#1 Best Brush for Cavapoos (and what to use with it!) (2024)

Let’s face it, most dogs don’t like to have their hair brushed. But for a Cavapoo, brushing their coat regularly is super important to avoid painful mats from forming. Believe it or not, they brush you’re using plays a big role in how enjoyable it is for your pup and the end result.

If you’re looking for the best brush for your Cavapoo, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the legwork and research for you. After reading actual owner reviews, posts on social media, recommendations in forums and Cavapoo message boards, we’ve determined that the Chris Christensen Gold Series Pin Brush is the best brush for Cavapoos.

Chris Christensen Oval Fusion Brush, 27mm
  • These brushes are 100% static-free and glide through the coat with ease! 30% more pins than regular...
  • Chris Christensen Fusion brushes are for those who demand quality and perfection

Here are a few quick highlights:

  • This brush has 30% more pins than the average pin brush of its kind
  • The stainless steel pins are ground, polished, gold-plated, and surrounded by an ultra-flexible cushion
  • Ideal for dogs with longer and more fragile coats
  • Lightweight despite having a durable and balanced black beechwood body and handle

Pain-Free Pins

One of the top features of the Chris Christensen Brush is the pins. They’re durable, strong, and less likely to break like many other dog brushes of lesser quality. One of the biggest issues Cavapoo owners, and owners of dogs with similar coats, have is that the coat or hair becomes matted very easily without regular grooming. Durability and strength is often an issue with other inferior dog brushes.

As soon as they get into a thicker coat of hair, the pins bend and break. This is not the case with this brush. Unlike many other brushes that just get through the top layer, the Chris Christensen gets through the entire coat.

The pins are also long enough to get through and right to the bottom of even the thickest coats. If the dog does happen to have mats and tangles, this brush takes care of them easily and painlessly.

Gentle to the Skin

Another feature of this brush is that it’s gentle on the dog’s scalp. It gets through all the dog’s hair without it being painful for the dog. Many dog owners use it to give their dog a massage. Where else would you find a brush that was so effective and gentle that the owners decide to use on their own hair? This has been the case with the Chris Christensen brush.

The Chris Christensen Gold Series Pin Brush is not just for Cavapoos. It can be used on Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Aussies, Great Pyrenees, Shih Tzus, English sheepdogs, Goldendoodles, and a dozen other breeds of dog with long or curly coats prone to tangling.

One issue found with some of the other dog brushes was sharp pins that hurt the dog. The pin bristles on the Chris Christensen brush are not brittle and sharp.

Pair with this for even better results…

As great as the Chris Christensen brush is for the Cavapoo’s coat, it works even better when used with a metal comb like this one from PETTOM Pet. Although this is typically considered a Poodle comb, this 7 and ½” steel comb is ideal for Cavapoos, which are half Poodle.

This steel comb gets through the coat very easily and makes it easy to get out individual tangles and mats before they develop into something difficult and painful to handle. 

Most Cavapoo owners using the grooming combo start off with the steel grooming tool to get through the surface and visible tangles. Once that part of the grooming is complete, they bring in the Chris Christensen brush to get through the rest of the coat and give it the finishing touch.

What are owners saying?

Customers who’ve used and are still using the Chris Christensen Brush are typically very happy with their purchase, especially if their dogs have double coats. Cavapoos should be professionally groomed about every four weeks but should be brushed every couple of days.

When using the Chris Christensen Gold Series Pin Brush, the Cavapoo’s coat doesn’t have a chance to become tangled and matted.

This is not only a win-win for the owner and the dog but for the groomer as well. Using this brush at home will not only keep the dog’s coat looking good but will also require the groomer to spend less time combing through the dog’s hair.

The less time the groomer has to spend on the dog, the less the owner will have to pay for the grooming session. The only issue that a few customers have had is that some of the pins had fallen out and would stick into the base of the brush.

What many dog owners (Cavapoo and other breeds) have found to be a less expensive alternative is the FURminator Soft Grooming Slicker Brush, which can be used on both small and large dogs. Also available on Amazon, this product also comes with free shipping to Amazon Prime members.

That’s a Wrap

Owning a dog like the Cavapoo can be challenging in terms of grooming and keeping the dog looking clean, healthy and well-groomed. It’s often not a task of not having enough time as much as it is not having the right equipment.

With the Chris Christensen Gold Series Pin Brush as your main grooming tool, brushing your Cavapoo can once again be easy and fun. This brush is so effective at getting through long hair that many women buy two and keep one for themselves.

Chris Christensen Oval Fusion Brush, 27mm
  • These brushes are 100% static-free and glide through the coat with ease! 30% more pins than regular...
  • Chris Christensen Fusion brushes are for those who demand quality and perfection

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