What’s a Golden Mountain Doodle? (2024)


When it comes to dog breeds, a purebred isn’t always going to be the best fit for someone.

Sometimes, there are traits that you want from a couple of different breeds, and there are some breeds that get crossed with one another more than others do.

A Golden Bernedoodle, Golden Mountain Doodle, is part Golden Retriever, part Bernese Mountain Dog, and part Poodle.

All three breeds bring something different to the table to create one fantastic dog. The Golden Mountain Doodle is beautiful and hypoallergenic like the Poodle, but it’s also loving, loyal, and eager to please. An excellent choice for a family.

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Greater Than the Sum of the Parts


Three different dogs go into a Golden Bernedoodle or Golden Mountain Doodle, but the Golden Mountain Doodle itself is more than just the other breeds that went into its construction.

Still, the traits it gets from the other dogs are strong and an important component of what makes a Golden Mountain Doodle so popular.

All of that, coupled with the fact that the Golden Mountain Doodle has fresh genes in its pool, and you have a dog that is both healthy and bred to fit right into a family situation as long as there’s at least one person that can walk it every day.

The Wit of a Poodle

A Poodle is one of the most intelligent and playful dogs that exist. In fact, according to studies done by the American Kennel Club, the only dog to outrank the Poodle in terms of sheer intelligence is the Border Collie.

That vast intelligence makes the Poodle adaptive and highly trainable, but that trainability doesn’t mean the Poodle won’t bring a stubborn streak to the breed.

Because they are so smart, Poodles are also more likely to dig their paws in when they don’t want to do something and are more clever about finding ways around it.

The Poodle part of a Golden Mountain Doodle is very smart, but all of that intelligence needs to be tempered with the calmer nature of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the obedience of a Golden Retriever to make a smart, trainable and hypoallergenic dog.

The Loving Loyalty of a Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is fairly low on the list of intelligent dogs, but what it lacks in cleverness, it makes up for in loyalty.

A Bernese Mountain Dog gets incredibly attached to its family, especially the children, to the point that it can be difficult to rehome one once it’s bonded to a family in adulthood.

However, there are some mighty downsides to the breed. The Bernese Mountain Dog tends toward health issues like cancer and hip dysplasia, and most don’t tend to survive as long as other dogs.

However, crossing the breed with the Poodle heightens its intelligence and makes it far less likely that the resulting pup will have many of the health issues that plague the breed.

A Bernedoodle will live longer, but it keeps that stubborn streak the Poodle brought into the mix in the first place.

Enter the Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are intelligent like Poodles but loyal like the Bernese Mountain Dog. They are also bright and eager to please!

The parts of the Poodle that make it somewhat of a challenge to train sometimes are mitigated in the Golden Retriever.

While a Bernedoodle still proves a challenge, adding the Golden Retriever to the mix brings about a sweet and highly trainable companion that will often exceed every expectation, illustrating why the breed is so popular.

The Benefits of a Hybrid


Purebred dogs have highly sought after. They’re the ones that are allowed to compete in shows, and they come with paperwork and the ease of telling your friends what kind of dog you have in a few words without explanation. 

But purebred dogs often come from years of selective breeding to produce specific traits in them, and often, that breeding involves repeatedly crossing bloodlines.

In a situation like that, issues like cancers and hip dysplasia can occur and are often the bane of purebred dogs.

A hybrid dog, however, has a fresh infusion of genetics to draw from and is much less likely to develop the earmark problems that come with many purebred dogs. The result is a dog with the same vigor but generally better health.

Because of the way breeds work, a hybrid can either come with a higher or lower price tag than its purebred counterparts, depending on the difficulty of the breed to come by and how sought after it is.

The Traits of a Golden Mountain Doodle


Because this breed is a mixture of three different breeds, and hybrids aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club, different breeders will have different standards for what a Golden Mountain Doodle should look like.

However, they do tend toward bulkier bodies, and most will have the telltale wavy coats of their Poodle ancestry.

The Golden Mountain Doodle is hypoallergenic, a trait also passed down from its Poodle parentage.

They come in both standard and miniature sizes and fit in well with families.

Unlike a purebred Golden Retriever, a Golden Mountain Doodle possesses the capacity to be calm, though whether or not it actually is depends on the breeder you’re going to and what traits they’ve been encouraging.

Because the Golden Mountain Doodle is a cross between a Bernedoodle and a Goldendoodle, most of its genetics come from the Poodle.

That’s why the Golden Mountain Doodle retains its hypoallergenic coat, even when the pups come out with no telltale curls of a Poodle.

Necessary Care


Like all dog breeds, the Golden Mountain Doodle has a few specific requirements in terms of health and happiness.

Just like some dogs need to be brushed and taken on runs, the Golden Mountain Doodle has specific needs that will have to be addressed and should be taken into consideration before you adopt one.

Average Day Maintenance 

The Golden Mountain Doodle is a beautiful dog, but there are certain things you have to schedule into your agenda to keep them that way. 

For example, Golden Mountain Doodle coats are prone to matting, so regular appointments with a groomer are necessary.

It’s also important to brush your Golden Mountain Doodle daily to help prevent these mats from forming, as they are close to the skin and can inhibit movement.

Golden Mountain Doodles are also incredibly active dogs, a trait they get from their Golden Retriever ancestry.

A Golden Mountain Doodle requires at least a 45-minute walk every day to stay healthy in both body and mind and let out some of the energy that comes with the nature of the breed. 

That said, this is a minimum. The Golden Mountain Doodle is a very energetic dog and will love more exercise as long as you have the energy to bring it along with you. 

There’s no need to hold back or cap the amount of running or exploration you do with your canine companion when that companion is a Golden Mountain Doodle.

So, if you want to throw in a game of fetch or some spirited play a few times a day, your Golden Mountain Doodle will love you for it!

This makes them ideal for people with more active lifestyles, but an active lifestyle isn’t a necessity to keep this dog happy. At their core, they are family dogs.

The Bernese Mountain Dog in a Golden Mountain Doodle is fiercely loyal and wants to love the people around it.

Health Concerns

The Golden Mountain Doodle is at less risk of many conditions and diseases than its purebred Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle counterparts, but there are still a few things to keep an eye on when it comes to your canine companion.

Golden Mountain Doodles are prone to certain cancers, eye disease, skin disease, and hip and elbow dysplasia and are also prone to specific allergies. 

The best way to ensure that your dog doesn’t come down with any of these comes before you adopt is to go to a reputable breeder.

Find one known for breeding healthy dogs and reduce the risk of your Golden Mountain Doodle having something wrong with it in the future.

While all of these things are viable health concerns with any dog that comes from a purebred line, the risk of many of them is greatly reduced just by the nature of the Golden Mountain Doodle being a hybrid rather than a pure breed in its own right.

A Newer Breed


The Golden Mountain Doodle was first bred at SwissRidge kennel in 2013. That makes it a fairly new breed in the grand scheme of things, not even a decade old yet.

Unfortunately, that means there hasn’t been time to collect data on longer-term things like how long you can expect your Golden Mountain Doodle to live compared to other breeds.

Going off of the breeds that go into it, however, it’s estimated that the lifespan of a standard Golden Mountain Doodle will be somewhere around the thirteen-year mark.

Most of the other health concerns people are watching for come right from the breeds that go into a Golden Mountain Doodle, but the fact that the breed is so new and so little is known about it is a good thing to keep in mind when deciding on a dog for your home.

It is likely that a Golden Mountain Doodle will come with surprises, but the truth is most dogs will, whether personal or due to the breed. Decide whether or not this is something you can handle.

Conclusion For What Is a Golden Mountain Doodle?


A Golden Bernedoodle or Golden Mountain Doodle is so much more than just a hybrid dog breed. Although it’s new, it’s the result of three old, strong bloodlines combined to create a beautiful and family-friendly companion. 

It’s a dog that doesn’t need as much rigorous exercise as a Golden Retriever but still retains as much energy in reserve and the eagerness to please that Golden Retrievers have. 

It’s a dog that isn’t as stubborn as a Bernese Mountain Dog but retains the desire to protect and love a family. And it’s a dog with the intelligence and cleverness of a Poodle, the same hypoallergenic coat, but the loyalty of the other two breeds.

The Golden Mountain Doodle is so popular specifically because it brings the best of the three worlds it represents into a single animal companion, and anyone would be lucky to have one in their life.

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