Are Goldendoodles Calm Dogs? Tips For Doodles Gone Crazy! (2024)

Are Goldendoodles Calm Dogs?

Not everyone can handle rambunctious dogs. However, canine companions are some of the best additions to the family that you can make.

Certain breeds of dogs are capable of relaxing better than others. Some need constant attention while others are independent enough to relax on their own.

The Goldendoodle provides a healthy balance of needing to play while also being happy to lie right next to you.

Bred from a Poodle and Golden Retriever, the Goldendoodle is an extremely friendly dog. This breed is the kind to make a new friend everywhere they go.

While it’s still a relatively new dog breed, it’s temperament can largely be guessed by its parentage. Both the Poodle and the Golden Retriever are friendly dogs.

They’re intelligent and usually able to be trained quite easily. That makes them an excellent choice for families who prefer a calmer dog or older couples who need a dog that will listen to them.

Are Goldendoodles calm dogs? Yes, Goldendoodles can be calm dogs. Goldendoodles are friendly dogs who enjoy playing, but they are easily trainable and can be taught to relax and lay down. As they grow older, Goldendoodles are more likely to want to rest beside you rather than chase after a ball. More than anything, they’re happy to be around you.

Age, as well as breed, can determine whether or not a dog is calm. However, there are methods that you can utilize to help keep your dog calm and encourage them to relax. 

Let’s talk about how to keep Goldendoodles relaxed and calm when it’s time to chill. Oh, we’d also added some comments from REAL Goldendoodle owners at the bottom. Be sure to read those…they’re pretty helpful.

How Do I Calm My Goldendoodle Down?

Goldendoodles, especially when they’re younger, have a lot of energy. They need to play and exert their energy.

The best way to keep your Goldendoodle calm and relaxed is to play with them. This can be as easy as throwing a ball outside for a few minutes.

They’ll wear themselves out and then be quite content to lay around for the next few hours.

(This article is chock full of other ways to ensure your Doodle is happy, exercised sufficiently, and kept mentally sharp.)

The younger a Goldendoodle is, the more they’re going to need to play. You also need to take their intelligence into account.

Because they’re smart, Goldendoodles can become bored.

This can lead to destructive behavior. Goldendoodles might start chewing up furniture or getting into the trash or other items. They’re simply bored.

By providing plenty of chewing and/or interactive toys (see our top recommendations) and keeping them mentally stimulated, they’ll be focused and attentive on the task.

Check out our Complete Guide to Mental Stimulation for creative ideas and to be certain you’re providing your dog with what he needs.

There are numerous toys, like this treat-dispensing, interactive toy, that you can buy that serve to occupy your dog and challenge their intelligence.

This can occupy them for a few hours while you relax.

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However, when it comes down to it, you need to exercise your Doodle. Families with younger kids are a great option for Goldendoodles because they can work off their energy together.

Older owners should probably look into procuring an older Goldendoodle. They’ll be less likely to want to play as much and prefer to cuddle up with you instead.

How Long Do Goldendoodle Puppies Take To Mature?

If you’re the owner of a puppy Goldendoodle, you likely wonder do Goldendoodles ever calm down? There’s just so much energy! This is a natural part of a being puppy.

We cover all you need to know about raising your Goldendoodle puppy in our comprehensive book, The Owner’s Guide to the Perfect Goldendoodle.

It is full of breed-specific information about training, grooming, feeding, health issues, and so much more. It’s a must-read for every Goldendoodle owner!

Every puppy, regardless of breed, is going to have a lot of energy. However, you’ll likely also notice that your puppy tends to pass out every few minutes for a hard nap.

They burn a lot of energy, but they also need to replenish that energy.

You may be counting the days until your puppy reaches adulthood. How long it takes for them to reach maturity depends on their size.

For owners of smaller Goldendoodles, they’ll become mature around nine months. However, their emotional maturity may take a few more months after that.

Larger Goldendoodles take anywhere from a full year to 15 months to mature.

They’ve officially reached their adult size and weight by this point. Yet their emotional and mental maturity may take some time too.

Learn more about Goldendoodles both large and small, their temperament and quirks, and find the answers to common concerns in our other Goldendoodle articles. Click here to access them all.

Essentially, if you want a dog to have less energy, then you should look for a Goldendoodle around the 10-year mark.

By this point, they’ve become older dogs. Playtime is less important to them than naptime.

How Do I Stop My Goldendoodle From Jumping Up?

One behavior that puppies often perform is jumping on people. Some see this as an overexcited dog instead of a calm one. This isn’t always the case.

Puppies and younger dogs are just excited to see new people and new dogs. They might jump up as a result to reach faces for those special dog kisses.

Understandably, this can make some people wary. For Goldendoodles, who can be larger dogs, jumping up on people can sometimes cause injuries.

To help your dog remain calm, you should train your Goldendoodle to stop jumping up.

It’s important to understand why dogs jump up first. Dogs greet one another nose-to-nose. A human’s nose is typically higher than they can reach. Hence, they jump to reach their noses.

There are a few ways you can handle a jumping dog. (Our article on Goldendoodle jumping gives even more options to manage this behavior.)


The first is to manage the behavior. In the event that your dog doesn’t take to training, this might be your best option.

Simply place your dog in a crate or in another room or have them on a leash when you’re expecting company. This confines their ability to jump.

Placing them on a leash, especially, can be an excellent method for you to exert your control over them and show them that jumping isn’t good behavior.


Training may seem difficult but it’s a matter of introducing a new behavior for when the dog meets someone.

You should teach your dog how to sit at the person’s feet when greeting them. This can be done with the help of someone that they want to meet.

Give them the command to sit whenever the person appears. They can’t jump if they’re sitting.

You can also show them that they won’t receive attention if they jump. Ignore them if they’re jumping. By giving them attention when they do jump, you’re reinforcing the behavior.

Your training regime should be as follows. Have your dog sit, and then let the person enter the room. If the dog gets up to greet them, the person immediately leaves the room.

Once more, you ask the dog to sit, and then the person enters the room.

Continue this until the Goldendoodle remains sitting while the person enters. All progress should be reinforced with yummy treats, like these natural tidbits.

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How Do I Stop Goldendoodle Puppy Nipping?

Another aspect of owning any puppy is the inevitable puppy nips. Many believe that a dog isn’t calm if the puppy starts gnawing on their fingers and toes.

Puppies nip and gnaw for a few reasons. One is that they are teething. They need to chew to relieve some of the pain and irritation in their mouths.

The other reason is that it’s their way of expressing affection or playing around.

To inhibit puppy nipping, you should begin by making your hand go limp when the puppy bites too hard.

Couple this limpness with a sharp yelp or a loud “ow!” This tells the puppy that they’re biting too hard.

Finally, introduce chew toys (this variety pack is perfect for little mouths with sharp teeth), and distract your puppy with them when they come to play.

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Be sure to read our article on Goldendoodle puppy biting for a more in-depth look at why puppies bite and several ways you can teach them to stop.

Actual Goldendoodle Owners Share All…

“Ours will be 4 in March. He’s a nut, or passed out. It doesn’t seem to matter how much exercise he gets. He’s on or off. Crazy or a rag doll. He goes to sleep promptly at 10 pm. It’s just his nature! Edit: F1, 70 lb horse of a doodle.”

“That’s my guy. 60-65 lbs of madness. The only puppy pics I have of him are sleeping or a blur.”

“Mine is almost 4 and while he’s calmed down a bit, he still flips out whenever anybody comes over and/or when any of us have been gone for more than 24 hours and come home. Hopping and hugging all over everyone with a reckless abandon.”

“We have two 2-year-olds that are pretty mellow with two exceptions:

  • about once a day they have “lose your mind time” for 5 minutes. It is, ‘chase each other around the house (indoor or out) barking their fool heads off’ time.
  • whenever someone arrives (returning from work, school, shopping, or a visitor) then the male goes on a happy/excited bark fit. Fortunately, they are mini’s (he weighs 19 lbs.) so if you pick him up he stops” (Source)

The 5 Toys Owners Recommend (for keeping them occupied)

  1. Kong Toy (see on Amazon) — best if you put some of their favorite treats or peanut butter inside.
  2. Snuffle Mat (see on Amazon) — brings out your dog’s natural foraging instincts.
  3. Bully Sticks (see on Amazon) — they love these and they’re not dangerous like rawhide chews are.
  4. Wishbone Dog Chew (see on Amazon) — recommended by owners, experts, and Doodles.
  5. Hol-ee Roller Ball (see on Amazon) — Super durable yet soft, over-sized ball.

Related Questions

What Are the Most Important Training Commands for Goldendoodles?

For owners who want to encourage their dog to remain calm, commands are going to be your best-used tool.

The commands you should teach to your dog are to sit, lie down, and to be silent. All of these can prevent bad behaviors that might otherwise occur.

Sit for jumping up, laying down for running, and silent for barking.

Are Goldendoodles Easy to Train?

Both the Golden Retriever and the Poodle are extremely intelligent dogs. They rank on the American Kennel Club’s Top Ten of easiest dogs to train.

Their Goldendoodle child is just as intelligent. They also love to please their owners.

So, if you couple training with a lot of praise and treats, your Goldendoodle will love to train and learn new things.

Of course you want the very best for your Goldendoodle, but raising a puppy can be tough and full of challenges.

We answer all your questions and provide a ton of advice specific to the breed in our complete guidebook The Owner’s Guide to the Perfect Goldendoodle.

Grab your copy today so that you can rest assured that you’re doing things the right way and giving your pup the best possible start in life.

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