Do French Bulldogs Like To Cuddle? (Are They A Cuddly Breed?) (2024)

Do French Bulldog laying on the lap of his owner

Those huge ears, smooshed noses, and precious snorts of French Bulldogs make you want to just smother them with snuggles and kisses.

When you lavish your affections so freely, you want to know that they will be reciprocated, right?

So, do French Bulldogs like to cuddle? Absolutely, they do! They need to give and receive lots of affection in order to remain happy and healthy. Cuddling is a fantastic way to strengthen the bond that you share with your Frenchie and fulfill his emotional needs at the same time.

A breed that needs cuddles? Really? Yes. This trait is one of the biggest reasons that Frenchies have become so incredibly popular.

Let’s learn more about the breed that has snorted its way into our hearts.

Are Frenchies A Cuddly Breed?

Yes. A quick look at the French Bulldog’s history will help you understand why they are indeed a cuddly breed.

Although some details have been lost over time, it is widely accepted that the French Bulldog of today originated in England.

A group of Bulldog breeders developed a Bulldog miniature by adding Terriers and perhaps Pugs to the Standard Bulldog.

These mini-Bulldogs quickly became treasured by those in the lace-making industry.

The female workers enjoyed having a small companion to warm their laps while they worked during the day. At night, these lap-warmers would work to keep the rats in the building under control.

When the lace-makers later moved to France, the new dogs were a hit and the breed was developed more intensely with uniform features and standards.

The famous “bat ears” were firmly established as a desired trait when the breed landed in America.

Quick Fact: In France, Frenchies were famously popular with les belles de nuit (streetwalkers).

So, you see, Frenchies were originally bred to cuddle all day. The trait is literally in their blood.

The Terriers’ contribution to the breed accounts for the fun-loving side of Frenchies.

Energy Level Of French Bulldogs

Of course, every dog is different, but the average French Bulldog has a moderate energy level and relatively low exercise needs.

(Learn more about Frenchie exercise and necessary precautions in our article here.)

A couple of short walks per day will do the trick for his workout routine.

While Frenchies are not built to compete in marathons, they do love to play.

An exciting game of fetch or romping with the children in the yard will make for one happy Frenchie, though he will likely be ready for a nap afterward.

Although swimming is a great exercise for you, it can be deadly for Frenchies. They are not good swimmers. So if you plan to have them around water, be sure to get a life vest.

French Bulldog Temperament

Most French Bulldogs are docile, rarely aggressive, highly adaptable, and often delight in clowning around to attract the attention that they crave.

These intelligent dogs tend to be extremely friendly and quite even-tempered.

Unlike other small breeds, Frenchies are not prone to excessive barking. They do, however, produce their own unique noises such as snorting, snoring, and passing gas.

Most Frenchie owners quickly become accustomed to these sounds and find them endearing.

Some people might be quick to say that Frenchies can be a bit on the stubborn side at times while others might praise the breed’s “free-thinking” attitude.

Both viewpoints might be valid, but the French Bulldog’s playful, loving personality more than makes up for any obstinate tendencies.

Any dog’s personality is influenced not only by his lineage but also by his upbringing, and Frenchies are no exception.

A Frenchie purchased from a highly respected breeder and properly trained from the beginning with lots of positive reinforcement will likely grow up to be a very well-behaved dog.

Our Frenchie guidebook, The Owner’s Guide To The Perfect French Bulldog, walks you through every aspect of training and explains why establishing a teacher/student relationship from the very beginning is critical.

This comprehensive guide also covers every other question you’ll face when raising a Frenchie.

Grooming, wrinkle care, health concerns, common mistakes, exercise, socialization, mental stimulation – you name it, it’s in there. Truly a must-have for every Frenchie owner!

Tips For Getting Your Frenchie To Like Cuddling

If you have your heart set on lots and lots of cuddle time with your Frenchie, there are quite a few options that you can try to convince your little buddy that cuddling is utter bliss.

  • Nothing speaks to a dog’s heart quite like a good belly rub, so, be generous with them.
  • Try getting them extra cozy with a doggie sweatshirt like this Frenchie-owner favorite!
  • When snuggling, stay calm and quiet. Save yelling at your kids for another time.
  • Take your furry friend for a brisk walk before settling down with him for a nice cuddle on the couch. A tired pup will be ready for some rest and relaxation.
  • While enjoying some cuddle time, talk softly to him and pet him slowly and gently.
  • Offer a tiny treat (these all-natural tidbits are perfect) as a reward when cuddle time is over. This will help him understand that cuddling is a behavior that has benefits.

It probably will not take much to convince a Frenchie that cuddling is the greatest idea ever.

Just make sure that each snuggle session is a positive experience, and in no time at all, you’ll be reaping the rewards of your efforts.

Related Questions:

Are French Bulldogs affectionate?

Yes, in fact, the affectionate nature of Frenchies is why they are in the top ten of the most popular dog breeds.

They thrive when allowed to both give and receive affection regularly and freely.

They are so loving and friendly that they don’t do well if left alone for long periods of time routinely. (Here are some tips to help your Frenchie handle alone time better.)

Are French Bulldogs soft?

These adorable little dogs have a short, smooth coat that is soft to the touch and relatively easy to care for.

Periodic brushing will help to remove any dead, loose hairs and keep the skin and coat healthy. (See our top brush recommendations here.)

Always pet a Frenchie in the direction of hair growth, not in a back and forth motion.

A Quick Recap

The affectionate, adaptable French Bulldog is sure to bring lots of laughter and love wherever he goes, but most importantly, he will be the source of many cuddles.

After all, he was bred to be a companion.

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