Best Dog Nail Grinder Buyer’s Guide (plus helpful tips)

The Best Dog Nail Grinders

Clipping a dog’s nails can be a real hassle especially if they’re not cooperative with the process. And even if they do tolerate having their nails clipped, it usually leaves them with rough, even sharp, nails for a few days. 

If you’re just looking for the best nail grinder, we recommend the Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder. We’ll break down exactly why we think it’s the best option a little further down.

What Exactly is a Nail Grinder?

A nail grinder is a tool used to groom your dog’s nail as well as a nifty alternative to nail clippers. There are various types of nail grinders on the market today made by many different manufacturers. Nail grinders, which are run by a motor, have a grinding attachment that grinds away at the nail.

The attachment is made of sandpaper and works in much the same way as sandpaper. While the term “nail grinding” may sound complicated, it’s actually a simple and, often less stressful, method of trimming your dog’s nails.

Pros & Cons of Using Nail Grinders

Nail grinders are a great way to give your dog a pedi quickly and without the pain often found with nail clipping. There are a few advantages to using nail grinders as opposed to nail clippers. Like with most things, there are both pros and cons.


  • Easier to tolerate for anxious dogs – If your dog has had a bad experience with nail clipping in the past, he’s probably ready to freak out at the very sight of nail clippers. This is a new experience for the dog, and you may have more success getting your dog used to grinders.
  • Ideal for thick nails – Dog nail grinders work much better, quicker and with less discomfort on thick nails.
  • Give smooth, rounded nails – Nail grinders cannot only round out your dog’s nails but will also give them a smooth finish. Nail clippers have a tendency of leaving the nails rough, which makes for easier snagging on the carpets or scratching things.
  • Quicker than nail clippers – It may seem like grinding would take longer, but they don’t because it’s a smooth operation, especially once your dog gets used to the process.


  • Touching the quick still possible – While hitting the quick is more likely with nail clippers, it can still be done with nail grinders if you’re not careful. Usually, this experience is what turns dogs off to having their nails clipped.
  • Grinders can be loud – Dog nail grinders are not quiet and may intimidate your dog if the dog isn’t accustomed to loud noises.
  • Can be a messy process – Grinding the dog’s nails can be smelly and dusty, so you may want to do this outdoors and possibly wear a mouth mask.
  • More expensive – Dog nail grinders cost more than clippers.

Things to Be Aware of When Using Nail Grinders

Nail grinding is often the perfect solution for dogs that don’t like nail clipping. There are a few things to be aware of with nail grinding. Some dogs are just very sensitive about their nails being touched. You may want to let the dog get used to the noise before you actually start grinding the nails.

Never force the issue with the dog. A dog will seldom “get used to” something that frightened him or caused him pain. You should also pay close attention to what you’re doing because it’s still possible to hit the quick and cause the dog pain.

Dogs have very good memories! They’re not much different from you or me in that respect.

Imagine if someone caused you to bleed and feel pain while clipping your nails! Wouldn’t you be apprehensive about letting them do it again? I know I would surely think twice!

Tips When Grinding Your Dogs Nails

Here are some tips to make the nail grinding process a little easier for you and your dog.

Start at young age

The younger the dog is when you begin nail grinding, the easier it will be and the quicker he’ll adjust.

Grind a little at a time

Take your time grinding so in case you do grind too much, there will be little harm done. The quicker you are, the less chance the dog will become antsy.

Make the dog comfortable

The more comfortable the dog is, the less he’ll notice or care what you’re doing to him. Practice holding the dog’s paw in different ways and choose the way that seems to have the dog the most comfortable.

Watch the grinders

Nail grinders tend to get hot quickly, which is why you only want to hold them against the nail for a short time.

Watch fur & hair

If the dog has long hair, make sure it doesn’t get caught in the grinder attachment or you could have a real problem!

Are Nail Grinders Difficult to Use?

Nail grinders are relatively simple to use, especially if you’ve read the directions! Hold the grinder in an upright position as close to the top as possible for better control. Hold the dog’s toe gently, making sure to not squeeze it. Grind across the bottom of the nail, moving slowly in from the tip of the nail. You can also smooth the rough edges at this time.

Press and release the grinder in small increments to prevent it from overheating and to not bore or frighten the dog. If you do this once a week, your dog’s quick will start to recede, and your dog’s nails will appear to be short almost at all times. If you’re the type of person who prefers to see something rather than read about it, here’s a short video on how to nail grind your dog.

What Nail Grinders are the Best?

Choosing a nail grinder may seem like a difficult task with so many great products out there on the market. We’re doing a short review of what we feel are the 5 best nail grinders for dogs. It also decreases the chances of over-clipping the dog’s nails.

#1 Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

Hertzko Electric Dog Nail Grinder Gentle, Painless...
  • ★ SAFE & EFFECTIVE - Our Pet Nail Grinder is manufactured with Diamond Bit Grinder, which is safer...
  • ★THREE SIZE PORTS: There are THREE SIZE OPENINGS in the grinder area; you can use depending on...
  • ★SUPER MUTE MOTOR – Our Pet Nail Trimmer is especially designed with low noise and low...
  • ★SIMPLE TO USE AND PORTABLE - our Nail Grinder is rechargeable; and includes a USB wire for your...

The Hertzko electric nail grinder utilizes the Diamond Bit Grinder, which is said to offer a safer and more effective way to trim pet nails. It decreases the chance of hurting the pet by clipping their nails too short. The grinder area has 3 size openings, so you can make adjustments according to the pet’s nail size.

The Hertzko can be used on dogs of all sizes as well as other small animals. Its quiet operation doesn’t frighten the dog. This nail grinder is ranked very highly among dog care products, cat care products and small animal nail care products.


  • Super mute motor offers low vibration
  • Quiet motor
  • Portable for easy use
  • Rechargeable
  • Includes a USB wire for extra ease and convenience in recharging
  • Easy to clean


  • Unit is slow
  • Often needs recharging during the session
  • Works better on smoothing than actual cutting
  • Grinder bit not easily replaced
  • Not ideal for large dogs with thick nails
  • Requires pressing hard on the nails
  • Only one speed

#2 Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Pet Nail Grooming Tool

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming...
  • Pet nail groomer and grinder - This rotary tool is a pet nail groomer and grinder that offers a...
  • Variable speed - Two rotation speeds let you safely and carefully grind the nails of your dog or pet...
  • Lightweight - The lightweight, cordless rotary tool works with two speed settings 6,500 and 13,000...
  • Battery - The 7300-PT 4.8V rotary tool is backed by a two-year warranty, 3-hour battery charge, and...

This light-duty, cordless nail-grooming tool offers a fast and easy way to groom your dog’s nails. It has two speeds (high and low), so you can choose the speed that gives you most control while still keeping your dog relaxed and happy. You’ll get a charger, battery, and 3 accessories with this Dremel nail groomer.

Users can also purchase additional sanding bands. The bands and stones are compatible with various other Dremel tools. Customers using this tool claim they can trim/grind their dog’s nails in just minutes.


  • Battery-powered no need for electricity
  • Makes grooming fast and easy
  • Comes with replacement bands
  • One-year warranty
  • Comes with rechargeable battery pack
  • One-year warranty


  • Instructions not easy to understand
  • Somewhat noisy at high speed
  • Batteries expensive
  • Battery life is low
  • Sanding drums wear out quickly
  • No cover to prevent fur getting caught

#3 ConairPRO Dog Professional Nail Grinder

ConairPRO Dog & Cat Professional Corded Nail...
  • DOG NAIL GRINDER: Our professional-quality nail grinder is designed to safely groom the nails of...
  • EASY TO USE: This compact, lightweight dog nail grinder features a protective adjustable cover so...
  • PET GROOMING SUPPLIES: Grooming your cat or dog is easy when you have the right tools. We make...
  • MADE TO LAST: ConairPRO Dog & Cat pet grooming tools are designed with high-quality materials for...

The ConairPRO professional nail grinder is a corded grinder with many good features, including the fact that it can be used on all size dogs. The stone/sander attachments are interchangeable and easily replaced. This compact, lightweight nail grinder is as powerful as it is quiet.

The ConairPRO comes with a protective adjustable cover. It also comes with extra stones and bands as well as a tool to replace the head. The ConairPRO comes with different heads to accommodate different types of trimming. It also has an adjustable guard to keep hair and dust from hitting you in the face.


  • Sanding disks from other brands are compatible
  • Stays cool while grinding
  • Quiet operation
  • Has long cord
  • It’s corded so won’t run out of power
  • Includes different files from smooth to rough


  • Doesn’t come with a case
  • Guard vibrates a little
  • Has only one speed
  • Doesn’t work great on big dogs with long, thick nails
  • Takes a while to do large dog

#4 Wahl Professional Pet Grinder Kit

Wahl Professional Animal Pet, Dog, and Cat...
  • Ideal for trimming, shaping, smoothing and grinding nails on all large and small pets
  • Professional power with variable speed up to 13,000 RPM for effortless nail grinding
  • Completely maintenance free, quiet and lightweight for easier grooming
  • Ergonomic design with finger grips for added comfort and control

The Wahl professional pet nail grinder is a corded, variable speed nail grinder that can go a long way before it requires you to stop. It works well on all dogs but is especially handy for small dogs. Its quiet operation keeps the dog quiet during the process.

The lightweight design and handy finger grips make it easy to use. Included with the Wahl Professional Pet Grinder are a grooming drum, a grinding stone, two grooming bands, power supply and an owner’s manual.


  • Adjustable speeds for different nail types
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Auto-stop feature prevents accidents
  • Includes storage case and 11-piece accessory kit


  • Auto-stop feature may be overly sensitive and slow down the tool
  • Motor is not very powerful
  • Noisy when at high speed
  • Cord is thin
  • Power supply is heavy
  • No guard over the grinding wheel

#5 URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder Upgraded USB...
  • Upgraded version - Designed to be rechargeable by USB with indicator light make it more convenient...
  • Diamond grinding stone - Constructed with diamond bit grinder which is safer and more effective than...
  • Quiet and safe - Using super mute motor, brass shaft, unique mute technology, gently remove thin...
  • Applicable for small sized and medium sized pets - The pet nail trimmer has three ports for...

The URPOWER pet nail grinder is a rechargeable nail grinder that offers quiet and powerful nail grinding for dogs, cats and other small or medium size animals. This nail grinder can handle different size dogs but works exceptionally well on small dogs with sensitive nails. The URPOWER can be easily charged in two hours with a USB. Once it’s charged, it should run for a few hours.

Between the super mute motor and the unique mute technology built into the URPOWER, grooming the dog should be quieter than you’d ever imagine which is what you want to keep your dog calm and happy. The diamond bit grinder is helpful for quick trimming before your dog has a chance to become bored or restless.


  • Diamond bit grinder doesn’t need replacing
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Has various grinder port sizes
  • Rechargeable battery runs a long time


  • Only one speed
  • Underpowered for thick nails
  • Poor warranty
  • Not good for large dogs with thick nails

Choosing the right one!

Choosing the right nail grinder for your dog can be a big decision. Who enjoys spending money on products just to discover they need to be replaced because they weren’t everything you were promised?

After reviewing a few of the top nail grinders, I find that the Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder is probably the top choice. Many consumers like to stick with name brands. That was not the reasoning behind my choosing the Hertzko because they’re all name brands!

Dollar for dollar, they were similar in price and all somewhat affordable. I chose the Hertzko because it seems to garner the best customer reviews and offered the thing dog owners want most: good performance, convenience, ease of use and good price.

It’s not a professional nail grinder but operates with an efficient and quiet operation as a professional tool. It very well could be everything you’ve ever wanted in a dog grooming tool designed to keep your dog’s nails looking smooth and professionally groomed!

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