Best Brush for Maltipoo: 5 Choices for Pain-Free Grooming! (2024)

Best Brush for Maltipoo

You get the best of both worlds with your Maltipoo: the cute smooshy face of a Maltese terrier, and the beautiful, almost hypoallergenic, coat of a Poodle.

What that means though is that you’ll need to keep up with the grooming of your fur baby to make sure their hair doesn’t get tangled, matted, or dirty.

This is a very clean breed, and they need to stay that way to stay happy and healthy.

One problem you may face with the grooming of your pup is finding the correct tools to get the job done effectively but also without upsetting them or irritating their skin.

Maltipoos don’t have the undercoat you find in other breeds, but their shed hair will still be caught in the coat, and this is what requires regular grooming.

As with other designer breeds, there is a lot to learn when it comes to owning a Maltipoo.

Your best bet is going to be to invest in a book specifically created for Maltipoos, like this bestselling Complete Maltipoo Guidebook.

This book walks you through every aspect of being a Maltipoo owner, including how to avoid common mistakes in training and how to properly groom that beautiful coat.

Really, everything you need to raise your dream dog is covered in this complete guide.

Recommended by breeders and owners alike, this is one book you won’t regret adding to your library.

Now, as far as brushes are concerned…

These are some of our favorites!

We’ve put a few of the best brushes you can use on your Maltipoo into a list that breaks down why each different type of brush may be best for you and this breed’s varying coat types.

We’ve also put a buyer’s guide at the bottom of the article so you know exactly what you should be looking for in a grooming brush.

In a rush?

If your Maltipoo is itching for a scratching and a brushing, don’t worry, we’ve got our top pick right here:

Dog Brush and Cat Brush – 2 Sided Pet Grooming Tool from Pet Neat Inc.

A few reasons we love this brush:

  • Double-sided 2-in-1 brush head design reduces the size of your grooming kit.
  • Anti-rust coating increases the lifespan of your brush. 
  • Comfortable grip drastically reduces the grip strength needed to use it.
  • Rounded teeth keep your puppy’s skin safe even during deep grooming sessions.

Tip: Pair this brush with an excellent detangling wet/dry conditioner for a pain-free grooming experience.

Review of The Best Brush for Maltipoo

Dog Brush and Cat Brush – 2 Sided Pet Grooming Tool

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces...
  • 2-in-1 dual head – Start with 22 teeth side for stubborn mats and tangles and finish with 87 teeth...
  • Forget about shedding! – Regular brushing easily removes dead undercoat so no fur goes flying. Pet...

Topping our list is the 2 Sided Pet Grooming Tool by Pet Neat Inc. This brush works amazingly for Maltipoos and their varying coat textures.

The double-sided design with 22 teeth on the detangler side and 87 teeth on the deshedding side, make it so simple to groom your pup.

The large, rounded teeth easily work through larger knots and mats without irritating their skin, which is ideal if they are the adventurous type and love rolling around in sticks and leaves.

The deshedding head adds more resistance to your pull while penetrating the coat deep enough to remove any stubborn shed hairs that didn’t come out with the first head.

The head of the brush measures 5.6 inches from edge to edge meaning you’ll be able to cover your pooch’s whole body in only a couple of passes, reducing the time it normally takes to brush them head to tail.

The TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grip on the handle makes this brush one of the easiest to grip, meaning you won’t be squeezing it so hard your arm starts hurting.

The shape of the handle also helps reduce the effects of water on your grip so you can still get the brushing done after a walk through the rain.

Pet Neat Inc. has so much confidence that you’ll love this brush that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Two brush heads in one product.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Removes knots, tangles, mats, and shedding.
  • Designed for coarse, curly fur with a sharpened edge.
  • Comes with an easy-to-hang handle.


  • Only one size large brush head may be unsuitable for very small Maltipoos.
  • Fur can sometimes get caught between the two sets of teeth.

Other Great Brush Options For Maltipoo

Runner-Up: Hartz Groomer’s Best Combo Detangling Dog Brush

Hartz Groomer's Best Combo Dog Brush,...
  • Developed with pawfessional groomers for everyday de-shedding, detangling and removing small mats
  • Features two brushes and grooming actions in one! One side contains stainless steel tips with a...

The next entrant on our list is the Groomer’s Best Combo Detangling Dog Brush made by Hartz. With a huge name like Hartz attached to this one, you can guarantee quality.

The Detangling Dog Brush does exactly what it says on the package but with a sense of ease you won’t often find in cheaper, nonbranded alternatives.

The way Hartz has dealt with detangling is with a 2-in-1 method similar to Pet Neat Inc.

However this brush forgoes the metal teeth and adopts a stainless steel pin and nylon bristle option.

The Stainless steel pins with safety tips allow you to remove the larger tangles and knots while the nylon bristles penetrate a bit deeper into your Maltipoo’s coat to remove the shed fur, leaving their coat looking fresh and smooth.

The materials used in the construction, such as stainless steel and nylon, are all water resistant, meaning the brush can be thrown in a dishwasher for easy cleaning.

The brush has been designed with professional groomers in mind, and the everyday user can use this to their advantage.

The comfortable rubberized handle is great for prolonged usage.

The textured rubber also increases your grip on the handle without adding any unnecessary bumps or groves that become very noticeable after a while.


  • 2-in-1 brush head design.
  • Resistant materials can withstand heavy usage.
  • A comfortable grip increases the use time.
  • Easy to clean with rubber brush base and dishwasher proof build.


  • Half steel, half rubber detangling head isn’t strong enough for extremely stubborn knots.

Friends Forever 6-in-1 Professional Pet Grooming Kit Box

No products found.

We’ve put the 6-in-1 Professional Pet Grooming Kit Box next on the list simply for versatility.

With this set of brushes you’ve essentially got a professional dog groomer in a box.

With six tools that come included with the set, you can rest assured that the texture of your Maltipoo’s coat won’t be an issue.

If they inherit a mostly Maltese coat then you can use the slicker brush and the self-cleaning deshedding tool for the best results.

If however, your pup inherits its coat from its Poodle parent then the pin brush and the dematting brush will suit them better.

The extra grooming tools that come with the set mean your pup will be show ready with its coat and nails being taken care of.

The nail file and nail clippers are great if you don’t live in a more urban area where your Maltipoo isn’t able to run around and file their nails naturally.

Each tool is made from ABS plastic, which is a very durable material that is also quite lightweight.

The handles of each tool also have an anti-slip coating added to them increasing your grip.

The number of tools you get with this set means that if you own any other breeds alongside your Maltipoo then you won’t have to purchase any extra tools for each of them.


  • Multiple tools in one set for all fur types.
  • High-quality ABS construction.
  • Anti-slip grips for easy use.
  • Convenient carry case for mobility.
  • Extra nail care tools increase the versatility of the set.


  • Slightly smaller brush heads to reduce total case size.

Snailmon Double Sided Pet Dematting Rake Comb

snailmon Double Sided Pet Dematting Rake Comb,6+11...
  • Give pets experience no pain, no scratch undercoat removal- Snailmon 11+6 Precision teeth dematting...
  • Sharp but safe. easy to de-shedding dogs & cats with medium to long coats with the no scratch round...

We’ve added this brush/comb onto the list for anyone who might be too busy to keep up with grooming your dog for 10-15 minutes two or three times a week.

The Dematting Rake Comb is excellent for removing large knots from your Maltipoo’s coat.

If you want to run something through your doggy’s hair quickly to make sure they aren’t matting but are a bit too busy to spend the time needed to fully groom them, then this is the option for you.

A glance over their whole body with the six-toothed side and then a quick double up with the 11-toothed side can remove larger areas of matting and keep large pieces of debris from your pup’s fur.

You will still occasionally need to run a deshedding comb (this one is perfect) through their coat just to make sure there isn’t an excessive build-up but not as regularly.

The steel construction is rigid enough for tough jobs, but the rounded edge of the teeth is smooth enough to glide along the skin of your dog.


  • Stainless steel teeth are very rugged but smooth.
  • Wide-set teeth decrease the time needed to get big knots.  
  • Rubberized handle increases grip.


  • No deshedding option.

HATELI Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cat & Dog

HATELI Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Cat & Dog -...
  • 【Perfect Pet Hair Brush】 Cat & Dog Hair Brush gently removes loose hair, eliminates tangles,...
  • 【Safer Massage Pin】 Arc pins of Cat Brush with round massage beads design won't scratch your...

This self-cleaning slicker brush is amazing at removing a shed undercoat, but Maltipoos don’t have an undercoat do they?

Well no, but with some Maltipoos inheriting a tight curl pattern from the Poodle parent their shedding can sit underneath the healthy fur, almost like an undercoat.

Now you’re thinking, “Maltipoos aren’t supposed to shed, right?” Well, that’s only true to a certain degree.

Thoroughly confused? We explain Maltipoo shedding in depth in this article.

A slicker brush with tiny pins like this one can reach deep into the coat and remove most shed fur which will fluff and brighten your puppy’s coat immediately.

Normally a problem you would encounter with slicker brushes is cleaning them. HATELI however has come up with a solution to this issue: retractable pins.

The self-cleaning action retracts the pins forcing the collected fur to the tips where you can easily remove it with one hand.

They’ve even added safety beads to the tips of each pin to make sure your dog’s skin isn’t scratched or scraped.

The brush doesn’t come with a dematting tool so it would be advisable to also get a tangle and mat removing rake or comb.

This one works especially well on all Poodle mixes. It cuts through mats easily and painlessly without yanking out a bunch of hair.

HATELI even offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee, stating that if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the brush, then they will either exchange or refund as per your request.


  • Easy to clean with the self-cleaning feature.
  • Protects dog’s skin with safety tips on pins.
  • The easy-grip handle makes this brush a pleasure to use.


  • The thin pins can sometimes bend if the coat has excess knots or matting.

Buyer’s Guide

There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about purchasing a brush for your animal companion, and that list increases when you’re dealing with a coat such as the Maltipoo’s coat.

As the Poodle parents of this beautiful breed have curly and coarse hair, you’ll have to consider what could happen to its coat that a simple pin or bristle brush may not be able to combat by itself.

Maltipoo coats can vary drastically from dog to dog; they can range from thicker, coarser fur to thinner, straighter hairs depending on which parent they inherit from predominantly.

This means that the brush you use for your Maltipoo may not be the best one for your friend’s Maltipoo.

Not to worry though. We’ve set out all the expectations you should have for your doggo’s new brush.


How much can your brush do?

With a coarse coat of fur, your Maltipoo can quickly pick up bits of dirt and debris on a short walk, not to mention the leaves and sticks it could collect on a more natural walk.

Can your brush deal with that?

If you currently have something like the Furminator, which works amazingly well on short coats and undercoat shedding, you’ve got to ask yourself if it could really deal with a Maltipoo’s luscious fur without excessive pulling or tearing.

You should make sure that the brush you choose works for your dog’s uniqueness, which why it’s important to know the type of coat your Maltipoo has.

Comfort (for the dog)

On the note of the Furminator, this may not be a good option for your Maltipoo as the teeth could end up snagging and removing healthy hair, especially without detangling or dematting first.

The density of the curls in this dog’s coat needs to be accounted for in the brush selection.

A Maltipoo is one of those breeds that love being clean, so grooming is something that needs to be done on a regular basis (every two or three days).

So a brush with comfortable teeth or pins is going to work best. Excessive brushing with the wrong brush can cause discomfort and even stress sores.

Comfort (for you)

Like we said before, your Maltipoo will need quite a bit of attention in the grooming department, and the last thing you want is to have a tool that’s uncomfortable for you to use.

The design of the handle and the cleaning of the brush itself are going to be the most important factors here.

A TPR stippled grip can be great for grip retention but can cause hand fatigue with extended use.

A rubberized grip will be most comfortable here, but they can become extra slippery in the presence of liquids like water or detangling spray.

Again this one is going to be completely unique to you so consider how you would like the brush to feel in your hand.

Whether you live in the North and are going to be wearing gloves throughout half the year or near Death Valley where you’ll be dealing with hand sweat most of the year can make a huge difference as to which type of handle you should choose.


This one again has a lot to do with the type of coat your Maltipoo has but is mostly concerning the type of brush you decide to use.

Regardless of your pooch’s coat, a method of detangling and dematting is going to be necessary for the grooming process.

Whether you use a curved, metal-toothed brush or a steel-pinned brush is up to you.

We would recommend a harder metal rake for a more coarse coat and a pin brush for a smoother coat.

Then for deshedding, you can either use a fine-toothed comb like on the Pet Neat Inc. brush or a slicker brush like the one from HATELI.

Either will work, but again the effectiveness is dependent on your Maltipoo.


The act of brushing your dog isn’t a very light-handed activity.

Depending on the type of coat your Maltipoo has, you will be using some elbow grease to get those big knots out, and if your brush can’t withstand the strain, it just isn’t meant to be.

The build quality and material are massively important here.
A cheap, hollow, plastic construction isn’t going to stand a chance against a solid wood, metal, or thick plastic (like ABS for example) construction.

Don’t miss out on fun Maltipoo facts and answers to your questions! Click here to access all of our Maltipoo articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Brush My Maltipoo’s Fur Often?

Like we’ve stated above, the Maltipoo is a mix of two very clean dogs, and they’ve inherited that trait.

Maltipoos need a frequent brushing to make sure their hair isn’t matting, as this can cause serious skin conditions in your pup and even act as hiding spots for fleas and maggots.

Two or three times a week is what we and dog grooming experts would recommend with this breed.

You’ll find a detailed look at grooming time intervals, trims, bathing, various aspects of grooming, and more in this article.

Regular brushing can also help strengthen the bond you share with your Maltipoo, and who wouldn’t want that?

Can I use my Maltipoo brush on other pets?

Yes! Just because you’re using your brush for grooming your Maltipoo doesn’t mean that it isn’t suitable for other dogs or even cats.

Something like the Professional Grooming Kit from Friends Forever would be ideal to use with all your pet-related grooming needs.

Should I use more than 1 brush?

As we stated earlier, sometimes it is necessary to use more than one brush.

There are two or three steps in brushing your Maltipoo, and a multitude of brushes would help greatly in achieving these steps.

In the case of the 2-in-1 Brush from Pet Neat Inc., you would only need one brush as it can perform both steps.

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