8 Best Poodle Rescues in South Carolina! (2024)

Looking to welcome a dog to your home? If so, you should consider looking into an animal rescue. Not only will adopting from an animal rescue help to save that dog’s life, but it’ll also mean that there will now be room in the rescue for another which is why we have a list of the best Poodle rescues in South Carolina.

Not only are Poodles an exceptionally smart breed, but they’re also energetic and affectionate. As Poodles are also hypoallergenic, they’re well-suited to individuals that have allergies.

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1. Carolina Poodle Rescue

All-4-Paws Best Poodle Rescues in South Carolina

Carolina Poodle Rescue houses over 150 animals and all animals adopted are spayed or neutered before being placed.

Their efforts are funded through adoption fees and donations, and they’ve got all of their available dogs on the ‘Adopt’ section of their website.

When it comes to adopting, you would need to fill in the application form with adoption fees varying according to the dog.

As Carolina Poodle Rescue also houses more than 50 seniors and special needs dogs, you can donate via their website to help with the shelter, food, and medical care of these dogs.

In addition, Carolina Poodle Rescue also has an events section on its website along with a donation section to support its cause.

Carolina Poodle Rescue Details:

2. Charleston Animal Society


The Charleston Animal Society has been around since 1874 and focuses on providing care and compassion to animals.

They have all of their adoptable pets available on their website with adoption pricing ranging from $95 for large breed dogs to $125 – $250 for puppies.

The adoption fee includes everything from a bag of Science Diet food to a complimentary veterinary exam and more.

If you would like to support the Charleston Animal Society, you’re more than welcome to donate to their cause.

They also have events that they hold, and you can also foster or volunteer for them. In addition, the Charleston Animal Society is also easy to find since it’s only 15 minutes away from downtown Charleston.

Charleston Animal Society Details:

3. Palmetto Animal League


The Palmetto Animal League first opened in 2010 and now includes space for about 150 adoption-ready dogs and cats. They’re all about offering their animals a friendly and stress-free environment, and the rescue is located in Riverwalk Business Park.

They’ve got all of their adoptable pets listed on their website, and you’d need to go ahead and fill out an adoption application to be considered. The cost of their pets ranges from $150 for a puppy to $110 for a dog.

If you choose to adopt a senior dog, there is no adoption fee. After the adoption application is filled in, there will be an interview before you pay the adoption fee and take your pet home.

There is also a thrift store at the rescue where all proceeds support the Palmetto Animal League, and you’re also more than welcome to get involved or donate through their website.

Palmetto Animal League Details:

4. Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary


At Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary, they focus on providing a safe haven for animals. They’ve got all of their available dogs listed on their website, and you’d need to fill out a dog adoption application if you’re interested in one of their dogs.

What’s unique about Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is that you’re more than welcome to book a tour to see how it’s different from other shelters and rescues.

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary also has fundraisers and events to raise money and they’ve got a section on their website on ways that you can help them. From sponsoring a pet to volunteering and purchasing some of their merchandise.

If you want to keep up to date with what Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary is doing, they’ve also got a section on their website with a blog, newsletters, and a gallery.

Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary Details:

5. Richardson Rescue


Richardson Rescue is dedicated to preserving the sanctity of animal life, and you’d need to submit an adoption application if you’re interested in one of the available pets on their website.

They take about 48 hours to process applications and upon acceptance, you may be required to put a deposit of $50 plus $5 to hold your pet.

You can make donations on their website, and they’ve also got a section on testimonials along with articles on animal care.

Richardson Rescue is located in York, South Carolina and they’re known for being a one-of-a-kind rescue that takes excellent care of their dogs.

Richardson Rescue Details:

  • Location: York, South Carolina
  • Phone Number: 803-628-5084
  • Website: Richardson Rescue

6. All 4 Paws


Another great animal rescue, All 4 Paws started in 2011 and has adopted over 8,000 cats and dogs to their forever homes.

They have all of their adoptable animals listed on their website, and you’ll need to fill in an application if you’d like to adopt. You’re also more than welcome to pop by the rescue and visit.

If you’d like, you can also volunteer and donate to their cause, and there’s also an events section with updates on their fundraisers and other local events.

If you’re not keen on adopting but would like to be a foster volunteer, All 4 Paws has a clearly outlined document on how to begin the application process to be a foster volunteer.

All 4 Paws Details:

  • Location: Pawleys Island, South Carolina
  • Phone Number: 843-237-7297
  • Website: All 4 Paws

7. Final Victory Animal Rescue


Founded in 2017, Final Victory Animal Rescue focuses on providing dogs with a positive experience. They have all of their available animals listed on their website, and you’ll need to fill out the adoption application.

Thereafter, you’ll be contacted within a week with further information on whether your application is successful.

If you’d like to volunteer, Final Victory Animal Rescue does have opportunities available on their website, and they’re also open to individuals that might want to foster.

In terms of services that the rescue provides, they have boarding for rescue partners along with transportation. You’re also more than welcome to donate via their website – whether that be giving financially or gifting an item.

Final Victory Animal Rescue Details:

8. Pawmetto Lifeline


Pawmetto Lifeline was founded in 1999 in the Midlands of South Carolina and focuses on giving animals a new lease of life. If you’re looking to adopt, there are plenty of dogs that you can adopt from Pawmetto Lifeline and they’re all listed on the website.

For the adoption process, you would need to complete an adoption application before going ahead with the adoption fee.

What’s great about Pawmetto Lifeline is the fact that they’ve got full-service vet care in their low-cost wellness clinic, a spay/neuter clinic and a care-a-van mobile vaccine clinic.

If you’d like to be involved, there are also a plethora of things that you can do from volunteering to fostering, annual fundraisers, and more. Pawmetto Lifeline also has daycare and boarding where all of the proceeds benefit homeless pets inthe Midlands.

Pawmetto Lifeline Details:

  • Location: Columbia, South Carolina
  • Phone Number: 803-465-9150
  • Website: Pawmetto Lifeline

9. Jasper Animal Rescue Mission


Jasper Animal Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to both stray and neglected dogs and cats in the South Carolina area.

They’ve got dogs that you’re able to adopt listed on their website and you’ll need to fill in an adoption application contract and pay a non-refundable adoption fee of $125 for dogs.

If you’d like to help in other ways you can also volunteer and donate to Jasper Animal Rescue Mission.

The rescue also has a store called Barkin’ Basement where you’re able to purchase items. Items include art, books, furniture, and more. If you’re not looking to purchase, you can go ahead and donate some of your gently used items instead.

Jasper Animal Rescue Mission Details:

Conclusion For “Best Poodle Rescues in South Carolina”


While there’s only one rescue in South Carolina that’s dedicated to Poodles, there are plenty of animal rescues available in South Carolina

Before proceeding to adopt a Poodle or dog from an animal rescue, make sure that you’re ready to welcome a dog to your home.

Not only is it a good amount of responsibility, but you’ll also want to make sure that you’re providing the dog with the love and care that it deserves. If you’re not sure, you can always speak with someone at the rescue for further information.

When it comes to applying to adopt a dog, most rescues will require you to submit an adoption application along with a deposit.

If your application is successful, you’ll then either have an interview or be invited to the rescue to meet the dog that you’ve chosen.

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