Beagle Basenji Mix Guide! (2024)


Basenji Beagles mixes are a perfect addition to a home with older children who love playing small games, enjoy spending time cuddling, or families who want a quiet and well-behaved dog.

Beagle Basenji mixes have the best traits of their parent breeds and make for a stunning family pet.

This dog breed thrives in a calm environment with plenty of play and enjoyment for the present moment.

Like most dogs, a Beagle Basenji mix is sensitive to anxieties in the home and will be uncomfortable around loud behavior.

Basenjis are notoriously stubborn and independent, so breeding them with a Beagle may seem like an odd pairing.

However, the dog breed produced from this pairing offers a mixture that creates a mild-mannered and well-behaved dog who enjoys affection and protection.

Beagle Basenji mixes can take traits from either parent breed, and each Beagle Basenji mix puppy will have a unique personality. Read on to learn more about how this dog breed mix behaves and if they are a good fit for you and your family.

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Beagle and Basenji Comparisons


Beagles and Basenjis are nearly on the opposite sides of the spectrum regarding temperament and behavior. However, mixing the two can create a stunning combination of loving adoration and independence.

Beagles and Basenjis have many differences, but in some ways, they are similar.

For example, both dogs search for threats and like to hunt or chase things. This unlikely combination offers Beagle Basenji puppies traits and characteristics that can serve them and their families well.


Beagles are vibrant hounds who are curious and friendly.

This dog is not wary of strangers but will welcome nearly anyone they see – unless they feel like that person is a threat. Beagles are small, growing only about 13 inches tall and weighing under 20 pounds.

A Beagle lives for up to 15 years and prefers an environment with plenty of young children and other dogs to play with. Beagles will not shy away from a location with loud noises and love chiming in with their voice to join in the chaos.

Beagles have short hair and don’t require much grooming, making them ideal for busybodies.


Basenjis are notorious for being barkless dogs. This quietness is due to having a small larynx, making it uncomfortable for them to bark. Basenjis will bark to alert their owners to danger or when they need something but remain very quiet dogs.

However, this dog is not silent. Basenjis will make a range of noises like yodeling, howling, mewling, and screaming when they need some attention.

Basenjis have short hair and they don’t shed, making them hypoallergenic. This dog is taller than Beagles and grows to 17 inches tall. Basenjis only weigh around 24 pounds but have a lifespan of up to 14 years.

Beagle Basenji Mix Information


A Beagle Basenji mix loves a calm environment where they have plenty of space to stroll and time to be on their own. This dog breed enjoys spending time on their own, but they will always come back to their owners for affection and love.

Breeders don’t usually offer a Basenji mix with floppy ears, but a Basenji Beagle mix sells well and drives a high demand.


Beagle Basenji mixes are usually calm and mild-mannered. This dog breed can inherit the independent nonchalance of their Basenji parent or the wild nature of their Beagle parent.

Usually, this dog breed retains a mix of both parent breeds and enjoys spending time with others while having an adequate amount of alone time.

Basenjis are more reserved but Beagles are very friendly. This may mean your Beagle Basenji mix may have a hard time meeting new people at first.

However, when they are warmed up to others, they will enjoy seeing these new friends and become excitable with the company.


A Basenji and a Beagle have similar colors, meaning Beagle Basenji mixes often have the same colors. The most common color to be on a Beagle Basenji mix is light brown.

However, solid colors on the dog breed are rare, and these dogs usually have multiple colors woven into their coat.

You will likely see plenty of brown, black, and tan on your Beagle Basenji mix. You may also see a white underbelly or a white stripe going up the middle of your dog’s head. This stripe is an iconic sign of a Beagle.


Beagle Basenji mixes are rather small. Basenjis are taller and weigh more, but the ceiling for what your Beagle Basenji mix can grow and weigh doesn’t get high. A Beagle Basenji mix will likely not reach 15 inches and weigh less than 20 pounds.

This dog is small, but can run fast and will keep up with the fastest children in the family – even with their floppy ears. Beagle Basenji mixes are ideal for family vacations since they are so small. They fit easily in cars, planes, and buses.

This dog breed enjoys switching up its daily routine and covets its flexibility.



A Beagle Basenji mix can live for up to 15 years. Sometimes, this dog breed can live a little longer if they receive the proper medical, dental, and grooming care possible.

Some Beagles and Basenjis can develop health conditions that can impact their health and lead to untimely death.

Ensure that you are keeping an eye on all symptoms and tending to all medical needs to ensure your Beagle Basenji is at peak physical health. Consider using high-quality pet food without cancer-causing artificial dyes and fillers.

Health Conditions

Many conditions can target your Beagle Basenji mix. This dog breed is at risk for conditions that affect both Beagles and Basenjis, meaning there are several key diseases to watch for.

Beagle Basenji mixes may be susceptible to Basenji enteropathy, which is an inflammatory disease that targets the bowels.

This disease can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Additionally, Beagles are known to struggle with susceptibility to glaucoma, epilepsy, and hypothyroidism.

Log any symptoms or signs you may notice in your dog and discuss these findings with a veterinarian.


Your Beagle Basenji mix will not need much grooming. This dog breed will need a weekly bath with a mild shampoo, but will likely not require any brushing or trimming.

A Beagle Basenji mix will need to have its nails cut and trimmed every four to six weeks to keep them from hurting and prevent any damage to their environment.

You may want to use a paw butter or softener on the pads of your Beagle Basenji mix since they likely enjoy running around and chasing things.

Running and chasing can cause coarseness on their pads and make them rough. Paw butter helps keep that area smooth and prevents cracking.

Exercise Needs

Your Beagle Basenji mix will likely get all the exercise they need by walking around the home every day. This dog breed does not like to sit still and will like to patrol the front yard, back yard, and every room in the home.

When the mood strikes them, they may engage in some playtime with their owners or the children in the household. This playtime may not last very long, but it will likely be enough to make them happy.

Consider taking your dog to a dog park or on a long walk for additional exercise.


Beagle Basenji mixes can be eager to learn, but it can take plenty of time and patience. A Beagle Basenji mix will enjoy following verbal commands and learning new skills, but they may get bored after some time.

Beagles are eager to please and your Beagle Basenji mix will inherit some of that eagerness.

However, Basenjis are independent and difficult to train, which may cause your Beagle Basenji mix to get bored and need their training stretched out over time to learn their skills fully.

Beagle Basenji mixes will thrive in an environment that doesn’t require them to commit to several hours worth of training every day. Instead, use a schedule with small bursts of training to help them learn their new skills.

Beagle Basenji Mixes and Families


Beagle Basenji mixes do well in families with young children and other animals. Beagles love being in a group and Basenjis are indifferent to groups of dogs, as long as they have a place to retreat for some alone time.

A Beagle Basenji mix is ideal for families with small children who enjoy playing but don’t roughhouse. This dog breed isn’t a fan of roughhousing and will walk away when things get too loud and they need a break.

This dog breed will make a perfect companion for families who enjoy going on adventures and the outdoors. Beagle Basenji mixes thrive on strolling around an area and observing everything.

Do Beagle Basenji Mixes Make a Lot of Noise?

Beagle Basenji mixes can be barkless or loud. The level of noise your Beagle Basenji mix makes depends entirely on their personality. However, some factors can impact how loud or how often your dog barks.

Basenjis have a small larynx, which makes barking uncomfortable. However, a Basenji will still bark if they feel they should. Your Beagle Basenji mix can inherit this small larynx, making barking a challenge.

However, your Beagle may not have this issue and be a very vocal dog type.

Usually, Beagle Basenji mixes are moderately calm and bark sometimes, but are not disruptive. This dog breed is calm and can be a perfect addition to a home that needs peace and quiet.

Conclusion For “Beagle Basenji Mix Guide”


Beagle Basenji mixes are ideal dogs for families looking for mild-mannered dogs who will offer them love and affection without much trouble.

Although this dog hails from the barkless Basenji, it will still make some noise, unless its larynx is too small. Beagle Basenji mixes do well with other dogs and small children, but they will need plenty of alone time.

Beagle Basenji mixes enjoy training and will benefit from a training schedule to help them stick to your goals and expectations. Some Beagle Basenji mixes can be prone to some health conditions.

Keep a log of any signs or symptoms you see in your dog and speak to your local veterinarian regarding their health.

Your Beagle Basenji mix should have a weekly bath, but may not need to be brushed since their hair will be short. Keep an eye out for any skin irritants and rashes that may crop up.

Your small Beagle Basenji mix can make for a perfect companion on your family adventures and trips.

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