4 Best Cockapoo Breeders in New England! (2024)


There are several Cockapoo breeders in New England, and each has puppies of varying qualities such as colors, sizes, and bloodlines. What’s important is to choose a breeder who is honest in their work and follows breed-specific standards.

A good breeder is equipped with efficient knowledge and experience in breeding Cockapoo puppies. Learning as much about Cockapoos as possible before selecting a breeder would be wise.

Cockapoos are a hybrid breed produced by crossing a Cocker Spaniel with a poodle. They are excellent family pets because of their loyal, playful, affectionate nature, which makes them a perfect fit for families with children.

They are wonderful companions for life, but it is a decision that requires thorough research.

To help you out, we have made a list of some of the best and most reputable breeders with Cockapoo puppies in New England; let’s have a look:

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1. BarMor Puppies


BarMor Puppies is a breeder in New York that offers easy delivery of Cockapoo puppies in all states of New England.

They pride themselves in raising healthy dogs from the bloodlines of champions. With more than three decades of experience in breeding, they strive to produce high-quality and healthy Cockapoo puppies through selective breeding.

This breeder follows breed-specific standards, regularly health tests all the dogs, and emphasizes research before each breeding.

All the dogs are DNA tested, and ophthalmologists and orthopedics check them yearly to ensure good health.

The puppies live with them in their home, where they are treated with love and kindness and given proper attention. They begin to receive crate training before they leave for their new homes. The breeder wishes for the puppies to go to homes where they are loved and owned eternally.

For this reason, BarMor has a thorough application process. They do not guarantee the color, gender, or specific traits of the puppies before their arrival.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to get on the waiting list. It will confirm your place on the list and three opportunities to choose from the litter.

The price of each puppy is $1750, and litters are announced before availability on BarMor’s website.

There is a waitlist for interested people, and the puppies will be offered to them first when the adoption process begins. Then the rest of the puppies will be available for other interested buyers.

The buyers cannot visit the puppies until their first immunization is complete. This precaution helps to keep the puppies safe from exposure to harmful germs.

The breeder also offers a delivery service, so you can easily get Cockapoo puppies in New England from BarMor.

BarMor Puppies Details:

2. Erin’s New England Cockapoos


Erin’s New England Cockapoos is a breeder located in Massachusetts offering high-quality and healthy puppies from dogs that are regularly tested for Von Willebrand’s disease, OFA, CERF, and PRA/Picard.

This breeder doesn’t have a kennel; instead, all pets live, play, and are pampered inside the breeder’s house. This breeder usually has two to six puppy litters each year, but it depends on the convenience of the dogs.

Erin’s New England Cockapoos has been in business since 1993, and with years of experience and exposure under their belt, the breeders have made their process unique and tailored to the need of the hour.

Since the dogs and the pups live in a private home, Erin’s New England Cockapoos doesn’t have visiting hours.

They practice selective and intentional breeding to achieve superior health and positive attributes in all the Cockapoo puppies.

Since the dogs and puppies are treated with love, respect, and attention, the breeder wants them to go into forever homes where they are provided a life of ultimate comfort. Families need to meet the dogs and the breeders before getting a puppy, so after getting on the waiting list, they can go and visit the dogs and ask as many questions as they like.

Erin’s New England Cockapoos avoids placing pups in families with children under six. The process continues further when everyone is on the same page, and then you can reserve a puppy with a non-refundable fee of $300.

From now on, you will receive a birth announcement with pictures, weekly visits, and info-packed emails.

When the puppies are five weeks old, you can visit them and share what you’re looking for in a puppy to complete the matching process based on temperament and personality traits.

At the age of eight weeks, the puppies will receive their deworming session, first series of vaccination, vet checkup, and microchip.

Then, they are ready to go to their new homes!

Erin’s New England Cockapoos Details:

3. Dutch Haven Cockapoos


Next on our list of breeders with Cockapoo puppies for sale in New England is Dutch Haven Cockapoos from New Hampshire.

They are a family of breeders passionate about raising top-quality, first-class Cockapoos who are lifelong family companions.

This business is a partnership among friends and family members of Joe and Lydia Groen. They breed for even temperaments, friendly nature, and puppies who are great with children and love to cuddle.

The puppies take birth and are raised in the breeder’s homes in different states, including Oklahoma, Nebraska, and New Hampshire. People all over the United States trust Dutch Haven to provide healthy Cockapoo puppies.

Al the dogs are raised as family pets since they live at home with the breeders and their kids. When the puppies take birth, they are showered with love, care, and attention.

Their Cockapoos love to play indoors and outdoors, showing high social energy. They are well-socialized and easy to train, and the perfect lifelong companion.

Their website regularly updates people about the growth of the puppies and the fun that these dogs have. You can visit it to view their pictures and further information regarding upcoming litter.

The waiting list for each litter is four to six weeks long, and at the age of eight weeks, you are invited to visit the puppy if the application process is completed. If you’re interested in getting a puppy from them, fill out the application form to inform them about you, your family, and your lifestyle.

It will allow them to find a perfect match for you. This breeder specialized in this job since they have been in the business since the 1990s.

Dutch Haven Cockapoos Details:

4. Coastal Cockapoos


The last on our list of Cockapoo breeders in New England is Coastal Cockapoos from Connecticut, a small hobby breeder. They breed healthy, beautiful, fourth-generation Cockapoos with excellent temperaments.

All the breeding dogs are OFA Certified (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and DNA tested through Paw Print Genetics, ensuring they’re free of defects on health concerns.

This breeder aspires to provide people with a healthy canine family member, and genetically testing their dogs ensures this.

The dogs live in the home and not in a kennel; they give birth to adorable puppies inside the home, where they are raised with love and care.

It allows them to get used to everyday household noises and sounds, making their transition into new homes and big families easier.

The puppies receive NuVet supplements daily to support their immune system.

The early socialization window for Cockapoo puppies is four to sixteen weeks, and by the time they are eight weeks old, they’ll be ready to go to their new homes.

By the age of six weeks, the puppies receive their first vaccination series and a checkup by a registered vet.

At the time of purchase, you will be given a record of your medical history along with a guarantee against life-threatening hereditary defects. This breeder deeply loves this breed and truly understands their needs.

They know that the cost of raising a healthy puppy includes a lifetime of expensive medications and veterinary care.

Hence, their prices are higher. You can get complete information and more detail by contacting them via email or visiting their website to fill out the application form.

Coastal Cockapoos Details:

More Information About Cockapoos in New England


Cockapoos are intelligent hybrid dogs eager to learn, making it fun to teach them new commands and tricks.

Cockapoos adapt easily to different living situations, so they’re a great choice regardless of whether you live in a large home or an apartment. Moreover, they are low-shedding, so you don’t have to worry about allergies.

It is important to ensure that you give them enough time, commitment, and attention so that they can be their best self. Cockapoos require regular exercise, training, socialization, and veterinary checkups.

They are typically energetic and love to explore, so it’s best not to leave them alone for a long time.

Cockapoos are a smart choice for individuals and families looking for a new pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cockapoos like to swim?

Cockapoos are natural-born swimmers, so they do enjoy swimming.

What size dog crate for a Cockapoo?

A 36″ crate is an ideal size for Cockapoos.

Should you crate train a Cockapoo?

Most dogs benefit from crate training, giving them a safe space in your home.

So Where Are the Best Cockapoo Breeders in New England?


If you’re looking for Cockapoo breeders in New England, this article would have been of some help. Choosing a breeder for your lifetime canine companion is difficult and requires much research.

We recommend you visit each of these websites, conduct a comparative analysis and visit those accessible before making the final choice.

A Cockapoo puppy is an excellent choice for a family pet, and you would not regret owning one.

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