The 5 Best Vizsla Breeders in New England! (2024)


There are numerous Vizsla breeders in New England, each offering unique puppies in different colors, sizes, and prices. If you’re looking for the five best Vizsla breeders in New England, then here’s the best place to start.

Vizsla is quickly becoming one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, and with their popularity, their demand is also increasing.

The Vizsla stands out in the crowd because of its regal posture, sleek build, beautiful golden coat, expressive eyes, and intelligent and lively nature.

It is a Hungarian hunting dog breed that is highly energetic, trainable, and athletic and makes an excellent family companion for active households.

Vizslas are known for their versatility because they can excel in various activities, from agility and obedience competitions to hunting and retrieving.

They thrive on human companionship and are affectionate and loyal to their families.

However, they are social dogs and require several hours of exercise and incentives to stay active and not fall into destructive behavior because of boredom and neglect.

If you can provide them with a house where they get ample exercise, attention, mental stimulation, love, and care, continue your research because Vizsla dogs are friends for life.

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1. Stapor Vizslas


Stapor Vizslas is a reputable Vizsla breeder in New England owned by Deb Malachowski and Ray McNamara.

They have memberships with CVVC – Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club, VCCNE – Vizsla Club of Central New England, and VCA – Vizsla Club of America.

They have been involved in the dog breeding business since 2006, and years of experience and knowledge make them one of the well-respected breeders in the region.

The McNamaras take pride in breeding strong lines of dogs in services, field trials, hunt tests, rallies, agility, nose work, and confirmation.

They strive to maintain quality and produce well-mannered puppies who are loving companions.

Their breeding program focuses on producing highly trainable, healthy, and well-tempered Vizslas. Their dogs make excellent family companions and excel in show rings with the proper training.

They breed according to the breed standard for conformation and intelligence, along with skills like hunting and retrieving.

To ensure this, they responsibly perform the breeding practice, taking good care of their dogs and pups.

All Stapor dogs are screened for good health regularly, and the puppies receive early socialization that helps them settle quickly in their new homes.

If you’re interested in their dogs, visit their website to view available puppies and contact them for further information.

Stapor Vizslas Details:

2. Forest King Vizslas


Forest King Vizslas are small-scale, reputable breeders of Vizslas. Kim, the owner of this kennel, is a former president of the Vizsla Club of Central New England (VCCNE), with Mike, her husband, as the former vice president.

The breeders grew up around animals, and dogs have always been a big part of their lives. Years of knowledge and experience make them one of the most trusted breeders with Vizsla puppies for sale in New England.

The breeders at Forest King Vizlas raise and breed dogs in their house and involve them in all family activities to make them hospitable, social, and familiar with household activities.

They breed dogs as companions for families but also include them in competitions and sports like bird hunting, field trials, and hunt tests.

These programs keep the dogs active and energetic. The dogs also spend time in the forest, which is great for their mental and physical stimulation.

Since Kim is a Certified Veterinary Technician, she has much experience with dogs and has spent quality time working with Vizsla dogs. They follow responsible breeding practices to produce well-tempered and intelligent puppies.

The dogs undergo regular health tests, and the breeder provides them with the necessary care, nutrition, and socialization.

If you want one, visit their website and view the available dogs. There is an ongoing waiting list; you can apply by emailing them.

Forest King Vizslas Details:

3. Bella’s Breed


Bella’s Breed is a reputable breeding operation run by Rebecca Gomes, who has produced AKC-quality Vizsla puppies in New England for the last two decades.

The mission is to breed the best puppies according to standard breeding practices and produce well-tempered, quality puppies who can lead happy and healthy lives.

The dogs live and flourish at the breeder’s home on an 11-acre farm with lots of space to run around and play with their mates.

The kennels have indoor and outdoor access for the dogs, with indoor heat and air conditioning to keep them comfortable throughout the year.

All the dogs are health tested for OFA hips, eyes, and thyroid before breeding. In addition, the breeder ensures that she includes dogs of different personalities in the breeding program to produce well-tempered pups.

The breeder focuses on breeding Vizslas, which are amazing family pets and perform well in the show ring.

Through selective breeding, she ensures the puppies are well-rounded and well-adjusted when they go to their new homes.

All the dogs receive proper care and nutrition to become their best selves. They come with their tails docked, dew claws removed, and AKC-registered microchips so they never lose their way back home.

The breeder offers lifetime support to all the clients of Bella’s Breed, and you are welcome to visit them on their farm.

Call or email them to schedule an appointment and learn more about the dogs, their prices, and the adoption process.

Bella’s Breed Vizslas Details:

4. Sunchaser Vizslas


Next on our list of breeders with Vizsla puppies for sale in New England is Sunchaser Vizslas. It is a breeding business owned by Peter and Lindsay Sugden, who have been breeding quality Vizslas for the last thirty-five years.

This breeding program is a member of the Vizsla Club of Central New England” (VCCNE), and it breeds dogs as personal companions, show dogs, and working dogs for field work, tracking, scent work, hunting, and agility.

Moreover, the program focuses on breeding Vizsla dogs to keep the breed pure and because of their ultimate love for dogs.

All the dogs here are treated with love, care, and proper attention. The breeders believe that Vizsla puppies are everything a dog owner wants, so they train and socialize them accordingly.

They only breed a mother dog three times to maintain quality and health. Excessive breeding can compromise health and fitness, which is not what Sunchaser Vizslas stands for.

If you’re interested in one of their puppies, visit their website and apply for the waiting list.

They thoroughly review each application, followed by a complete inquiry to ensure that the puppies find a forever, loving family in a reliable home.

The breeders are dedicated to providing long-term support to all their clients throughout the puppy’s life.

Sunchaser Vizslas Details:

5. Szikra Vizslas


Last on our list of Vizsla breeders in New England is Szikra Vizslas. They aim to produce confident, happy, healthy puppies with talent in the show ring, obedience, and agility and make exceptional family pets.

They are committed to this breed of dog and perform selective breeding. All their dogs are thoroughly health screened for any genetic illness or dysplasia.

The puppies are also guaranteed against congenital disabilities. The breeder prioritizes the welfare of the puppies above everything else and offers support to all puppy owners.

Their Vizslas come from a long line of show champions and have successfully performed in several arenas, winning multiple awards.

Their dogs have produced generations of Group Winners, Best in Show, Best in Specialty, and other titles in hunting, agility, obedience, and tracking.

They are proud of their puppies and always welcome them back if the new owner cannot care for them.

They usually produce one litter per year, and each dog undergoes health screening for heart health, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and eye and thyroid issues.

None of the dogs are selected for breeding before they turn two.

The puppies live in the house with pets, kids, and adults. They are socialized and given initial crate and house training.

At the age of nine weeks, when they are ready to go home, the puppies receive their vaccination and a thorough checkup from the vet.

Szikra Vizslas Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Vizsla a good guard dog?

Vizslas don’t make good guard dogs because they are gentle and affectionate.

Can Vizslas be left alone?

Vizslas tend to get bored when they are left by themselves.

Why do vizslas get their tails docked?

Some vizslas tend to have split tails naturally. You would dock a vizla’s tail to prevent future splitting.

Where Are the Best Vizsla Breeders in New England?


There are many Vizsla breeders in New England, and we’ve mentioned the best breeders above.

Before you make your choice, be thorough in your research and choose a breeder who knows about the breed and offers you support for as long as the puppy lives.

You can visit their website and see their membership with a reputable organization and plan a visit to their kennels so that you can meet the dog.

We wish you luck finding the best Vizsla puppy and bringing home a lifelong companion.

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