4 Best Vizsla Breeders in Wisconsin! (2024)

Are you looking for Vizsla Breeders in Wisconsin? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best breeders we can find.

In addition, we’ve included some rescue facilities and stores – in case you happen to catch the breeders in between litters.

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Breeders Selling Vizsla Puppies


Breeders are one of the better options for finding your Vizsla puppies – though one of the more expensive options. They often have healthier puppies available than stores or adoption facilities and participate in dog shows/hunting competitions.

The extra cost comes from pedigree and the accomplishments of their parents – they selectively breed to pass on genes that lead to the parents’ success to the next generation.

1. Mira Vizslas


First on the list is Mira Vizslas, a kennel-style breeder that began business in 2003. The owner, Michel Berner, is an alumnus of 15 years of the Vizsla Club of Illinois. During that time, she has been:

  • Event Secretary
  • Club Secretary
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Website Creator
  • Director
  • Membership chair
  • And other responsibilities

Mira, the kennel’s name, comprises the first two letters of Michel’s first name and the first two letters of her middle name.

Rae, in Spanish, Mira means “look” or “watch,” and “Vizsla” is Hungarian for “seeks,” so if you translate both to English, you get Watch Seeks.

Michel’s parents purchased their first Vizsla in 1969, and she got her own, Tanya, in 1977. In 2006, she won her first show with Cass, another of her Vizsla pups.

Needless to say, Michel has a ton of experience with this breed. So if you’re ready to get yourself a Vizsla puppy from her, here is how you can contact her for a puppy:

Mira Vizslas Details:

2. Russet River Vizslas


Second up is Russet River Vizslas, owned by Tim and Lori May. From our research, this breeder has been in business since 2011, based on the earliest testimonial we could find.

Tim and Lori May partake in sport hunting, and all of their Vizslas are raised with hunting in mind. The puppies are all tested for the following:

  • OFA Hips
  • Hips
  • Elbows
  • Eyes
  • Thyroid

They are also DNA tested to check for genetic defects. All these tests ensure that the puppies are healthy when ready to go to their forever homes.

Ready to contact Russet River Vizslas? Here is their contact info:

Russet River Vizslas Details:

3. Krichen Vizslas


Third on the list is Krichen Vizslas, a breeder that started breeding in 2020. They don’t have a website yet, but they have several quality reviews left by many happy new Vizsla puppy owners on Hunting Dog Breeders.

These reviews prove that, despite the fact that they are new to breeding, they are on the right path to providing excellent puppies to future owners like you.

Kristi and Russ Kumbier own Krichen Vizslas and follow the Vizsla Club of America Code of Ethics involving breeding. The puppies are all born and raised within their home in a highly social environment.

This helps the pups develop critical social skills to help them through life. In addition, they are given plenty of toys designed to make the puppies think critically and develop.

Krichen Vizslas are very active on Facebook, with multiple weekly posts showcasing the various exploits of their puppies and adult dogs.

They post pictures of their outdoor activities, including traversing snow-covered landscapes, dense forestry, and various other environments.

These are all necessary for the pups to learn how to navigate and handle the demands of nature.

Krichen Vizlas, like most breeders, adhere to strict breeding guidelines to ensure a healthy and happy litter.

These guidelines serve to keep the practice of breeding humane and preserve the breed for future generations.

They are focused more on the hunting aspect of the breed vs. the family pet aspect. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a puppy from them to be a family member.

Just remember, the breed is highly active and will take to chewing your furniture if you don’t give them adequate daily exercise.

Ready to adopt your Vizsla puppy from Krichen Vizslas? Here is how to get in contact with them:

Krichen Vizslas Details:

4. Smoothbore Vizslas


The last breeder on the list is Smoothbore Vizslas, owned by Matt and Sheryl Tepp. Smoothbore Vizslas pride themselves on the fact that their pups are excellent at hunting and being loving family dogs.

This is made possible by the fact that they use a testing process called NAVHDA, which is used to determine hunting capabilities. They are also one of the founding members of the VVHA or Versatile Vizsla Hunting Alliance.

Utilizing the Puppy culture enrichment method, Smoothbore Vizslas ensures that their puppies are healthy and happy and develop a great temperament that carries over to their forever homes.

An added benefit of this method is that the Vizsla puppies are highly sociable with other dogs and people.

Smoothbore Vizslas also follow every rule and regulation regarding the health of the puppies.

They firmly believe in the idea of responsible and safe breeding practices, as the health of the puppies they breed is one of their highest priorities.

Furthermore, they want the Vizsla breed to last and thrive for future generations to enjoy. This is only possible if the breeders are responsibly breeding and they intend to do their part to make it possible.

Each puppy is microchipped before being sent off to their forever home. In addition, they offer a two-year health guarantee for:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Eye Certification (CAER, registered with OFA)
  • Cardiac Evaluation (registered with OFA)
  • Thyroid Check-up (Autoimmune Thyroiditis, registered with OFA)
  • And genetic diseases

Ready to Get in contact with Smoothbore Vizslas? Here is their information:

Smoothbore Vizslas Details:

Dog Rescue Facilities Sheltering Vizsla Puppies


If you can’t find any Vizsla breeders in Minnesota with a litter ready for adoption, The next best option to get a Vizsla puppy is to go to a Dog rescue facility.

The benefit of this option is that the Vizslas you can get from a rescue facility is often significantly cheaper than those from a breeder.

This is because dog rescue facilities only charge a basic adoption fee, which is used to provide shelter, food, and medical care to the dogs within the facility.

Plus, the added benefit is that you are saving a dog from possible euthanization and giving them a second chance at life. To us, this is one reason that we highly recommend going to a rescue facility for your needs.

The downside is that there is an extensive adoption process, and the dogs may have special needs that will make them more challenging for new owners.

Here is a rescue facility that deals in Vizslas for your convenience.

Midwest Vizsla Rescue


The first rescue facility on this list is the Midwest Vizsla Rescue, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization dedicated to the mission of saving Vizslas.

Interestingly, Meghan Tallman, the facility organizer, is the daughter of the parents responsible for bringing the breed to the United States. She has been actively rescuing Vizslas for over 35 years.

This facility will thoroughly test each potential applicant to ensure the Vizsla being adopted goes to the right home. The Midwest Vizsla rescue adoption fee is $375, and it covers the following:

  • Spay/neuter service
  • Heartworm Test
  • flea-tick medicine
  • and vaccinations specific to the age of the dog

They make it their mission to educate people about the misconception that a dog sourced from an adoption facility is somehow inferior to one who was born in a breeder’s facility.

After all, anything from someone taking on more than they can handle to the owner passing away could be why they end up in a rescue facility.

Outside of the Vizslas with special needs, who suffered from abuse or inhumane treatment, many dogs in adoption facilities are perfectly normal, healthy dogs.

We support this mission to educate the public about adoption awareness – just because the puppy or adult dog was rescued does not make it any less deserving of love and kindness from a wonderful family.

They are still wonderful furballs full of personality and joy.

Are you ready to rescue your next Vizsla? Here’s how to get in touch with Midwest Vizsla Rescue.

Midwest Vizsla Rescue Details:

Conclusion For “Best Vizsla Breeders in Wisconsin”


The Vizsla breed is excellent for hunters and families alike. So we aren’t surprised that you are interested in getting one. We wish you luck in finding your future fur buddy.

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