Cheap Cavapoo Puppies for Sale Under $1000 – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)


Finding the best place to get a lovable Cavapoo puppy can be challenging. Many potential dog owners may feel discouraged by all the available options.

It can be even more challenging to find Cavapoos that are less than $1,000. Sometimes, there may not be Cavapoo puppies for sale under $1000 or $500.

Many factors affect the price of a Cavapoo. Sometimes, genetics, the breeding facility, and the location can impact how expensive a Cavapoo puppy is.

There are also several facilities to get Cavapoo puppies from, but some types of facilities should be avoided, regardless of the low cost.

Cavapoos are stunning dogs who love their owners and thrive on a good time with others. Cavapoos are hybrid dogs that hail from Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles.

This dog breed is outgoing and highly intelligent. Getting a loving Cavapoo puppy can fill your home with love, happiness, and years of fun.

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The Top 4 Breeders Of Cheap Cavapoo Puppies


There are many Cavapoo puppy breeders in the country, and many of them offer fair prices. However, some may be less expensive than others without sacrificing the well-being of their puppies and parent dogs.

These Cavapoo puppy breeders have fair prices for their Cavapoo puppies. However, each litter is different than the last.

Some locations may have Cavapoo puppies for sale under $1000 or Cavapoo puppies for sale under $500, but this will depend on how many reservations they have and how desirable the Cavapoo puppies are.

1. Carolina Cavapoos


Carolina Cavapoos is a reputable location that offers high-quality care for their Cavapoos and the puppies they have.

This facility brings each puppy to the veterinarian before they are sold to ensure they are dewormed, have no health condition, and are healthy.

This facility encourages buyers to send their Cavapoo puppies back if they become unable to care for them and vow to find that puppy a new, loving home.

Carolina Cavapoos Details:

2. Bliss Kennels Cavapoo Puppies


Bliss Kennels is a breeder in northern New Jersey and houses plenty of dogs on a farm with plenty of space. This location has seen the birth of thousands of dogs over the last 40 years and has plenty of other animals on the farm.

Bliss Kennels began breeding Cavapoos almost a decade ago and enjoys this lively and outgoing dog breed.

Bliss Kennels Cavapoo Puppies Details:

3. The Left Paw


The Left Paw is more than a breeder but is also a boarding facility and play area for dogs. This location has a passion for dogs and breeds Cavapoo puppies for those who want to purchase them.

This facility has many Cavapoo puppies for sale and dedicates its time and resources toward keeping all the dogs in their care as safe and healthy as possible.

This New York location offers tours for those who want to see the facility before purchasing a puppy.

The Left Paw Details:

4. Wags To Riches Cavapoos Florida


Wags To Riches offers many different kinds of puppies for sale. Cavapoos are one of the most popular dog breeds this boutique offers.

Although there aren’t a lot of puppies at one time, there is plenty to browse and inquire about. These puppies may be more expensive than others in the area, but sometimes this facility may have deals on their puppies.

Wags To Riches Cavapoos Florida Details:

What Determines the Price of Cavapoo Puppies?


Many factors play into the price of a Cavapoo puppy. The genetic makeup of the parent dogs can determine how expensive a Cavapoo puppy is the most. Other factors include facility, color, and the care or treatment offered.

Cavapoo puppies are typically lively dogs who thrive on love and affection, but each one is different and unique.

Some Cavapoo puppies who are smaller than average, have a less desirable coat color, or have a less agreeable personality may be cheaper than others in the litter.

Genetics and Parents

The genetic makeup of the parents and the Cavapoo puppy is one significant factor in the cost of a Cavapoo puppy. If something is amiss with the genetic makeup of the parent dogs, the price of the Cavapoo puppy may decrease.

For example, if one parent dog has a developing condition, a breeder may charge less for the Cavapoo puppies since they may be at risk for developing the same health issue later in life.

Alternatively, Cavapoo puppies who come from healthy parents will likely cost more since they are healthy and will live long.


The facility you choose can impact the price of your Cavapoo puppies. Cavapoo puppies from a facility with plenty of resources may cost more since they are often checked for all kinds of conditions and given high-quality pet foods.

Some breeders may also run tests on their puppies to ensure they are in peak health, meaning more money must be invested in their care, and the puppies will be more expensive.


Cavapoo puppies can sometimes be more or less expensive, depending on their colors. Cavapoo puppies are usually a mixture of colors but can sometimes be solid colors.

However, some colors are rarer than others. Apricot, gray, and black Cavapoo puppies may cost more money than those with typical colorations.

Color is an especially significant factor if there are limited numbers of unique colorations among the puppies. For example, one or two apricot Cavapoos will be more expensive than their tri-color siblings.

Care and Treatment

The level of care and treatment a Cavapoo puppy has received or will need can change the price of the Cavapoo puppy.

If the puppy requires more healthcare attention than other puppies in the litter, the price may be less since the breeder will likely want to have them out of their facility and use resources.

However, if there’s nothing physically wrong with a Cavapoo puppy, but the puppy has received plenty of care and treatment, it may be more expensive to help adjust for the cost of their care.

Birth Defects

Some puppies are born with birth defects. Common birth issues include cleft lip, cleft palate, or hip and bone displacement.

These defects can decrease the price of the dog. Some defects are inconsequential and cosmetic only, but often some birth defects come with another.

For example, some Shih Tzus can be born with a cleft palate deformity, which can be associated with a hind leg issue.

Where To Buy a Cavapoo Puppy?


Cavapoo puppies are for sale from many different places. There are three main types of places you can buy a Cavapoo puppy. These include certified breeders, backyard or amateur breeders, and puppy mills.

Certified breeders are typically the most expensive, and puppy mills are usually the least expensive. However, puppy mills offer poor conditions and treatment of their animals. Puppy mills are notorious for their inhumane conditions and improper treatment.

Certified Breeders

A certified breeder will likely have paperwork and documentation to prove that your Cavapoo puppy comes from two purebred dogs. Certified breeders usually have specific protocols and conditions they implement in their facilities.

Certified breeders may also have more connections with other organizations and have more opportunities to breed designer dogs. These facilities may have more than one pair of dogs to create puppies, making their litters more desirable.

Amateur Breeders

Amateur breeders are also called backyard breeders. These facilities usually only have one or two pairs of parent dogs and don’t have as much availability for designer dogs and hybrid breeds.

However, backyard breeders can be an ideal alternative to expensive certified breeders for those who don’t care about the documentation for their puppy.

Backyard breeders may charge several hundred dollars less than a certified breeder might.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are known for having terrible living conditions for their dogs and puppies. These facilities keep their puppies in small crates and usually separate them from their mothers too early.

As a result, many puppies tend to lean on each other for support and become bonded, only to be separated when one is purchased.

You should avoid puppy mills at all costs. Although puppies from these facilities are less expensive, they encourage poor conditions and enable for-profit animal abuse.

Conclusion For “Cheap Cavapoo Puppies for Sale Under $1000”


Finding Cavapoo puppies for sale under $1000 can be challenging. These are usually hard to find since Cavapoos are designer dogs. However, there are some instances where you may find a Cavapoo puppy for a lower than average price.

Cavapoo puppies are a stunning addition to any home or family. These dogs are loving and offer a family plenty of good memories, enjoyment, and affection.

A Cavapoo puppy is usually amicable and adoring. However, if a Cavapoo puppy is less agreeable than typical, it may be placed for adoption at a less expensive price.

400;”>Cavapoo puppies may also be born with birth defects that require surgical intervention to fix. When this happens, a Cavapoo puppy may be less expensive than others in their litter.

Finding a Cavapoo puppy for sale under $500 may mean you and your family may need to take them in for treatment with a trained veterinarian.

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