a dogsitter right there playing with them.

Another similar service is Wag. They also provide dog walking. If you’re unable to take your dog for a walk, then you can hire someone to do it for you. Your Cockapoo will love the chance at exercise and having someone to share it with them.

Dog daycares also exist. These can be great places to take your dog to when you’re at work. They get to play with other dogs, hang out with other people, and just have a great time while you’re away. You can check around your local area to find a dog daycare near you.

There are also a number of apps like Calm Your Dog that provides white noise to soothe your Cockapoo.

What People Are Saying:

I have two cockapoos, sweetest dogs I’ve ever had, and they cry bloody murder when ever I leave. Separation anxiety has always plagued them. All they want to do is please. If there is any chance you’d be able to check on them during the day, you would be fine.

I leave my dog home from 7-4, but I come home for lunch to take her out and give her some food. I’m sure she would be alright if I didn’t. It all depends on the dogs personality though.

Cockapoos are notorious for having separation anxiety. Mine does for sure. We leave her crated during the day, from about 7:30AM-3:15PM. She’s Ok.