Are French Bulldogs Born With Tails Or Are They Docked? (2024)

Are French Bulldogs Born With Tails

While we’re used to dogs displaying their happiness by wagging their tails, French Bulldogs are living proof that a dog doesn’t need a full tail to show joy and happiness.

If you’ve ever seen a French Bulldog’s entire back end moving from side to side, that’s their version of wagging their tail to demonstrate happiness and excitement.

Are French Bulldogs born with tails? French Bulldogs are one of seven breeds of dogs that are born without tails. Upon first glance, you might think their tails have been docked, but there is just not enough tail to see. Despite not being born with a true tail, they’re not exactly tailless either. What they have is a little nubbin of a tail, and this little nubbin they’re born with is what stays with them throughout their life if it’s not docked. Some breeders will dock the short little tail for the show ring. No two French Bulldog tails are the same. A Frenchie’s tail might be one of these three styles.

  • Straight tail – At birth, straight tails are soft to the touch and taper down to a triangular tip.
  • Corkscrew tail – At birth, the corkscrew tail is flexible but has an appearance as wrapped.
  • Long or wavy tails – At birth, this tail looks exactly like its name, and it grows downward a little.

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What Is A Tail Pocket & Do French Bulldogs Have One?

A tail pocket is a small pocket or indentation that’s right under the dog’s tail. Not all French Bulldogs have a tail pocket.

If they do have a tail pocket, they’re usually born with it even if it can’t be visibly seen.

It’s often hard to tell if a puppy has tail pocket. It’s generally becomes easier to spot when the puppy gets a little older.

In some cases, the owner may not even realize their dog has a tail pocket until it becomes infected and painful for the dog.

Learn all about the French Bulldog in our Comprehensive Breed Overview.

How Do You Clean A Tail Pocket?

The first thing worth mentioning is that the French Bulldog’s tail pockets are very sensitive, so it’s important to be very gentle and cautious when cleaning out this area.

The tail pockets should be cleaned a couple times per week to prevent infection. This will quickly become a routine part of your Frenchie grooming regimen.

Because the tail pockets often aren’t even noticed until there’s an infection, cleaning is more important than ever, and they’re going to need cleaning daily until the infection is gone.

Using a moist, wet rag or paper towel, thoroughly clean the entire area around the tail. Make sure to get any dirt, debris or moisture you see in that area.

Use a dry cloth to absorb all the moisture. If the area is not completely dry, bacteria will immediately start growing again and result in an infection.

When it comes to the tail pocket, just getting it “good enough” is not enough. The areas has to be completely clean and dry.

If you’re cleaning your French Bulldog’s tail pocket because of an infection, you want to apply Wrinkle Balm to the area.

This natural balm contains antioxidants as well as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It will not only soften the area and keep it dry but can prevent future infections for occurring.

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One of the best things about this product is that it will provide your Bulldog with relief almost the second you begin applying it to the affected area.

After the area has been thoroughly cleaned, dried, and treated, reward your pup for his patience with a small treat so that he will come to look forward to this time and not dread the procedure.

These all-natural, healthy treats are perfect as they are made with wholesome ingredients, are grain free, and are just the right size to use as a reward.

They are available in three flavors and are low in calories so you can offer one or two without feeling guilty about overindulging your dog.

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Health Issues To Be Concerned With Related To Their Tails

The French Bulldog is a dog who is prone to several health issues, covered fully in this article.

Some of these issues can be related to their tails, and in certain cases, it’s the actual tail that’s prone to sunburn or genetic health problems.


Tails that are white are even more susceptible to sunburn. They have the same issues with the sun as pale-skinned humans do.

Sunburn can be just as painful to French Bulldogs as it is to humans. The preventative measures are also same as they are for humans.

Either put some sunscreen on the French Bulldog or keep him indoors during the hot, sunny parts of the day.

Abnormal Spine

Hemivertebrae are spinal bones that do not align correctly with nearby spine bones because of their abnormal shape.

When this happens, it can lead to deformity and instability of the spinal column, which can cause pain in the legs, wobbliness, and incontinence.

While this health issue may not be directly related to the dog’s tail, it’s most common in French Bulldogs who have the corkscrew tails because the corkscrew tails is due to the irregular shape of the tailbones.

When the tail is pushed into a corkscrew design, it forces the vertebrae in the spine to be bunched together closer than they should be.

If left untreated, this health issue can lead to paralysis.


Allowing the French Bulldog’s tail pockets to get repeatedly dirt can lead to infections, which can lead to more serious problems.

The dog should be inspected thoroughly throughout his life. French Bulldogs may not even get their tail pocket until they’re at least six months old.

The owner is not going to be aware of the need to clean the pocket if he doesn’t realize the dog has a tail pocket.

The best and most effective way to eliminate tail-related health issues is to keep the dog’s tail and tail pocket area as clean as possible.

Owners who are uncomfortable about doing this on their own are encouraged to have it professionally done.

Skin fold pyoderma is similar to dermatitis and can cause the French Bulldog a lot of discomfort.

While it may not necessarily be related to the tail, it is often a result of moisture in the other folds or wrinkles of the French Bulldog’s body.

Treatment for skin fold dermatitis is usually thoroughly cleaning under and around the skin folds and applying antibiotics to the area.

What Is The AKC Breed Standard For French Bulldog Tails?

In the AKC Breed Standard guidelines for the French Bulldog, they state that tails should be either corkscrewed or straight; short, hung low; with fine tip and thick root; and carried low in repose.

The AKC tends to frown on a long, wavy, or curly tail. The tail also must extend downward. If the tail extends upward, it is considered a disqualification.

If you’re an owner who has little interest in showing the French Bulldog, you’ll find that each tail is as cute as the next and does not take away from their beauty and good qualities.

If you love Frenchies and are interested in learning more about these adorable, loving dogs, be sure to check out our 30+ French Bulldog articles. Click here to see them all.

Related Questions:

How do you maintain a French Bulldog’s skin folds?

You can clean the French Bulldog’s skin folds or wrinkles using alcohol-free baby wipes, a soft rag moistened with warm water, or a tear stain remover.

Gently lift the folds and wash any dirt that may be under and around the folds.

This area is the perfect playground for bacteria to develop, so it’s important to keep the area clean. After you’re done cleaning, make sure you dry it thoroughly.

The dog’s tail pocket has the same issues regarding dirt and possible bacteria growth, so owners should clean this area in the same way.

How do you maintain and clean a French Bulldog’s ears?

You can clean your Bulldog’s ears easily with cotton balls, cotton swabs, ear cleaning solution, and a dry paper towel or rag.

Soak the cotton ball with cleaning solution. Rub the inside and bat side of the ears with the cotton balls.

Lift the dog’s ears and get in all the narrow spots with the cotton swab, making sure to get out all wax and dirt.

Squirt some of the ear cleaning solution into the ear and allow the dog to shake most of it out. With a dry paper towel or rag, dry the ear out thoroughly.


A French Bulldog’s tail is only a small part of what makes your French Bulldog who he or she is.

Yet, their tail, or lack thereof, is also one of the many things that make them such cute and adorable dogs.

This is especially true when they greet their owners and start wagging their entire rear ends while thinking all they’re doing is wagging their tails!

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