Are Goldendoodles Hyper? Keeping This Crazy Fun Dog Calm! (2024)

Are Goldendoodles Hyper

Goldendoodle dogs are a special breed of dog thanks to the Poodle and Golden Retriever they’re bred from.

An intelligent, playful, loving, laid-back dog with a coat that has proven very good for allergy sufferers, Goldendoodles (or Groodles as they’re sometimes called) make excellent companion dogs, hunting dogs and even competition dogs.

They have tons of energy that make them capable of almost anything they want to do. But do they have too much energy?

Are Goldendoodles hyper? They can definitely be a hyper energy-filled ball of fun, especially in their puppy through adolescent years. Both the Poodle and the Golden Retriever are high-energy dogs bred for hard work and sport. However, with sufficient exercise and plenty of activities to keep them occupied, it shouldn’t be a worry.

In fact, their activity and energy level is often a trait that attracts people to the Goldendoodle breed in the first place.

And yes, Goldendoodle ‘zoomies’ are a real thing (when they run around like a crazy dog) and if you haven’t experienced them before, it might just change your life! Seriously! laughing But no need to worry…when it’s time for them to calm down, we’ll show you ways to do that.

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What Effects Their Energy Level?

Goldendoodle dogs are much like humans in that each one is different. Each Goldendoodle dog has qualities that affect their energy level.

One of the biggest factors affecting the energy level is their age.

Goldendoodle puppies are filled with energy and love playing, but they also spend a great deal of time napping. They wake up, eat, play and take a nap.

As they get older, their need for naps decreases, but their energy level increases. This is another area where puppies are similar to children.

They go through an adolescent stage, like children, where they’re filled with all sorts of pent-up energy and need lots of exercise.

This canine adolescent period is usually when the dog is between 6 months and a year old, but it can go as old as 18 months in some dogs.

Diet, size, and the amount of exercise they get can play a part in the Goldendoodle’s energy level, but age is probably the biggest factor.

This article explains in greater detail how long it typically takes a Goldendoodle to fully mature both mentally and physically.

Goldendoodle Exercise Needs

Like humans and every other breed of dog, Goldendoodles need regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy.

Unlike humans, who often balk at the idea of regular exercise, Goldendoodles not only require exercise but also crave and love exercise.

Providing your Goldendoodle with regular exercise should begin as soon as you bring him home, which is usually at about 8 to 10 weeks of age.

[mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”cdgvg6gcvnzwvhb5a8rs” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”Meet 6 Adorable Goldendoodles” volume=”70″]As a young puppy, the Goldendoodle should get 5 minutes of exercise for each month of his life until he or she reaches adulthood.

A six-month-old should receive about 30 minutes of exercise each day. This exercise can be broken down into two sessions per day.

(See our Complete Goldendoodle Exercise Guide for tips and creative ideas for providing your Doodle with enough physical activity.)

As the Goldendoodle ages, his exercise needs will vary from one dog to the next.

One Goldendoodle may need two to three 20-minute sessions per day while another may do well with only 20 minutes per day and be happy as a couch potato the rest of the day.

Goldendoodles do enjoy cuddling and relaxing with their owners (you’ll find tips here to help active Doodles learn to love cuddle time), so you may have to be firm about providing the dog with daily exercise because all dogs need regular exercise.

In addition to regular physical exercise, your Goldendoodle also requires mental stimulation. They are very intelligent dogs and may become bored very quickly without adequate mental stimulation.

Provide them with brain games and puzzles, like this disc-shaped treat puzzle on Amazon, that will not just occupy their mind but also help them wear off excess energy.

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Kong toys especially and similar interactive toys and puzzles are very popular with Goldendoodle dogs. Your Goldendoodle will love any kind of treat-dispensing toys that require he uses his brain.

We share even more ideas in our mental stimulation guide.

Best Ways to Cope with Excess Energy

The method of exercise you give your Goldendoodle will depend on many things, including the dog’s age, your time, where you live, and the dog’s exercise requirements.

Most Goldendoodle owners provide the dog with exercise by taking them for daily walks or playing fetch.

For Goldendoodles that think fetch is the greatest sport ever (and most of them do), consider using a ball launcher, like this one, that allows you to throw for greater distances without wearing out your arm.

You won’t have to bend over to pick up the ball over and over and your hands won’t get covered with slobber. 

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Because both of the breeds used to create the Goldendoodle were originally bred to be water retrievers, swimming is usually a favorite among Goldendoodles too.

Just be sure to follow these safety tips whenever your Doodle is enjoying some water-time fun.

These tried-and-true exercise routines are beneficial and enjoyed by most dogs because they involve interaction and one-on-one time with their owners.

Training and Tricks

However, sometimes a Goldendoodle may have so much excess energy that routine exercise sessions may not be adequate for the dog. With dogs like this, it’s beneficial to increase their training.

There are many tricks or commands you can teach the dog beyond the basic sit, down, stay, come, and heel commands. Goldendoodles love challenges and learning new things.

The more commands you can teach him, the happier he’ll be and the less energy he’ll have at the end of the day.

Instead of giving him 20 minutes of training each session, gradually increase it by 5 minutes until you can see a difference in the dog.

You don’t want the dog to be exhausted, but you can also tell if the dog is still filled with energy when you’re ready to quit.


Agility competitions are another way you can help overcome the Goldendoodle’s excess energy. They love the outdoors and love running and jumping.

Agility is great for the dog’s overall well-being and health. Agility exercises will not only provide the dog with adequate exercise but can also prepare the dog for actual agility competitions.

Goldendoodles are smart enough to learn all kinds of tricks and new skills. Check with all of our Goldendoodle articles (30+) to see what else these intelligent dogs are capable of.

Signs Your Goldendoodle Isn’t Getting Enough Exercise

Every dog has a different exercise requirement. Even if you believe you’re providing your dog with sufficient exercise, he may still not be getting enough for his breed, size, age, and energy levels.

Here are some signs that your Goldendoodle is not getting enough exercise.

  • Excessive leash pulling – If your dog is pulling on the leash when you go for walks, he may have too much energy and may not be getting enough exercise. For a more pleasant walk, consider letting him run a little or play fetch before you take him out for a walk.
  • Destroying property – If your puppy is chewing on things around the house or yard, there’s an excellent chance it’s because he needs more exercise.
  • Gaining weight – If your Goldendoodle has been gaining weight without increasing his food intake, he may not be getting sufficient exercise.
  • Acting Shy – A dog that suddenly becomes shy and withdrawn may be doing so because he’s depressed and needs more exercise.
  • More hyper than usual – If your dog appears to be loaded with more energy than normal, he might be in need of more exercise.
  • Lack of Endurance – If your dog seems to be getting tired quicker than usual, he might be out of shape and need to have the length of his exercise sessions increased. Your Goldendoodle should be able to walk 30 to 45 minutes without showing signs of being exhausted.
  • Whining or barking – Dogs that are bored and in need of more exercise will often whine and bark for attention.

Related Questions:

Are Goldendoodles Good Dogs?

Goldendoodles may have been around for a couple of decades, but they are still a relatively new breed of dog.

Although this hybrid breed may be unfamiliar to many people, those who do own Goldendoodles will positively tell you that Goldendoodles are very good dogs, whether their purpose is a family pet, companion dog, service animal, hunting dog or therapy dog.

Their intelligence and temperament make them ideal for most situations. Their allergy-friendly coat is an added bonus.

Are Goldendoodles Cuddly?

Although every dog’s personality is different, and a lot of it has to do with training and socialization, most Goldendoodles are cuddly by nature.

Despite their high energy levels, few things make them happier than lounging and cuddling with their owners on the couch after a long full day.

In Summary…

Unfortunately, too many dogs are mistakenly labeled as hyper dogs when all they needed was more exercise.

Goldendoodle dogs are the result of an excellent idea by breeders looking for a good family or companion dog.

Their energy level may be termed as “hyper” by some but most Goldendoodle owners appreciate them for the energetic, playful, and loving dogs they are when properly trained.

Although Goldendoodles can be ideal family companions in practically every way, some effort on your part will be needed to guide them as they grow. 

The Owner’s Guide to the Perfect Goldendoodle provides you with everything you need to raise the dog of your dreams. Grab your copy today!

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