Best Harnesses for French Bulldogs: Top Comfortable & Safe Options! (2024)

Best Harness for French Bulldog

When walking French Bulldogs, harnesses, not collars, are the safest option.

Looking for the best choices?

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite harnesses for Frenchies, including our top choice, the Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness, so you can confidently choose the right one for you and your little buddy.

These gorgeous dogs are already at a disadvantage with their flat faces making them short of breath, so to prevent choking, it is vital that a harness won’t put any pressure on their necks. 

Below, we have compiled a list of the top harnesses for your French Bulldog, which will allow them the ability to run freely and comfortably when off the leash but also teach them how to walk nicely alongside you.

There will also be a buyer’s guide and a frequently-asked-questions section at the end to assist you with any questions you may have.

If you feel overwhelmed by the questions and doubts you have about raising your Frenchie, you’re not alone.

Many new Frenchie owners struggle with the same issues and questions you have.

That’s why we spent months compiling factual information on the breed to pack into our breed guidebook, The Owner’s Guide To The Perfect French Bulldog.

It addresses every aspect of Frenchie care and training and is chock full of useful tips that will transform your entire approach.

You’ll learn all about basic training, daily maintenance, health concerns, mental stimulation, exercise guidelines, socialization, and so much more! 

This guide will become your go-to resource and will enable you to truly raise the dog of your dreams. 

These are some of our favorites!

In a hurry?

If you’re in a rush to buy your Frenchie’s new harness, then don’t worry, we’ve saved you time on the clock and fast-tracked you to the best choice.

Our top pick for the best harness for French Bulldogs would be the Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness. Here are a few reasons why we love it:

  • Lots variety of colors.
  • Wide range of sizes suited for any Frenchie.
  • High-level durability and no irritating materials. 
  • Distributes pressure so no neck strain. 

Review of The Best Harness For French Bulldogs

#1 Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness - All Weather Mesh...
  • ATTENTION: Sizing does NOT directly correspond to your pet's breed or weight. Please MEASURE your...
  • ALL WEATHER MESH: Made with a soft, breathable air mesh, this lightweight pet harness is perfect for...

If you’re eager to get your new Frenchie pup on their first walk or are looking for a new harness for your furry best friend, then here’s why we think the Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is the best option.

The safety harness on the Voyager evenly distributes pressure across your French Bulldog’s chest to prevent any kind of choking or strain, allowing comfort and ease throughout your walks.

It’s perfect for all weather and the mesh material used is very breathable.

So it will keep your dog nice and cool when walking in hot weather (very important as Frenchies tend to overheat), but it also provides insulation for when you both go on those frosty winter walks.

It even washes perfectly in the washing machine, so you’ll be able to keep all dirt and smells away. 

We all know that once you’ve even uttered the ‘W’ word to your pooch, it’s a massive fuss trying to fit them into their harnesses.

Well have no fear, this harness allows easy access by simply putting your dog’s two front paws in and voilà!

You won’t have to worry about your furry friend escaping when in this harness either.

Its three-step security features consisting of Velcro strapping, a secure clip, and a double D-ring leash attachment means they’ll stay right by your side.

This amazing harness also comes in a wide variety of colors suitable for any fashion icon pup, all of which feature two reflective stripes on either side of the harness to ensure you maximum visibility of your dog on late-night strolls.

This harness also comes in a variation of sizes dependent on the size of your Frenchie. (Read all about French Bulldog sizes in this article.)

Just size them up with some measuring tape and choose from the XS-XL options offered. 


  • All-weather proof.
  • Machine washable.
  • Extremely secure.
  • No fuss putting the harness on your dog.


  •  No definitive choice of sizing for your dog (you’ll have to measure your pooch before buying).

Runner-up: Ruffwear Front Range No-Pull Harness

RUFFWEAR - Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and...
  • MADE FOR EXTENDED WEAR: Lightweight, durable, and made for all-day outdoor adventures; Designed for...
  • 2 LEASH ATTACHMENT POINTS: Reinforced webbing at chest stands up to pulling and gives additional...

We love the foam padding and lack of buckle to body contact of this Ruffwear harness. With bright colors and reflective trim, dogs will remain visible even on nighttime walks – a great safety feature.

This nylon harness sits low on the neck to allow your Frenchie to breathe freely while enjoying his daily walk.


  • Designed for everyday use but comfortable enough for all day outdoor activities.
  • Two leash attachment points – one aluminum V-ring on back and one reinforced webbing loop on front to resist pulling.
  • Four adjustment points to allow for full range of motion and custom fit.
  • Foam padding on the chest and belly areas to distribute pressure evenly.
  • Quick and easy to put on – slide it over dog’s head and attach the two side straps.
  • Sits low on the neck so choking won’t be an issue.
  • Features pocket with Velcro closure to stow away identification tags.
  • Available in six colors and five sizes.
  • Bright fabric colors and reflective trim for high visibility.
  • Buckles tuck into sleeve for protection.
  • Metal and buckles are on the outside of harness so they won’t rub against dog.
  • Lightweight – small size is only 5.3 ounces.


  • May not be suitable for extreme pullers.

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Other Great Options For French Bulldogs Harness

Embark Adventure Dog Harness

Embark Adventure Harness for Dogs, Easy On and Off...
  • THE ULTIMATE ADVENTURE DOG HARNESS - Dog Harness for Medium Dogs No Pull made for active lifestyles:...
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE & EASY ON AND OFF - Longer straps with extra adjustment helps you find a snug fit...

The Embark Adventure Dog Harness is exactly what it says on the package – and more! Perfect for light walks, running, hiking, swimming, and even camping.

If your dog loves getting outdoors and doing all the activities that you do then they’ll love this little harness.

The highly adjustable straps make this a great candidate for both puppies who are still growing and also fully grown Frenchies who may vary in size.

It also provides easy access via slipping the harness over your dog’s head and simply clipping the buckles, meaning you won’t have to battle with your little friend to put on their harness.

This harness is most definitely suitable for those big adventures thanks to its extremely heavy-duty and extra-durable material.

It’s made from strong military-grade nylon which can withstand pulling strength of up to 130 pounds, so your dog won’t be straining or damaging its throat while out walking.

Yes, French Bulldogs can harm their necks and throats quite easily and suffer from more serious issues as a result. We explain more about potential health concerns here.

Equipped with an extra-strong D-ring and buckles, the harness will be able to last you a lifetime while keeping your dog safely on the leash when needed.

The Embark Adventure Dog Harness boasts both a stylish and comfortable design so your dog can run around feeling confident and without rubbing.


  • Great for dogs who love adventures in the outdoors.
  • Highly durable.
  • Adjustable straps which will fit any size.


  • Has been some issues with D-ring.

BarkBay No Pull Dog Harness

BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness Large Step in...
  • Breathable Air Mesh Material**: Constructed with Advanced Air Technology Mesh for Superior...
  • Innovative No-Pull Design**: Features a strategically placed front halt ring to discourage pulling,...

The breathable material for this harness makes it a great one for all French Bulldog owners.

It’s important to keep your Frenchie’s temperature normal as much as possible as they struggle to cool themselves down.

So this harness will allow your precious pooch to run around to his heart’s content without overheating. 

(Not sure whether or not your Frenchie is getting enough daily exercise? Check with the recommended physical activity guidelines here to find out.)

The BarkBay Harness prides itself on being a firm ‘learn-to-walk’ favorite among owners due to it’s engineered design of the D-ring, which changes the dog’s pulling instinct by changing the position of the pull to the side.

All metal clip points are durable and will not rust no matter how many rainy dog walks you go on.

The four adjustment points on the harness makes it suitable for most proportions of French Bulldogs.

The ultra-reflective stripes will let you keep your dog in sight whether that be on early morning walks or late night strolls. 

There is also an ID-tag pocket built into the harness, so you can thread your dog’s original ID tag or attach a specialized one for dog walking, making sure that if your dog runs off  they can get back home to you safely and as quickly as possible.


  • Ten colors to choose from.
  • Well padded to prevent chafing.
  • Reflective strips for high visibility.
  • Convenient handle on top to help lift your dog.


  • Top handle is rather small, especially on small models.
  • Chest strip is narrow, so the harness may slip to the side.

Puppia Ritefit Harness

Authentic Puppia RiteFit Harness with Adjustable...
  • Features neck adjustability for those dogs that are in between sizes
  • Same comfort and look of the Soft Harness

A breathable material seems to be the standard of dog harnesses nowadays, and this one is no different, allowing your furry friend to stay cool and comfortable while still enjoying themselves.

Also featuring neck adjustability, the harness is great for dogs who are in those in between or odd sizes. 

The Puppia Ritefit Harness comes in an array of colors, including the standard black and also a stylish khaki print, so there’ll be something for everyone’s taste whether that be traditional or eccentric.

This fetching harness can be put on your French Bulldog without going over the head and ears, minimizing the fuss of preparing for a dog walk.

It is made of polyester mesh for maximum comfort and will not irritate your dog’s fur. 

The leash attachment on the back of the harness allows you more control over your pooch while also maintaining comfort for them as any force will be reacted to by their body instead of their neck, reducing pulling on delicate areas. 

There is also a detailed size chart on the product page, which shows you the measurements for both neck and chest girth to ensure accurate fit and sizing for your particular dog.

It also shows the best way to measure your dog to pick your size.

If that wasn’t enough, instructions on the page also show you how to best put the harness on your dog.


  • Stylish colors.
  • Detailed instructions with product.
  • Comfortable design.


  • Not good for very small dogs.

Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

rabbitgoo Dog Harness, No-Pull Pet Harness with 2...
  • Medium Dog Harness - Recommended Breeds: Medium Dogs, such as Boston Terrier, Dachshund, Heeler,...
  • No Pull, No Choke - Our non-pulling dog harness is specially designed with 2 metal leash rings for...

Available in six vivid colors, this no-pull harness by Rabbitgoo has commendable features such as front and back leash attachments, strong Oxford fabric, reflective stitching, and four adjustable straps.

Our favorite feature is the sturdy handle on top which is great for giving your Frenchie a helping hand or for gaining control of a situation quickly.


  • Constructed of durable Oxford fabric and cushioned with breathable mesh padding.
  • Equipped with a sturdy top handle so you can gain instant control of your dog or assist him over obstacles.
  • Two metal rings for leash attachment – a back D-ring for casual walks with well-behaved Frenchies and a front ring for when you’d like more control over a dog who pulls.
  • Outfitted with four fully adjustable straps – two for the chest area and two for the neck region.
  • Simply slip over dog’s head, clip on the two side fast-release buckles and adjust to fit.
  • Features bright, reflective straps for walking after dark.
  • Suitable for year-round use.
  • Weighs just 7 ounces.
  • Adjustable straps are easy to tighten or loosen with sliding adjuster.
  • Mesh fabric keeps the dog cooler in warm summer months.


  • Not chew proof.
  • Must be hand washed and air dried.
  • No pocket to hold pet tags.

EcoBark Classic

EcoBark Dog Harness - Eco-Friendly Max Comfort...
  • ✔️Dog Harness For Small and Medium Dogs: Fits 10 to 17 lbs (Estimated Weight, Please Measure for...
  • ✔️No Pull & No Choke Halter Harness: Soft mesh, gentle, breathable double layered mesh fabric...

This environmentally friendly, vest type harness by EcoBark slips easily over the dog’s head and fastens snugly with one buckle. We love that this harness is made with recycled material.

Although it does come up somewhat higher on the dog’s neck than other models, this modestly priced harness was intentionally designed to be gentle on the throat area.


  • Specifically designed to not constrict trachea.
  • Sits a bit higher than most harnesses to reduce the likelihood of escape.
  • Double layered mesh fabric is breathable and suitable for use in all weather conditions.
  • Double-stitched straps are made from recycled water bottles.
  • Created to not rub or chafe as your dog moves and features custom-built, strong buckles.
  • Ten bright colors to choose from.
  • Weighs only 2.4 ounces and is adjustable for a snug fit.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Features no-choke, no-pull design with extra padding around the neck area.
  • Company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint by creating only environmentally friendly products.
  • Backed by a six-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • D-ring on back of harness to attach leash.


  • No reflective strips or front leash attachment.
  • Neck portion can not be adjusted separately.
  • Some users complain that the sizing guidelines are not accurate.
  • No pocket to hold pet’s identification tags.

Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure Harness

Chai's Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness...
  • STYLISH & DURABLE - Outer layer made of scratch-resistant oxford material. Lightweight Duraflex...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Ease of use putting on and taking off harness. Comfortable lightweight mesh...

We were impressed by the ergonomic design and zinc alloy leash attachment points of this no-pull reflective harness.

Comfortable enough for your Frenchie to use every day, this harness is built to last with durable Oxford material covering a lightweight inner mesh.

The sturdy handle will come in handy whenever your Frenchie needs a little help.


  • Comfortable, breathable, lightweight mesh lining with durable, scratch-resistant Oxford material outer lining.
  • Soft, sponge padding in both chest and belly areas.
  • Nylon webbing complete with 3M reflective strips so your Frenchie is visible at night.
  • Sturdy back handle to assist in lifting dog or for vehicle safety belt to loop through.
  • Ergonomic design for ease in putting on and taking off (over-the-head design).
  • Four adjustable straps.
  • Duraflex buckles are lightweight with large loading capacity for improved strength.
  • Zinc-alloy D-ring on back and front for leash attachment.
  • Offers greater support for injured or handicapped dogs when walking, climbing stairs, etc.
  • Ten vibrant colors to choose from.
  • Only 3.2 ounces.
  • Buckles are positioned on top of the harness so they will not snag on dog’s fur.


  • Hand washing and air drying are recommended.
  • Does not feature a pocket to hold pet identification tags.
  • Nylon straps do not have any padding.

2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness |...
  • ENJOY MORE WALKS: Enjoy stress-free walks with our anti pull dog harness. Experience superior...
  • OPTIMAL CONTROL: Gain unmatched training results with two connection points between the dog halter...

For those of you looking for a strap harness that offers excellent control, this martingale style harness might be for you.

The gentle tightening around the dog’s middle corrects pulling behavior without placing any extra pressure or causing harm to the neck region.

Use in conjunction with the front ring for even greater control.


  • Patented martingale style control loop on back gently exerts pressure around dog’s middle, not neck, to discourage pulling while encouraging him to walk in a straight line beside you.
  • Front leash attachment included to use either separately or simultaneously with the back clip.
  • Soft velvet lining on the belly strap to prevent irritation.
  • Equipped with four points of adjustment and strong nylon webbing.
  • Hardware is stainless steel for long-lasting durability.
  • Includes a “chew warranty” – manufacturer will replace up to two chewed straps.
  • Can be used with amputees.
  • Holds any size dog above 14 pounds.
  • Designed for daily use, even with extreme pullers.
  • Choose from 19 different colors.
  • Made with 5/8 inch wide straps for small dogs.
  • Recommended by the Veterinary Information Network, and many trainers.


  • The two side buckles rest against the dog’s body.
  • Harness may slightly slip to one side when using both leash attachments together.

Buyer’s Guide

While many of the harnesses above are all of great quality for French Bulldogs, there are many things to consider before committing to your new purchase for your furry friend.

Choosing the wrong harness may result in inadequate security for your dog and end up with your dog escaping from your reach. 

Read over this buyer’s guide to make sure you find the right one for your dog and won’t have to waste any more time looking for your perfect harness.


When it comes to buying a harness, finding the correct size is the most vital factor, and you shouldn’t skip corners as sizing contributes to the overall safety and durability of the harness as well.

You’ll need to acknowledge whether your French Bulldog is a puppy or an adult.

If you’re getting your French Bulldog puppy their first harness, you’ll have to accept that it will probably outgrow it within a few months and you’ll have to buy a new one.

You’ll also need to consider the possibility that your French Bulldog puppy may be smaller than average sizes, and you don’t want a harness not being secure for your puppy’s first venture outside. 

If you’ve got an adult French Bulldog, you should acknowledge gender having an impact on what size they are.

Getting a harness that is too small for your Frenchie can cause breathing problems and will be so uncomfortable for them, causing irritation and possible cutting of the skin.

With all this considered, we recommend you find a brand that includes a sizing and measurement guide on its listing.

We also suggest you get out your measuring tape to measure up your pooch to guarantee the right fit for your harness.

Most brands use measurements of the neck and the chest to allocate their sizing.

If you feel your French Bulldog has slightly different sizing to the ones on the size guides, it’s probably best to look for a harness that comes with adjustable straps, which allow you to change the size to what you require.

As a general rule of thumb, most dog harness brands suggest there be a two finger gap when pulling the harness away from your dog’s body to ensure both comfort and safety. 

How to Measure for a Proper Fit

There are two areas on your dog where you’ll want to get an accurate measurement.

Ill-fitting harnesses can cause irritation, shortness of breath, and may result in your dog escaping, so be sure not to skip this step.

The easiest way to measure your little guy will be to use a flexible measuring tape (the type a tailor might use).

If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can simply use a long piece of string to measure the circumference, then hold the string against a yardstick, ruler, or standard tape measure to determine the measurement.

Now, just measure around the base of your dog’s neck – not under his jaw, but where the neck meets the shoulders.

Next, carefully measure around the deepest area of the chest, positioning the measuring tape an inch or two behind his armpits.

You can watch this short instructional video to see exactly what we mean.


We’d imagine like most dog owners you’d want your harness to last you as long as possible.

That’s why it’s important to seek out the most durable harness for your Frenchie.

If your dog is a quiet soul who loves nothing more than a peaceful walk right by your side and nothing more, durability may not be the key factor in your choice.

However, if your Frenchie loves nothing more than running around with their canine friends in muddy puddles and rough playing, then this will be a major factor for your consideration.

You will want something that will sustain pressure, weather conditions, and also… the washing machine.

You don’t want anything that will fall apart within the first week of having it.

Most brands will list the materials used to make their harnesses with the strongest and best materials being nylon or polyester.

You should also look out for materials with any metal attachments on the harness as you’ll want something that’s weather resistant and won’t rust and irritate your dog’s skin.


Many harnesses are constructed of durable nylon and breathable mesh. These materials are lightweight, yet sturdy, and are typically easy to clean.

Vest harnesses made with these materials are often cushioned with foam padding for added softness.

Leather is another option that is both comfortable for the dog and will last for years with proper care.

Other common materials used for harnesses include polyester, Oxford cloth, cotton, and hemp.


French Bulldogs are notorious for being a breed that pulls on their lead.

(Training this somewhat stubborn breed is entirely possible though. You’ll find helpful training tips here.)

No matter how cute their determination may appear, their strength can be detrimental to their health and safety if the correct harness isn’t worn and proper training with the harness isn’t executed well.

Most brands accommodate this factor into the design of their harnesses, allocating certain places to place their leash attachments in particular places for maximum safety and to minimize pulling.

If your Frenchie is already trained on the leash, then this may not be a worry for yourself, but for those who are seeking to train their French Bulldogs on the leash, it will be something you’ll want to consider.

You’ll want to make sure that any leash attachments are not placed near the neck in order to avoid strain and possible health implications in the future. 

Don’t miss learning more about the small-but-mighty Frenchie. You’ll find lots more helpful tips, fun facts, and answers to your questions on our French Bulldog page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should French Bulldogs Wear a Collar or a Harness? 

It is recommended that short-nosed dogs like French Bulldog’s get walked with a harness on.

French Bulldogs sometimes have difficulty breathing, especially after a period of heavy panting or exertion.

This condition is known as Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (B.O.A.S. for short).

B.O.A.S. can lead to a host of issues such as heat stroke, fainting, noisy breathing, heart arrhythmias, excessive gas, acid reflux, and regurgitation.

Anything that you can do to help your Frenchie breathe comfortably is well worth the effort.

Avoiding extreme heat, stressful situations, obesity, prolonged excitement, and strenuous exercise can certainly help.

Of course, some exercise is important for your Frenchie’s health, and that is where a nice walk on a harness comes in – not too strenuous, but enough activity to keep him fit.

(How much exercise is enough? Find the answer here.)

Harnesses don’t place pressure on a Frenchie’s delicate windpipe like ordinary collars do.

Rather, they distribute pressure evenly across the chest area so they won’t leave your pup gasping for breath should they pull against the leash.

How Do I Stop My French Bulldog Pulling on the Leash?

There’s no denying the strength of French Bulldogs, but you’ll need to assert your control and train them as soon as possible when it comes to leash training.

Some experts say that if you’re out walking your dog and they start pulling on their leash, simply change direction so they’re left behind you, hold still if they start dragging, and let them catch up with you.

You can also try calling your pooch when they’re pulling on their lead and asking them to sit.

Be sure to give them a treat (these all-natural treats are just the right size) and praise once they’ve obeyed.

You’ll need to remember to be patient with your dog and make sure to praise them when they listen.

What Are The Different Harness Styles?

With so many harnesses on the market today, finding one that is best for your dog can be challenging.

Let’s break it down a bit so you can shop with a better understanding of the designs and features.


There are many styles of harnesses, like those designed for military or sled dog use, but for everyday walks with your Frenchie, you only have to decide between several designs.

  • A strap harness is just what it sounds like. It is made entirely of straps that fit around the rib cage and the front of the chest.
  • A vest harness has straps too but also features wider pieces of fabric on the ventral side to distribute pressure across a larger area thus making for a more comfortable experience for the dog.
  • Over-the-head harnesses slip over the dog’s head and then are buckled in place with side straps. 
  • With step-in models, the dog’s front legs are placed through the harness before the back buckle is secured.
  • Back-clip harnesses are ideal for casual walks with dogs who don’t tend to pull.
  • Front-clip harnesses are great for training your dog not to pull when on the leash. Rather than pull against the dog, they direct the dog back toward you.
  • Lots of harnesses feature both front and back attachment points so you can decide which would be best in various situations.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of The Owner’s Guide To The Perfect French Bulldog today to avoid common mistakes and begin your journey with your new Frenchie the right way. 

Before you know it, you’ll be raising and training your dog with a confidence you didn’t know was possible!

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