Basenji Puppies in California – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)


Have you ever heard of a bark-less dog with cat-like mannerisms? That dog is the Basenji, and here is all you need to know about Basenji puppies in California.

Basenji is a breed of hunting dog that originated in central Africa. Although they are still used for hunting, the Basenji has been widely adopted as a beloved pet. Their energetic, confident, and curious nature makes them excellent family dogs.

In a state like California, where almost half the population owns a dog, Basenji is a popular breed. If you want to adopt one, you’re at the right place because we have prepared an extensive list of reliable Basenji breeders in California.

But before taking a step further, make sure you’re ready for this responsibility. There are many reasons why Basenjis make the perfect family dog; firstly, they’re one of the cleanest dog breeds and hence, very low maintenance.

Secondly, although they fiercely protect their family, they don’t need their owners’ attention constantly. They tend to be a bit reserved and have an independent mindset which helps them stay alert.

Nonetheless, they’re very affectionate and playful, even if quiet, and their intelligent temperament makes it easy to train them quickly.

Thirdly, they require minimal grooming; they need brushing once every few days. They’re still a little finicky when grooming but maintaining them is easy as they have a short coat that can easily be brushed with a brisk once-over.

Additionally, Basenjis don’t have body odor; therefore, they don’t need a bath often. You should, however, make sure to trim their nails as long ones can hurt dogs when they run or sit down.

On the other hand, boredom can lead to destructive behavior in Basenji as they’re inquisitive and love to play. So, ensure that you make time to take them out regularly and train them to be obedient in case their hunting nature kicks in.

Now that you know all about this sweet-faced hunting dog let’s have a look at some of the best breeders offering Basenji puppies for sale in California.

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The Best Basenji Breeders in California


1. Hill View Breeding


Basenji breeders, who are honest and reliable, are very hard to find because these dogs breed only once a year. Hill View Breeding is a small breeding operation focusing solely on matching Basenji puppies with their loving and forever families.

They have a litter available only once a time in a year, and that makes them more trustable as they clearly prioritize quality over quantity. Moreover, they care for the health of their dogs and have them all registered with the AKC.

Hill View Breeding puppies are easy-to-adapt, forever the ones who feel the need to please everyone. They’re very family friendly as they bond quickly with their family members and truly connect with the people of the house, no matter their age.

Their origin makes them adjust to heat quickly, and they’re primarily self-reliant, hence don’t need much maintenance.

They hardly shed, and they regularly clean up themselves. It makes them an excellent choice for pets in cities or apartments, given that they receive time for outdoor exercise.

Hill View Breeding litters are usually available between December and January, so visit the website at that time if interested. They have many cute dog photos on their profile, all adorable enough to melt any heart.

Hill View Breeder Details:

2. Khani’s Basenjis and Italian Greyhounds


Khani’s Basenjis and Italian Greyhounds are honest breeders from Portland, Orlando – nearly an eleven-hours’ drive from California.

It is not easy to find many breeders of Basenji Puppies in California, but Khani’s ensure safe and hassle-free handing-over of puppies to their new family.

They are keen to provide excellent, nurturing conditions to their puppies so that they turn out to be phenomenal companions with easy-going and loving temperaments.

They emphasize their dogs’ early training to grow up healthy and provide top-quality offspring.

Khani’s puppies are also raised around people of all ages with different attitudes, behaviors, and backgrounds. It helps in socializing baby Basenjis, along with the use of techniques of Puppy Culture.

Along with house manners, the breeders also train their puppies for the crate, litter, collar, and obedience.

The breeder uses different enrichment methods, including car training, human interaction, nail trimming, and noise desensitization, to prepare the puppies for their new home.

The puppies come to their new home with a welcome-home bag, microchip, puppy leash, blanket with their siblings’ scents, starter pack information, dew claw removal, and much more.

The breeder also provides necessary vaccinations, AKC registration, and the puppy’s favorite food bag so they can settle down quickly.

The puppies are usually too young to be tested, so their parents and Khanis offer a lifetime guarantee of their health, covering necessary health screening like OFA CHIC.

If you cannot find well-bred Basenji puppies for sale In California, then you might want to check Khani’s Basenjis out.

Their application process is relatively easy, and after providing your information, all you have to do is wait for them to get back to you with a perfect match.

Khani’s Basenjis and Italian Greyhounds Details:

3. Triforce Basenjis


Triforce Basenjis, located in San Diego, California, has only one purpose: to preserve the beautiful breed of Basenji dogs.

They love their dogs and puppies just like their family members and are continuously researching ways to improve the living of these pedigrees.

Triforce Basenjis take excellent care about health testing and compatible temperaments before breeding for Basenjis so that the puppies come out all natural and healthy.

They have their dogs compete in shows and barn hunts, and only a limited number of puppies are available to be sold as pets.

They socialize and raise their puppies exposed to ENS and the Puppy Culture program. They also provide a leash, collar, and crate training and allow them to grow with other dogs and cats.

Since the puppies live in the breeder’s home, they are desensitized to household noises and sound stimulation. People of all ages in the family love being around the dogs, providing them a friendly environment to grow.

The puppies come to their new homes with a starter pack such as toys and blankets with littermates’ scents, a puppy collar, leash, favorite food, and microchip. The breeder provides puppies with up-to-date vaccinations, deworming sessions, and OFA eye tests.

Moreover, the dog’s parents are also CHIC certified and tested for Progressive Retinal Atrophy plus Fanconi. You will get a year-long health guarantee of all genetic ailments with the puppy.

Just like other reputable Basenji breeders In California, Triforce also offers lifetime support and a return policy.

Triforce Basenjis Details:

4. Tanza Basenjis


One of the oldest breeders in California, Tanza Basenjis, has been in existence since 1991, offering top-quality Basenjis. They are breeding to keep this loving, protective, curious breed of dogs alive.

Tanza Basenji has been breeding on a small scale to preserve the health of their dogs and maintain excellent temperaments.

Many of their dogs have achieved the label of champions on national levels, given their superb conformation and performance ability, which proves their dogs have adaptable and easy-going temperaments, as only well-behaved dogs represent consistency in the show ring.

Tanza Basenjis’ primary focus is to breed and raise their puppies as pets before anything else. They believe all dogs deserve a comfortable and good house to grow and nurture, so they have matched their adorable puppies with loving families.

Their dogs go through all the necessary and timely health tests before they breed a litter, and they plan on using the DNA Direct Fanconi Test on any further breeding under their operation.

It ensures that the puppies that take birth are of optimum health.

If you’re interested in finding the best Basenji puppies in California, check out this breeder.

They are reputable as their dogs compete in several dog shows in the area. They offer lifetime support for the puppy, and they will take it back to their home if it needs to be re-housed.

Tanza Basenjis Details:

More Information About Basenji Puppies in California


Bringing a dog home is a huge responsibility, and you should only get one when you’re completely ready for it. However, looking for a responsible breeder before getting a dog is essential.

Responsible breeders are those that raise their puppies in a healthy and clean environment while focusing on the health, temperament, and personality of their dogs.

Moreover, responsible breeders are usually members of dog clubs, such as the AKC, and they follow their breeding guidelines. Therefore, make sure the breeder you choose exhibits all or most of these characteristics.

Although Basenjis are usually very healthy dogs, they can be a target of genetic health disorders like IPSID, hip dysplasia, or other genetic ailments.

Make sure that your chosen Basenji breeder has tested the parents clear for any heritable disease such as Fanconi or PRA.

Furthermore, according to vets, the Basenji needs high-quality dog food – homemade or commercially manufactured. Their diet should be appropriately monitored, too, as some dogs tend to gain weight quicker than others.

Ensure you regularly check their calorie count, weight level, and adequate training. Since Basenjis are hunting dogs, they need an outdoor activity, or they might develop stubborn attitudes.

Once you provide them with the perfect environment, they’ll be the happiest dogs and endlessly love you and your family.

Conclusion For “Basenji Puppies in California – Top 4 Breeders”


It is pretty challenging to find reputable and reliable breeders raising Basenji Puppies in California as they’re a rare breed. But the wait is worth it because they’re one of the sweetest creatures ever.

With their yodel-like bark and soft puppy eyes, they’re sure to make anyone fall entirely in love with them. These adorable dogs are also very interesting and clever, which makes it easier to train them.

We hope that the list of breeders given above will help you find the perfect Basenji puppy!

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