7 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Virginia! (2024)


Virginia is for lovers – of cockapoos! Cockapoo breeders in Virginia are committed to producing quality puppies, and you can find your own when you check out our list. 

The cockapoo is a highly intelligent pup known for being hypoallergenic. Allergy sufferers who want a canine companion will love bringing a cockapoo pup into their home.

We’ve researched for you and have compiled a guide to adopting a cockapoo puppy in Virginia. Find a breeder you connect with, then begin the process of bringing home your fur baby!

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1. Puff N Stuff Cockapoos


Puff N Stuff Cockapoos raises adorable little ones, and the team has over 30 years of experience.

The owner is a small animal veterinarian, so you can be sure your puppy is in good hands in its formative weeks.

Puff N Stuff cockapoos are raised for temperament and health, so you can be sure your puppy will be easy to train and friendly with your whole family!

We love that full-time attendants are on staff at Puff N Stuff Cockapoos. These individuals take the time to play with your puppy and her parents, keeping a close eye on your dog’s social, emotional, and physical well-being.

Your dog will begin training while at the kennel, and additional training classes are available for $50 per day if you choose to enroll your dog. 

Puff N Stuff offers babies and dogs that are slightly older. The older pups are generally between six and eight months old and will be trained when they reach your home.

Your older puppy will also be fully vaccinated and wormed. If you decide to adopt a tiny puppy, that’s okay! Little ones are available, so contact the kennel for pricing and deposit information. 

Puff N Stuff Cockapoos Details:

2. Carriage House Goldendoodles


Carriage House Goldendoodles sells two designer breeds: goldendoodles and cockapoos.

They’re located in northern Virginia, and they serve families in Virginia, Maryland, DC, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

No matter where you are in the mid-Atlantic region, you can adopt a healthy, happy cockapoo puppy. 

To adopt a dog from Carriage House, you’ll need to apply. The team will want to know about your experience with dogs, your lifestyle, and your family members.

If you have a veterinarian, please provide the office phone number! Carriage House Goldendoodles wants to ensure you’re willing to care for your dog with the same attention they do!

You’ll be required to place a $300 deposit if you’re approved, and that deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your dog. Cockapoo puppies cost $3,000 and come with limited registration.

Of course, your dog will be vet-checked and given a clean bill of health before being sent home with their new pack. 

Carriage House Goldendoodles Details:

3. Duke’s Cockapoos


Duke’s Cockapoos is a hobby breeder, so puppies are only available several times yearly.

Be sure to express interest early, placing a deposit to put your name on the waiting list. Puppies sell quickly! You’ll want to get the pick of the litter!

Your little dog will be registered with the American Cockapoo Club and fully cleared by a vet to go home with a new family. Dogs are microchipped, and they come with lifetime support from the breeder.

Ask Duke’s team for assistance if you have concerns or questions about raising these designer dogs!

Visit the puppy page to find out who’s ready to go home and about upcoming litters.

Your puppy will cost $2,500 regardless of his or her characteristics and will be ready to go home when he or she is between eight and twelve weeks old.

If you don’t live close to the breeder, don’t worry! The team will meet you within a three-hour drive of their northern Virginia home. 

Duke’s Cockapoos Details:

4. Cockapoo Cottage


Next on our list of the top cockapoo breeders in Virginia is Cockapoo Cottage, a hobby breeder based in New Market, Virginia.

Your little puppy will have plenty of time to explore and learn in the beautiful New Market countryside, growing familiar with the everyday sights and sounds of family living indoors and the big, wide world outdoors.

Dogs are well-socialized with humans and with other animals like donkeys and horses! This helps in making the transition to your home seamless and smooth. 

Cockapoo Cottage has partnered with a sister kennel, Shortmountain Farm Doodles, so you can be sure your breeder has accountability!

In addition to breeding puppies, the Cockapoo Cottage team rescues dogs. Speak with the kennel pack about available rescued dogs looking for a loving forever home. 

If you’d prefer a new puppy, you can place a $300 deposit to reserve your place on the waiting list. The total cost of your puppy is set by the kennel and can be discussed via phone or email.

Dogs come with a two-year health warranty and will be nose-to-tail examined by a vet before the sale. Transportation is available at $.85 per mile if you need the service. 

Cockapoo Cottage Details:

5. Black Creek Doodles


Looking for a cavapoo, havapoo, or cockapoo puppy? Black Creek Doodles is the place to look! The breeder is located near Richmond, Virginia, and they serve buyers in DC, Maryland, and Old Dominion families.

This kennel keeps a well-maintained website, so you can check back with the schedule to find out when puppies will be expected or available. 

A $300 deposit is required to hold your place on the waitlist, and the deposit will be applied toward the total purchase price.

The sale price of your fur baby is set based on sex, color, and other characteristics. However, expecting to pay between $2,500 and $3,500 for your dog is safe. 

Your dog comes with a two-year health guarantee and lifetime support. Parents are tested and regularly examined by a vet, and you can view these records if you like.

As you’d expect, you’ll receive copies of your dog’s vet records when you pick him up on Gotcha Day. 

Black Creek Doodles Details:

6. Pride and Prejudoodles


We chose Pride and Prejudoodles for our guide because of the personalized care and individual attention the team gives to each puppy they raise.

The Virginia cockapoo breeder offers goldendoodles, labradoodles, and cockapoos, and each dog is raised in an in-home environment.

Your pup will come to you with the perfect amount of spoiling, so prepare to give her plenty of hugs and snuggles!

You’ll be asked to place an $800 deposit to reserve a dog, which will be applied toward the purchase price. The total cost to purchase a dog from Pride and Prejudoodles is between $2,000 and $3,500.

However, if you would like to adopt a trained puppy, options are available! If you’re interested in this service, allow your dog to stay with the P&P team for one to three months.

The cost of training will range from $6,500 to $12,900 and will be added to the purchase price of your dog. 

Pride and Prejudoodles deliver puppies across the United States. Contact the breeder for a quote if you’re not located in Virginia.

Please note that puppies are sold as companions only. Breeding rights aren’t available, and you’ll be required to spay or neuter your dog as a term of the adoption contract. 

Pride and Prejudoodles Details:

7. Puppy Power Kennels


The Syphax family runs Puppy Power Kennels, and your puppy will be “raised” by children and adults alike. That means your pup will easily adapt to your family, even if you have children or other pets.

The Syphax crew raises cockapoos and goldendoodles, and parents are AKC registered, indicating that your pup’s pedigree is top-notch!

We love that Puppy Power Kennels offers to finance. While the total cost to purchase a dog may be inaccessible to some, customers can spread out the price of a pup over time.

Financing is provided through third-party EasyPay. However, even if you do finance, a $250 deposit is required to hold your dog. 

Dogs are checked by a veterinarian throughout their stay with Puppy Power, and your dog will be up to date on vaccinations when he arrives at your home.

You’ll receive your dog’s vet records when you pick him up, and you’re welcome to check the breeder’s vet references, too!

The kennel team is very transparent in caring for their babies, and they’ll answer any questions you may have about your dog’s background and future care. 

Puppy Power Kennels Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a teddy bear cockapoo?

A teddy bear cockapoo is simply a cockapoo. They were originally called teddy bear cockapoos for their fluffy appearance.

What’s the best cut for a Cockapoo?

Most cockapoos do well with a lamb cut.

Are cockapoos good dogs for seniors?

Cockapoos are excellent dogs for seniors because of their mild manner.

So Where Are the Best Cockapoo Breeders in Virginia?


If you’re a Virginia resident in search of a hypoallergenic, smart, and lovable cutie, check out our list of the best cockapoo breeders in Virginia.

The kennels we’ve chosen for our guide are reputable and responsible, and the teams will do everything in their power to ensure that your dog is healthy and ready to be a beloved companion. 

Of course, you’ll want to do your own research. Check reviews of the breeders listed here, or do a search for cockapoo breeders in Virginia. Ask questions and get a feel for the breeder.

When you find a kennel you’re comfortable with, start the process of bringing home your new fur baby today! 

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