Golden Retriever Vs Goldendoodle – Breed Comparison! (2024)


Pure breeds and hybrid breeds of dog give you plenty of options when it comes to a family pet. A golden retriever vs. goldendoodle might seem similar, but they have key differences.

One is a purebred dog, and the other is a hybrid dog that uses the purebred to create the hybrid. Both dogs are stunning breeds and have awesome temperaments.

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Golden Retriever


The golden retriever has been around for a very long time. According to their history, they are said to have originally been circus dogs in Russia. They are expert hunters and easy-going lovable pups.

The golden retriever derived from a yellow Labrador retriever and a tweed water spaniel initially, and since the 1950s, we have had the golden retriever.

These dogs are so pleasant to be around. They can grow fairly large and they are certainly hunters. They are completely loyal, a little bit goofy, and so easygoing.

Let’s look at some more of their details.

Size, Color, and Coat

The golden retriever does fall into the large dog category. Females are slightly smaller than males, which is normal.

When a golden retriever is full-grown, they can weigh 55-75 pounds. They are slightly smaller than a goldendoodle by both weight and height.

As far as height for the golden retriever, they typically fall right around 24 inches tall. The height will vary some depending on male or female but should fall close in this range. Goldendoodles vary a lot more in size since they are hybrid dogs.

The golden retriever is a beautiful golden-brown color. Their coats are almost always consistently this color, although the shade can vary just a little bit.

Their coats are mostly straight and soft, but you might find some curl. It’s more just a bit of waviness here and there because they have long coats. The cuts are very thick and they have a lot of hair.

Golden retrievers do tend to shed quite a bit because they have so much hair. We will talk about grooming in a bit, but you will need to plan to brush your golden retriever regularly to prevent matted hair and cut back on shedding.



Golden retrievers are quite possibly some of the most laid-back and gentle dogs you will ever find. They do love to run and play as they are hunters by birth. They are very sociable and tend to be well-mannered.

The best part is that they typically socialize well with other animals too. They tend to be very patient with cats and dogs so if you have multiple pets, you shouldn’t have any problems.

You will find that golden retrievers accept just about anyone. They won’t chase away the mailman or your delivery people.

However, they also know how to identify a threat, and they will alert you if something isn’t right. These dogs are incredibly smart, and you can see that almost right away.

Golden retrievers are a common choice for rescue, service, and friendly companions.

They are very skilled, loyal, and reliable all at the same time. They will be your loyal companion, staying by your side and following you for any adventure.

Training & Exercise

It’s a good idea to be familiar with the type of exercise needs a pup might require. It’s also helpful to know how challenging or simple they might be to train.

The golden retriever will give you as much loyalty and affection as you give them. These factors will also affect their training abilities.

They will learn quickly if you’re loving, encouraging, and kind to your golden retriever. They don’t like to be in trouble, so when you yell or get angry, they don’t respond. It’s scary to them, so rather than obey, they act in fear.

However, they also want to make you happy, so if you’re directing them and showing them right from wrong without meanness, they will learn very quickly.

The golden retriever is very intelligent, which plays a role in how well they train. However, they also depend on you to be their trainer and to do so without anger and fierce actions that scare the away.

As far as exercise, the golden retriever likes to be active. They will run, play, and chase because that is how their breed was originally designed.

You can play fetch and go on adventures. They have great stamina and love exercise. On the same note, they will lie down and be calm with you when the situation calls for it.

Life & Health


Finally, let’s talk about the health aspect. Some golden retrievers will live years. They have a pretty decent lifespan when they are well cared for. The average lifespan of a golden retriever is 10-12 years.

They are not heavily prone to a lot of health disorders, but they might experience some eye disorders, elbow dysplasia, tumors, and seizures.

Let’s wrap up talking about grooming needs for health. Golden retrievers have long hair and quite a bit of it. That hair needs to be cared for.

While you don’t necessarily need a professional groomer regularly, you do need to be proactive yourself. Of course, the occasional grooming trip doesn’t hurt.

Golden retrievers are high-shed dogs because they have so much hair. A great way to combat the shedding is to brush them regularly. This will also help to prevent the matting of their hair. Plan to brush your golden retriever at least twice a week.



Goldendoodles are hybrid dogs. They are bred using golden retrievers and poodles. Because there are different sizes of poodles, you will find different sizes of goldendoodles.

The standard goldendoodle is comparable in size to a golden retriever, but there are also mini and toy goldendoodles that are much smaller.

These designer dogs were first bred starting sometime in the 1990s, so they are still a fairly new breed.

The cross between them brings out a lot of great qualities from both breeds and leaves you with a beautiful dog that is loyal and easygoing but also hypoallergenic. They’re pretty awesome!

Size, Color, & Coat

When you compare the goldendoodle to the golden retriever, you find that their sizes are very similar. However, standard goldendoodles can be a bit larger than your standard golden retriever.

As we mentioned above, there are also mini breeds that might be much smaller.

When it comes to size, the standard goldendoodle will measure up to 24 inches in height, comparable to a retriever.

However, they might weigh up to 90 pounds when fully grown. Considering all the size choices, you can get a goldendoodle that weighs anywhere from 15-90 pounds when they are fully grown.

However, the standard size is typically in the 50–90-pound range.

The parents’ size will ultimately play a huge role in the size of the goldendoodle so that’s something to keep in mind.

When it comes to the color of the coat, this can vary more for a goldendoodle. Where most golden retrievers are golden, some goldendoodles can have different colors.

The goldendoodle could have a black, brown, red, cream, or golden coat. It just depends again on the parents.

Poodles vary in color, so this will be a factor. Of course, their coat textures are different as well. Goldendoodles have characteristics of both golden retrievers and poodles in their coats.

This means you could get a goldendoodle with curly hair or one with straight or wavy hair instead. The textures can vary. Most goldendoodles are considered to be hypoallergenic dogs, though.



Much like the golden retriever, goldendoodles are easygoing. They are loyal and a little bit goofy at times.

They are extremely intelligent as both parent breeds are very smart too. These dogs love to be social, they love to run and play, and they love to be with their people.

The poodle in a goldendoodle can sometimes bring out a stubborn streak, but for the most part, they are easy to get along with.

They are slightly more protective than golden retrievers but still very social animals. They get along well with other pets and any person’s age, and they will protect the ones they love.

They love to simply be companions, so goldendoodles also make great service dogs if that is something you’re looking for.

The goldendoodle will follow your lead. If you’re social, they will be, but if you’re standoffish, they too will be. They are very attached to their people and get antsy when you leave them alone for extended periods of time.

Training & Exercise

Goldendoodles are pretty easy to train, just like golden retrievers. They certainly have the persona of wanting to please you.

Goldendoodles are considered one of the most intelligent breeds in the world now. They tend to be proud of that fact, so they will show their intelligence to satisfy you.

Goldendoodles and golden retrievers train and learn almost exactly the same. Both do best for training with positive reinforcement and will follow your cues.

As far as exercise, goldendoodles are very active. They certainly need a good amount of play and exercise time. They can be satisfied by just playing outside on their own, but they like to be close and engage with you so keep that in mind.

They can play games, and they really need stimulation. When they are bored, they are most likely to get into trouble.

They need time to move and play. They need space to move around and probably about 60-90 minutes of physical activity each day.

Life & Health


When comparing life and health details of the goldendoodle vs. golden retriever, they are very similar.

Just like the retriever, the goldendoodle lives about 12-14 years. Their lifespans depend on their care, but they primarily live long, healthy lives.

They will be your loyal companion for many years to come. As far as health issues, it all stems from the health of the parents.

However, goldendoodles are known to be prone to hip dysplasia more than any other ailment. They also sometimes are prone to heart conditions, eye diseases, and skin diseases.

Most of these things can be monitored and treated throughout their lives. Skin issues can be managed with proper grooming.

Now for grooming, be sure to brush your dog several times a week. Because their coats can be particular, you may also want a groomer to visit on occasion.

Their skin is sensitive, so use soap that is gentle for them and be sure not to bathe them too often, as this will be more likely to initiate a skin reaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Goldendoodles as smart as Golden Retrievers?

Goldendoodles can be smarter than Golden retrievers, but this is not guaranteed.

Are Goldendoodles strong chewers?

Yes, these dogs have strong jaws and will chew aggressively.

Can Goldendoodles eat scrambled eggs?

Yes, they can eat scrambled eggs, just so long as they don’t have seasoning like pepper.

Golden Retriever Vs Goldendoodle


In closing, the goldendoodle and the golden retriever are both really great dogs. They are both very intelligent and very loyal by nature. They have similar sizes and colors, but you will find more color and size variations with the goldendoodle.

One of the most significant differences is that goldendoodles are considered to be hypoallergenic. The hybrid coat actually has far less shed than the golden retriever. Practicing proper grooming and brushing is very important with both breeds.

No matter which breed you decide is the best fit for your home. You can’t go wrong here.

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