4 Best Cavapoo Breeders in Indiana! (2024)


Are there any reputable Cavapoo breeders in Indiana? Yes, there are! And we’re here to discuss these top Cavapoo breeders with you!

When you cross a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles, you get a Cavapoo. Cavapoos are cheerful dogs that enjoy spending time with children and grownups. 

They get on very well nicely with other animals too. Because of these excellent qualities, you and your children will love spending quality time alongside your dog.

Do you want a dog but are allergic to dog dander, live in an apartment with limited space, or work round the clock and have only a few minutes to spare daily? The Cavapoo is the way to go if any of these rings true.

While many breeders claim to breed healthy and well-tempered Cavapoo puppies in Indiana, finding an ethical breeder should be your primary concern.

You won’t need to waste time looking for trustworthy breeders because the finest breeders in the state are listed here.

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1. Blue Diamond Family Pups


Blue Diamond family pups must be at the top of your list if you’re seeking reliable Cavapoo breeders in Indiana. All of their extraordinary Cavapoos’ parents have undergone DNA testing to rule out genetic illnesses.

Blue Diamond raises F1 and F1b Cavapoos. Their F1 puppies’ parents are their purebred King Charles Cavalier mother and purebred Toy or Miniature poodle father.

On the other hand, the F1b puppies are bred from toy or miniature poodles and boutique Cavapoos.

They have a record of breeding remarkable Cavapoo puppies in red, white, and apricot.

Their healthy and well-socialized Cavapoos are proof of their breeding skills. When fully grown, nearly all their Cavapoo puppies weigh as much as twenty pounds and stand twelve inches tall.

Blue Diamond Family Pups is your safest option if you’re seeking Cavapoo puppies for sale in Indiana. Their puppies receive the best food and individual attention. Moreover, all puppies are vaccinated and microchipped.

The puppy prices start at $3000 but may vary according to size, color, and type. Contact the breeder with the information given below.

Blue Diamond Family Pups Details:

2. Teapup


Dan and Deb have been breeding dogs at their barn for over thirty years. The Cavapoos parented by this family-run business are healthy, genetically sound, and socially well-adjusted.

They breed, train, and groom the puppies in collaboration with a team of full- and part-time employees.

The puppies spend their nine weeks living at Dan and Deb’s house. During this time, the breeding business tries to find permanent families for their Cavapoos.

Teapup checks whether a family can adopt and care for the puppies properly.

This is vital to ensure that the puppies adapt successfully to a household. If Teapup has reservations, they may reject your request to buy their Cavapoo puppy.

A one-year health-related guarantee will cover your Teapup puppy against genetic abnormalities.

These abnormalities may be in the liver, airways, heart, kidneys, and other essential organs. The company suggests visiting a veterinarian eight days after getting your dog home for a complete checkup to rule out any issues.

Following are their contact details in case you want to stop by:

Teapup Details:

3. A Heart For Puppies


If you want to buy from a breeder with a soft spot for puppies, A Heart for Puppies is the way to go. This breeder has extensive expertise in breeding Cavapoos, and they are one of the finest dog breeders in Indiana.

A Heart for Puppies educates, socializes, and grooms its puppies over eight weeks to prepare them for their new homes.

Each puppy receives the required immunization shots in the recommended age bracket. Moreover, top-notch veterinary treatment is offered.

The breeder provides Cavapoo vaccinations, health certification, in-depth vet analysis, high-quality puppy feed, and feeding guidelines.

At the time of adoption, they also offer a three-year health warranty for hereditary diseases.

Moreover, A Heart for Puppies offers easy and helpful adoption funding alternatives for all Cavapoo puppies for sale in Indiana.

They also provide a variety of means of transportation for you to get your dog home. You can get in touch with them by using the information below:

A Heart For Puppies Details:

4. Puppies By Design


Sam and Connie Kaehr are the founders and breeders at Puppies by Design. They raise Cavapoo puppies with other family members on their farming land in Indiana.

Like other good breeding facilities, Puppies By Design offers puppies a hygienic, canine-friendly environment to grow up in.

There are many different dog breeds available at Puppies by Design. Some are purebred puppies, while others, like the Cavapoo, are deliberate crosses. The Cavapoo is among the more popular dog breeds they provide.

The breeding facility also offers interaction with other dogs and training for puppies.

Moreover, the families interested in buying Cavapoos must be competent in caring for them.

They want the best homes for their puppies, and to choose the best pairings, they put the prospective parents through screening exams. They do not even offer to ship since they believe it is risky.

A veterinarian examines and tests each puppy regularly, guaranteeing it is healthy and free of typical hereditary disorders in the family.

In addition, all puppies are fitted with a microchip before departing for their new homes.

Each Cavapoo is covered by a one-year health warranty. You will also receive their medical information, including their vaccination schedule, medical background, and microchip information.

If you’re looking for high-quality Cavapoo breeders in Indiana, Puppies By Design is one of the best. Further details for Puppies By Design are given below:

Puppies By Design Details:

How To Choose A Cavapoo Breeder in Indiana


Reputable breeders will go above and beyond to ensure loving families adopt their Cavapoos.

They will be ready to respond to your inquiries regarding their Cavapoos. You can enquire about the breed’s temperament and determine whether the puppies fit your household well.

Breeders should be willing to share crucial information with the adopting parents.

This includes the workings of their breeding program, the lineages of the parents, and health data. Avoid dealing with breeders who are hesitant to provide essential details like this.

Breeders should be certified by credible organization memberships.

These include the American Kennel Club (AKC), Poodle Club of America, and Cavelier King Charles Spaniel Club. Even though Cavapoos are not registered with the AKC, it is still legal for their purebred parents to be.

There are numerous excellent ratings for many good breeders. You can also search for localized opinions online. You can also examine if the breeder has client testimonials on their social media pages.

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and other organizations frequently work with good breeders to undertake DNA tests and regular examinations.

These examinations guarantee health and clearance from hereditary diseases in all breeding canines.

More Information About Cavapoos in Indiana


The Cavapoo is a canine of mixed breeds. Unlike their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Poodle ancestors, they aren’t purebred animals.

Due to their friendly and winning personalities, Cavapoos have recently experienced a surge in popularity in the USA. They are well-liked family dogs because of their gregarious, playful, and friendly character.

Cavapoos tend to put on weight and are vulnerable to cardiac issues if their caretakers don’t keep an eye on them.

To avoid or decrease the chances of a cardiac episode, owners should ensure a 30-minute stroll every day.

Even better would be to engage in some active play, exercises, and more stroll time. Finally, as Cavapoos become older, their nutritional needs change. Visit your veterinarian for guidance on the ideal diet for your Cavapoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cavapoos smell?

Cavapoos don’t typically put off an odor. So if your Cavapoo smells, they probably need a bath.

Is it OK to tap a puppy on the nose?

Do not tap a puppy on the nose. They don’t respond well to negative punishment.

Can you leave a Cavapoo alone at night?

Cavapoos are bred to be companion dogs. They don’t do very well left alone.

Where Are The Best Cavapoo Breeders in Indiana?


Cavapoos are beginning to gain more notoriety in Indiana, but still, you’ll observe that there aren’t many Cavapoo breeders in Indiana.

Finding a reputable breeder might be challenging, especially if you’ve never owned a pet before.

While looking for Cavapoos, be sure to deal with a breeder who is honest and readily available to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, especially concerning the dog’s health and pedigree.

We suggest that you always do your homework before selecting a breeder. You have a head start, thanks to us.

The resources included in this guide are verified and trustable. Even so, we advise arranging an in-person meeting before finalizing the adoption.

Getting a pet is a long-term commitment, and it’s better to be safe than sorry! We wish you the best in your Cavapoo search.

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