8 Best Vizsla Breeders in Florida! (2024)


The vizsla is a sleek, muscular dog that’s bred to hunt. Whether you are a hunter or love to exercise outdoors, your vizsla will be a forever companion, enjoying his time in the woods or the fields with you. Vizsla breeders in Florida produce smart and healthy puppies and consider common health concerns for the breed as they select parents. 

Are you interested in adding a vizsla to your household? We’ve got you covered! We’ve researched the best vizsla breeders in Florida so you can find your fur baby as soon as you’re ready!

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1. Crimson Sky Vizslas


Crimson Sky Vizslas is first on our list of the top vizsla breeders in Florida. They’re located in Haines City, halfway between Orlando and Tampa.

Be sure to check out their dogs in shows – the team breeds show dogs that have competed in Vizsla Club of America National Championships, AKC Championships, and others!

All Crimson Sky puppies are bred to be champions, too, and you’ll receive your AKC registration paperwork when you adopt from this breeder.

Full and limited registrations are available – speak with the team for details about the pricing. In addition to producing quality little pups, this kennel also offers training and mentorship to vizsla owners in the Haines City community. 

You’ll need to view the available litters to purchase a puppy from this responsible breeder. Prices will vary based on your dog’s characteristics, and vizsla stud dogs are available, too! 

Your puppy will be raised in the company of the Crimson Sky family and with horses! Dogs get plenty of supervised outdoor time to play and learn before going home with you. 

Crimson Sky Vizslas Details:

2. Valley Hunter Vizslas


Valley Hunter Vizslas is located in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, and the kennel owner has been a member of the Tampa Bay Vizsla Club since 1989!

The VHV team certainly knows their way around the breed, and your puppy is guaranteed to be healthy upon arrival at your home. Contact the kennel for more information about breeding rights and their health guarantee. 

Valley Hunter Vizslas does not breed frequently, so watch their website.

Upcoming and available litters are posted as they’re born. The price and deposit for your dog may vary based on your dog’s coloration, sex, and size. 

Dogs, of course, are vet-checked and given a clean bill of health before being released to a new family.

If you do live in the Tampa Bay Area, let the team know if you’re interested in training!

In addition, you can reach out to the breeder should you have any questions about the general care of your dog – Valley Hunter Vizslas offers lifetime support for their dogs and their owners. 

Valley Hunter Vizslas Details:

3. Vizsla of Florida


Next on our list of vizsla breeders in Florida is a kennel named Vizslas of Florida! The breeder is a family-run business – Jorge and Marlene take wonderful care of their puppies in their early, formative weeks! 

Vizsla of Florida is a new breeder; they’ve only bred three litters to date! However, you can be assured that they’re paying close attention to your little puppy’s genetics and health.

They have four parents: Dakota, Lola, Copper, and Olive. You can view pictures of the parents on the Vizsla of Florida website. 

Contact the breeder about pricing and deposits for your dog, and begin the application process. When you’re ready to buy, your puppy will be AKC registered with his dew claws removed and his tail docked.

Puppies are vaccinated and wormed and will be vet-checked for health before being sent to a new family. 

Vizsla of Florida Details:

  • Location: Miami-Dade area, Florida
  • Phone Number: 786-255-9042 / 954-817-2845
  • Website: Vizsla of Florida

4. GT Gun Dogs


If you live near the Gulf Coast, GT Gun dogs may be one of the best vizsla breeders in Florida for your family.

This is particularly true if you’re looking for a service dog or a gun dog! They specialize in breeding quality vizsla puppies, and most are sold as companions or emotional support dogs. 

The GT Gun Dogs Facebook page is the best way to keep current on available and upcoming litters and general news about the kennel.

They post puppy pictures on their social media, and the kennel has a very quick response time should you have questions for them!

The price of your vizsla puppy will be determined by the dog’s characteristics and how you’ll “use” it.

For instance, if you’d like to purchase a companion, your price may be lower than it is if you wish to purchase a service dog. You can discuss details with GT Gun Dogs when you begin the adoption process. 

GT Gun Dogs Details:

5. Elgin Vizslas


Next on our list of our favorite vizsla breeders in Florida is Elgin Vizslas. They’re based in Ocala, Florida and one of the area’s top breeders.

Pups are AKC-registered and are bred for conformation. Contact the kennel to view parents’ paperwork and registration while you complete the adoption process. 

Because this is a small-scale breeder, puppies are infrequently available. You’ll need to check back with the website occasionally to view the expected litters.

The prices are set based on the puppy’s characteristics, and breeding rights may be available for an additional fee. 

You’ll need to chat with the Elgin Vizslas team before you’re permitted to place a deposit on a dog. The kennel wants to ensure that each of its babies is going to a safe and loving home.

If you’re in the Ocala vicinity, that’s even better! Schedule an appointment to visit the kennel and meet the dogs – and the breeders – in person!

Elgin Vizslas Details:

6. Vizion Vizslas


Brandon, Florida is home to Vizion Vizslas, one of the best breeders in the state. They’re American Kennel Club members and are also involved in the Vizsla Club of America.

Both organizations set standards for this dog breed. Members must agree to maintain these standards to remain members of the groups. 

As such, your little vizsla puppy will come from an excellent pedigree and will be ready for show or breeding! Full registration is available but will come at an additional cost on top of your purchase price.

Vision Vizslas is a family-owned business and wants to work closely with their buyers, so if you’d like to breed or show your dog, please let them know! Lifetime support is just a part of doing business with this kennel!

From time to time, Vision Vizslas sells dogs that are retired from breeding.

They’re available at a lower cost, and the dogs come pre-trained and well-socialized. Contact the team if you want to provide a forever home for one of these loving dogs. 

Vizion Vizslas Details:

7. Good Dog


If, for some reason, you can’t find a vizsla breeder near you, check out the Good Dog website! Breeders and shelters are permitted to post puppies for sale, and you can find a vizsla right in your neighborhood.

These dogs are usually rehomed through no fault of their own – many are victims of abuse or even left behind after the death or divorce of an owner. 

You can search by breed, then sort the results by location. The breeders and shelters closest to you will be listed first, but remember that many breeders will ship or deliver puppies.

You can select your preferred method of transportation as you search for your dog. Responsible breeders will not ship very small dogs, so ask the kennel about their policies. 

When you find a vizsla you love, contact the owner with the provided contact information. You’ll need to research yourself, taking time to interview the seller.

Good Dog does screen its posters, but you’ll likely have additional questions about the breeding practices of a kennel. 

Prices vary and are set by the breeder. There is no option to sort by price, making for a good opportunity to explore each breeder individually. 

Good Dog Details:

8. Local Shelters


As you may know, thousands of dogs – many of them vizslas – end up in shelters yearly. You can save two canine lives by adopting from a shelter near you.

First, you’ll make a difference in the life of your forever fur baby. Second, you’ll be making room for another vizsla to receive the rescue and rehabilitation he needs!

Search your local listings for shelters. Some are privately owned, others are non-profits, and others are government-run kennels.

Find a vizsla in your area, then begin the adoption process! In most cases, you’ll need to fill out an application. Some shelters will ask that you participate in a home visit, too. 

If all goes well, you can complete the meet-and-greet and pay an adoption fee to bring your baby home!

Adoption fees from non-profit organizations are typically tax-deductible, so ask your financial adviser for more information. 

Local Shelters Details:

  • Location: Nationwide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of a Vizsla?

Depending on the breeder, a Vizsla puppy will cost anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000.

What dog is similar to a Vizsla?

A Weimaraner is a close cousin to the Vizsla. It shares a few common ancestors and a love of hunting.

Why is the Vizsla called the Velcro dog?

These dogs are known for their fierce loyalty. They like to stick close, like Velcro, to their owners.

Where Are the Best Vizsla Breeders in Florida?


Do you want a sturdy, active dog? Are you prepared to provide at least two hours of exercise to your companion daily? If so, a vizsla may be a great dog for you!

The best vizsla breeders in Florida breed their puppies in safe, healthy living conditions. Use this list to find a responsible breeder near you, and bring home your new vizsla puppy today! 

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