9 Best French Bulldog Breeders in Iowa! (2024)


French bulldogs, a.k.a. Frenchies, have grown in popularity and become an increasingly desirable breed to own and show. These little pudgy comedian dogs come with many great personality and behavioral characteristics to recommend. They also come with a hefty price tag. We have a list for you if you’re looking for the best French bulldog breeders in Iowa.

French bulldogs have delicate breeding cycles; c-section births are required when breeding these dogs.

Puppies receive round-the-clock care for the first few weeks. Breeders invest a lot into their vocation so that you can buy the puppy of your dreams.

French bulldogs are not just a dog. An investment in a French bulldog is an investment in cuteness and loyalty.

Above all, in a valued family member.  As a buyer, you want to know that a Frenchie is a good fit for your home and family situation and lifestyle.

These dogs make wonderful companions and family dogs, and due to their size, they fit into just about any living situation.

They love to play, are amiable, trainable, and good with children and other pets. Those who fancy French bulldogs claim you can never have just one.

They are loyal and devoted to their people. So much so that they don’t like to be left alone. That’s something you need to consider when choosing a puppy. 

We’ve done all the legwork and compiled a list of French Bulldog breeders to choose from.

We don’t list puppy mills, pet stores, or those puppy matching services that source their puppies from puppy mills. Here is our list of French bulldog breeders in Iowa. 

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1. Farm Fresh Frenchies 


Farm Fresh Frenchies has a passion for the French bulldog breed. They have set up a responsible breeding program that includes 4-panel and DNA testing on the breeding pairs.

They take their duty to their dogs very seriously and raise them in a home environment as family members.

This ensures that a French bulldog puppy from Farm Fresh Frenchies is a happy, well-socialized, and healthy pup, ready to go home and join your canine family. 

This French bulldog breeder sells to pet-only AKC homes for $4,500. Additional fees will be charged for breeding rights.

There is no information on the website regarding deposits or a waitlist for future breedings, but a gallery of available pups shows just how cute and correct these Frenchie puppies are.

Contact the breeder via the form on the website for more information.

Farm Fresh Frenchies Details:

2. Jelsi’s Puppies


Jelsi’s Puppies is located in Forest City, Iowa. This breeder has over 30 years of experience breeding Boston terriers, French bulldogs, and a cross of the two breeds called a Freedom bulldog.

The process to purchase a French bulldog puppy from Jelsi’s Puppies is to contact them via email or telephone.

You will then be required to put down a $500 deposit on the puppy you choose or join the waitlist for future breeding. 

Some very cute puppies are available on the website, priced at $3,000. The remainder of the final price of the dog is due by the time you pick up your puppy in cash. 

They also recommend that you follow them on Facebook to see updates and information about current and future puppies from the French bulldog breeder.

Jelsi’s Puppies Details:

3. Driscol’s Blue Gene Frenchies


Driscol’s Blue Gene Frenchies has about 15 years of experience breeding French bulldog puppies. 

They commit to sell all of their puppies with a spay/neuter contract and limited AKC registration. Puppies will be started on leash and crate training before they go home.

French bulldog puppies from Driscol’s Blue Gene Frenchies can be reserved with a $1,000 deposit. Use the contact form on the website to express interest in a Blue Gene Frenchie puppy. 

There is no information on the website regarding the final price of the dog. However, it is mentioned that this French bulldog breeder does ship puppies to their owners for an additional fee of up to $650.

Final fees are due in cash when you pick up your puppy or five days before it ships if a nanny delivers it. Pups go home with vaccinations and deworming and with a one-year health guarantee. 

Driscol’s Blue Gene Frenchies Details:

4. Bucky’s French Bulldogs


Bucky’s French Bulldogs raise their French bulldog puppies with their family in their home with exposure to kids, cats, and other dogs.

This helps to ensure that French bulldog puppies from Bucky’s French Bulldogs are well-adjusted and well-socialized to make wonderful companion pets for you and your family. 

Puppies go home up to date with vaccinations, deworming, and a microchip. Puppies from this French bulldog breeder are sold with limited AKC registration with no breeding rights. 

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to purchase a French bulldog puppy from Bucky’s, and the final payment is due in cash before you take your puppy home.

To express interest, fill out the “get in touch” form on the website, and start the process to bring home an adorable Bucky’s French bulldog. 

Bucky’s French Bulldogs Details:

5. Blue Wave French Bulldogs


The French bulldog puppies from Blue Wave French Bulldogs are bred for health, temperament, and color. There are some great color choices available in the puppies that are bred by Blue Wave French Bulldogs. 

Some adorable puppies are on the website, with more expected later this Spring. There is no information on the website regarding deposits or a waitlist, nor do they have information on the final price of their puppies. 

Contact them via email to start the process of getting a colorful French bulldog from Blue Wave French Bulldogs.

This French bulldog breeder is also developing fluffy Frenchies and carriers of fluffy genetics for breeding purposes.

Whether you want a colorful standard, exotic, or fluffy French bulldog puppy, you must look no further than Blue Wave.

Blue Wave French Bulldogs Details:

6. BJ’s Frenchies


Bj’s Frenchies is a French bulldog breeder offering a stud service to approved dogs. There are some photos of past puppies on the website and information on their stud dogs and breeding bitches. 

The French bulldog puppies from this French bulldog breeder are sold with a health guarantee and a detailed contract. A copy of the contract and guarantee is on the website. 

They don’t mention a waitlist or deposit amount; however, they do mention that they are planning and expecting future litters of puppies.

BJ’s Frenchies invites you to join their email list and follow them on Facebook to stay updated on all the plans and puppies in Sibley, IA.

BJ’s Frenchies Details:

7. Midwest Frenchies


Midwest Frenchies have a passion for bullies. They breed English and French bulldogs at their ranch home in Indianola, Iowa.

Puppies from this French bulldog breeder are raised underfoot and exposed to children, which helps them be well-adjusted and well-socialized when they come home to their new family. 

Prices for these adorable Frenchies start at $2,850, and a $500 deposit is required to reserve a dog. Puppies go home up to date on vaccinations and deworming, with a contract and health guarantee.

Your puppy will be at least eight weeks old before he goes home. Some puppies are not ready to go until ten weeks of age. They do ship puppies with an onboard nanny at the buyer’s expense. 

Use the contact form on the website to express interest in purchasing a French bulldog puppy from this breeder. They will do their best to pair you with the perfect puppy. 

Midwest Frenchies Details:

8. Bulldog Obsession


Bulldog Obsession is obsessed with bulldogs. They are a state-licensed kennel breeding both English and French bulldogs.

They also offer artificial insemination and stud service for your female dogs. They strive to raise happy, healthy, and well-socialized French bulldog puppies for your family to enjoy.

French bulldog puppies from this breeder start around $2,400 and up to $2,800. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a puppy.

They invite you to subscribe to their newsletter and their Facebook page to stay up to date on future breedings and available puppies from Bulldog Obsession.

You can also contact them via the form on the website to express interest in a French bulldog puppy from this breeder.

Bulldog Obsession Details:

9. Bundles of Love 


This French bulldog breeder has adorable fur babies waiting to come home with you. They breed show quality limited AKC registered Frenchie puppies.

There is a $500 deposit required to reserve your Bundle of Love puppy, and prices start at $2,800 and up for a pet home with limited registration.

Puppies go home with shots, deworming, microchips, and a 2-year health guarantee.  Look at the gallery of adorable bundles of love on the website.

Bundles of Love Details:

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if my French bulldog is purebred?

Check to see if they have bat ears and short curly tails. These are usually a good sign.

How long does a purebred Frenchie live?

Frenchies live anywhere from 10-12 years.

How often should you wash French bulldogs?

At least once a month, but you will need to clean their folds more often than that.

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