Golden Retriever Basenji Mix Guide! (2024)


Golden Retrievers are a classic family dog, but many people may not be aware of the many crossbreeds that come from this stunning dog. One of the most unlikely combinations is Golden Retrievers and Basenjis. 

However, a Golden Retriever Basenji mix can make a perfect companion for hikes, walks, and adventures outdoors.

Golden Retriever Basenji mixes can offer a family plenty of fun and excitement. However, this dog breed is not for every family. These dogs can inherit some undesirable traits like stubbornness and discomfort when barking.

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What Is a Golden Retriever Basenji Mix?


Golden Retriever Basenji mixes come from two famous dog breeds: Golden Retrievers and Basenjis. These two dog breeds may seem like an unlikely duo, especially since they are drastically different.

400;”>Golden Retrievers are generally more friendly, loving, and excitable than Basenjis are.

However, Basenjis are mild-mannered and enjoy spending time with their loved ones. Mixing these two dog breeds often results in a Basenji Golden Retriever mix with all the best qualities of their parent breeds.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are intelligent dogs who love playing and meeting new people. This dog breed will have no problem introducing you to new friends on their daily walks.

Golden Retrievers thrive on time spent with other dogs and are deeply devoted to their owners.

400;”>Golden Retrievers are prone to play, but they are also intensely loyal and will protect their loved ones from harm. This dog breed is known to shed everywhere and will need plenty of brushing and bathing to keep them clean and hygienic.


There is no other dog on the planet more independent than a Basenji. This dog will gladly spend hours alone, looking for threats or dangers.

This breed is a perfect candidate for your home’s guard dog and will gladly alert its owners to danger with its unique vocalizations.

400;”>Basenjis are native to Africa and are known as African Barkless Dogs. This dog breed is known to have a short larynx, making traditional barking an uncomfortable challenge for this breed.

Instead, a Basenji will make other vocalizations like a mewling noise, murmuring, and yodeling.

Basenji finds making friends difficult because they are wary of strangers. Instead, this dog breed will need plenty of time to adjust to others and get used to people before being comfortable around them.

Golden Retriever Basenji Mix Guide


Golden Retriever Basenji mixes are unlike many of the other Basenji mixes available. For example, this dog breed is much more friendly and trainable than a Doberman Basenji mix.

Basenjis and Golden Retrievers have enough in common to make them good candidates to make puppies that offer families plenty of fun and protection. A Golden Retriever Basenji mix will never make you question their loyalty or love.


Golden Retriever Basenji mixes are loving and affectionate dogs that warm up to people nicely. It can be challenging to introduce them to strangers, but this dog is incredibly loyal.

You and your family will have no shortage of love, protection, and excitement when you bring a Golden Retriever Basenji mix into your home.


Golden Retriever Basenji mixes can have a wide range. Most tend to be closer to a Golden Retriever’s size since they are bigger, and their genetic makeup may have a more substantial impact on the resulting litter.

This hybrid dog breed may be anywhere from 17 to 24 inches tall and weigh up to 65 pounds.

Some resulting puppies can be on the smaller end and resemble a Basenji more, but this is unlikely. These puppies are usually closer to 17 inches tall and around 20 to 25 pounds.


There is no wide range of colors for a Golden Retriever Basenji mix. This dog breed is almost always tan or gold with white splotches on its underbelly, chest, and legs. Both parent dog breeds share a similar color, meaning there is little room for variation.


Basenjis are notoriously difficult to train. However, this dog breed can be trained with a consistent schedule.

A Golden Retriever Basenji mix will have a slightly easier time training since their parent breed, Golden Retriever, adores training time and is eager to please their owners.

Keep a consistent schedule and reinforce positive behaviors with plenty of affection, praise, and training treats. These incentives can help keep your hybrid dog engaged in training until they have mastered listening to verbal commands.

Exercise Needs


Every dog will need plenty of exercise, and a Golden Retriever Basenji mix is no exception. This dog breed will need a place to play, plenty of adventures outdoors, and good friends.

Although this dog breed enjoys people and making friends, they will need plenty of downtime to relax from their social life.

Dietary Needs

Always feed your Golden Retriever Basenji mix high-quality food that doesn’t contain by-products, fillers, or artificial dyes.

This dog breed has plenty of energy and will need food with the best ingredients to help them keep their body in good shape. Use food that is high in protein, fiber, and minerals.

Health Conditions

Every dog is susceptible to some conditions, like those that come with old age and joint dysplasia. Luckily, Golden Retriever Basenji mixes are not prone to anything besides the common canine ailments many dogs develop.

You may want to be on the lookout for some signs of a developing condition. These signs include the following:

  • Difficulty moving.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Trouble urinating.
  • Trouble seeing or constantly bumping into things.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea.

Always consult with a veterinarian to rule out conditions and diagnose your dog.


Golden Retriever Basenji mixes usually live anywhere from 12 to 16 years. The Golden Retriever lives longer, on average, than the Basenji. This increased lifespan means a mixture of the two dogs results in a longer-living dog.

Hybrid dogs from Golden Retrievers and Basenjis may live longer than 16 years when they receive proper care and veterinary treatment.

For example, a dental care routine can combat the effects of periodontal disease, which can lead to life-threatening cardiovascular conditions in dogs.


A Golden Retriever Basenji mix may not need much grooming. However, some brushing and hair trimming may be required.

The level of grooming a Golden Retriever Basenji mix needs depends on which parent breed they take after. Basenjis are notorious for their hypoallergenic coat of hair and the fact that they don’t shed.

Golden Retrievers, however, shed frequently and need consistent grooming. Monitor how quickly your Golden Retriever Basenji mix grows hair and trim accordingly.

Are Golden Retriever Basenji Mixes Good With Children?


Golden Retriever Basenji mixes are unique because they can inherit their Basenji parents’ indifference toward playtime.

This hybrid dog breed will like to have outbursts of desire to play with small children. However, these outbursts will be few and far between.

Golden Retriever Basenji mixes do better with older children who are already aware of the dog’s boundaries and can acclimate easily to this dog’s need for independence and space.

A Golden Retriever Basenji mix will likely enjoy spending time with older children in the home but prefer small games like fetch, tug-of-war, and a round of hide-and-seek.

This hybrid dog breed does best with children over ten.

Are Golden Retriever Basenji Mixes Vocal?

Golden Retriever Basenji mixes are unpredictable with their vocal ability. This unpredictability is because the dog breed can inherit their Basenji parent’s short larynx. Other times, these puppies will have no issue barking and may be very vocal.

In some cases, a Golden Retriever Basenji mix will have a mild-mannered barking pattern. This means that your Golden Retriever Basenji may not bark often but still exercise the ability to do so when they wish.

Other times, a Golden Retriever Basenji mix may exercise its ability to yodel, howl, scream, murmur, mewl, and groan like its Basenji parent.

Golden Retriever Basenji Mix Guide


Golden Retriever Basenji mixes can come out unpredictable and may take after one breed more than the other. However, most dogs retain a delicate balance of traits between the two breeds. 

These dogs are usually well-mannered, well-behaved, and friendly. However, they may act wary of strangers and need plenty of time to get used to other people.

Some Golden Retriever Basenji mixes may not have the ability to bark comfortably and may instead prefer the yodel, scream, or howl of their Basenji parents. Some dogs may also mewl, murmur, and groan for attention.

A Golden Retriever Basenji mix can be a perfect companion for long excursions, walks, and hikes. These dogs thrive in the outdoors and will adore the opportunity to play with older children. 

Golden Retriever Basenji mixes may not enjoy spending much time with young children as they can be loud and rambunctious, but older children can offer a good balance of play and quiet time that this dog breed needs.

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