Basenji Pitbull Mix Guide! (2024)


There are a few surprising dog breeds, but one of the most shocking might be the Basenji Pitbull mix. This breed is also sometimes referred to as a Basenji Bull Terrier mix.

This unlikely combination can make for a perfect guard dog and combine all the best traits of either dog breed to create a loving and adorable dog who constantly strives to keep its family safe from harm.

Basenji Pitbull mixes are unique and uncommon dogs. This hybrid dog breed is friendly but remains wary of others upon first meeting. Unlike other Basenji mixes, a Basenji Pitbull mix will keep safety and calmness as their priority.

A Basenji mixed with Pitbull usually creates a dog that requires a calm and quiet environment, meaning this dog breed is not ideal for homes with young children.

Read on to learn more about how a Basenji mix with Pitbull genetics might behave and what needs they may have.

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What Is a Basenji Pitbull Mix?


A Basenji Pitbull mix is often called a Basenji Pit mix, as well. This dog breed comes from two other dog types: Basenjis and Pitbulls.

Pitbulls are a purebred dog breed but are often not recognized by many accredited associations, like the American Kennel Club, because of associations with fighting rings.

Regardless, each dog breed brings something special to this mix. A Basenji Pitbull mix will inherit characteristics and traits from each breed to create a mild-mannered dog who enjoys lounging, cuddling, and observing.


Basenjis are loving dogs who have a penchant for stubbornness. This dog breed is independent and enjoys plenty of alone time. Basenjis thrive on the ability to solve puzzles and engage in mentally stimulating activities.

Basenjis are notoriously barkless dogs that have a short larynx. The length of their larynx makes it uncomfortable to bark, but this breed will yodel, howl, or scream when they need something. Basenjis are hypoallergenic and don’t shed.


Pitbulls are strong dogs who are fearless and will do anything to protect those they love. This dog breed also enjoys playtime and meeting new people.

Unfortunately, Pitbulls were given a poor reputation when people began breeding them to be aggressive in fighting rings. These usually loving dogs were then made to behave a specific way, creating some Pitbulls with aggressive tendencies.

However, Pitbulls are not prone to fighting. Instead, these factors were due to poor breeding for poor reasons. Generally, Pitbulls are effective guard dogs who are loyal and enjoy spending time with people who understand their boundaries.

Basenji Pitbull Mix Guide


A Basenji Pitbull mix is a stunning dog breed but may have some drawbacks to families. This hybrid dog has plenty of characteristics that make them a perfect hiking companion and watchdog.

However, there are some behaviors that families may find too challenging to deal with.

This dog breed is ideal for couples and families with older children who understand boundaries.

Read on to learn about how a Basenji Pitbull mix behaves, treats others, and what their needs are.


Basenji Pitbull mixes are a little higher maintenance than their Basenji parent breed. This dog breed inherits stubbornness and independence, making training and verbal commands a challenge.

However, a Basenji Pitbull mix is loving and devoted. This dog breed will gladly spend their time cuddling and giving affection.

Basenji Pitbull mixes also thrive on being guard dogs and will watch for any potential danger.


Basenji Pitbull mixes can grow up to 17 inches tall and weigh up to 35 pounds. The size of a Basenji Pitbull mix can be unpredictable since their size depends on which dog breed they take after.

Some of these hybrid dogs can weigh more than 35 pounds or grow a few inches taller than the average 17 inches.


Basenji Pitbull mixes are most commonly tan or gold in colors, but these dogs are known for their tri-color patterns.

Most of the time, tri-color patterns are inherited from the Pitbull parent. Pitbulls can be nearly any color and have strong genes that pass these colors down their line.

The most common colors for a Basenji Pitbull mix are white, black, tan, brown, and a mixture of these colors.


A Basenji Pitbull mix can live for up to 14 years. However, many of these mixes have lived longer than 14 years when they inherited healthy genetics, did not develop a health condition and received proper care.



Basenjis are notorious for their short coat, and these dogs are hypoallergenic. Pitbulls are not big shedders, either, making this hybrid dog perfect for people who don’t have the time to constantly clean up dog hair.

A Basenji Pitbull mix won’t need any brushing or detangling since they have short hair.

Ensure they have their nails routinely clipped and filed to keep them healthy and safe.


Basenjis and Pitbulls are stubborn breeds regarding training, meaning a Basenji Pitbull mix is notoriously stubborn and can be challenging to train.

A consistent schedule, training treats, and plenty of praise can ensure that your hybrid dog follows commands and has a positive attitude toward training.

Exercise Needs

A Basenji Pitbull mix will need access to a large backyard to be happy and healthy.

This dog breed will likely have plenty of energy to exert and need plenty of outdoor time to keep themselves occupied. Spending time on a daily walk, playing with others, or patrolling the area can be sufficient exercise, as long as it happens every day.

Vocal Abilities

Pitbulls are moderate barkers, but Basenjis have a short larynx which makes barking uncomfortable. Fortunately, most Basenji Pitbull mixes inherit a larynx that allows them to bark properly.

A Basenji Pitbull mix may indulge in other forms of vocalizing, however. This can include yodeling, howling, screaming, murmuring, and grunting.

Where To Get Basenji Pitbull Mix Puppies?


Basenji Pitbull mix puppies are hard to find and may require a lot of initiative and ambition on the part of the buyer to locate.

Some buyers may have to contact breeders to request this dog breed be created for them. However, some dog breeders can charge expensive prices.

Other avenues may be too inhumane to consider. For example, puppy mills should be avoided due to their poor conditions and neglectful behaviors.

Read on to learn more details about where to get your own Basenji Pitbull mix puppy.

Certified Breeders

Certified breeders will cost more money, but they may come with paperwork and certifications that require them to meet the needs of their dogs.

Most facilities will offer tours and answer all questions that potential buyers have about their puppies and process.

Certified breeders are an excellent place to get puppies but may be costly.

Backyard Breeders

Buying from a backyard breeder can be cost-effective and many backyard breeders will work with buyers to create the dog breed desired.

Many buyers can save hundreds on amateur breeders while still providing excellent care for their dogs and puppies. Reach out to a local backyard breeder and inquire if they are willing and able to breed a litter of Basenji Pitbull puppies.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are the worst place to go to buy a puppy. These facilities treat their animals poorly and cannot meet the needs of their animals.

Mother dogs and puppies are separated quickly, and neither are kept in areas long enough to stretch their legs and never get exercise.

Pet stores often source their puppies from puppy mills. Always check where a puppy comes from before purchasing to ensure that you are not supporting the use of puppy mills.

Are Basenji Pitbull Mixes Good With Small Children?


Pitbull Basenji mixes should not be kept in a home with small children. Small children typically have to learn the boundaries of other dogs, but Basenji Pitbull mixes may not have the patience for loud, playful children.

Instead, Basenji Pitbull mixes should be kept in a home with older children who aren’t interested in testing the boundaries of their family dog. Typically, children over 13 do well with Basenji Pitbull mixes.

Conclusion For “Basenji Pitbull Mix Guide”


Basenji Pitbull mixes are some of the most observant, independent, and loyal dogs you may find. However, they aren’t perfect for everyone.

Dog lovers who enjoy a challenge and want to push themselves to satisfy the stringent needs of this hybrid dog. A Basenji mix with Pitbull may not have many needs, but they may be stubborn and ignore verbal commands.

Daily life with a Basenji Pitbull mix can be calm, happy, and exciting. This dog breed will thrive on going places with you, enjoying walks, and being exposed to trustworthy friends.

Pitbulls are caring dogs who enjoy affection, and this trait carries over to most Basenji Pitbull mixes. These trait combinations mean that your Basenji Pitbull mix may be equal parts loving and loof.

This dog breed is consistently affectionate and loyal, however. A Basenji mix with Pitbull will never betray your trust and will treat you well, as long as you treat them well.

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