Basenji German Shepherd Mix Guide! (2024)


Basenji German Shepherd mix dogs are ideal pets for families with older children who want a guard dog. This dog breed is quiet and well-mannered, taking traits from its parents.

As the name suggests, a Basenji German Shepherd mix comes from a Basenji and a German Shepherd. Basenji German Shepherd mixes are intelligent dogs who must have their mental and instinctual needs met consistently. 

Unlike Basenji Belgian Malinois mixes, Basenji German Shepherd mixes are more playful and social. The breed can go through phases of being friendly and being aloof in social situations.

A Basenji German Shepherd mix will need plenty of alone time to recharge after being social with others but will gladly introduce themselves to others if they are feeling sociable. Read more to learn about Basenji German Shepherd mixes.

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Basenji German Shepherd Mix Information


The Basenji German Shepherd mix may seem like a relatively unconventional dog breed to some.

After all, these two dog breeds are nearly complete opposites. However, combining the traits of each can have profoundly positive impacts on the puppies of the two.

Basenji German Shepherd mixes are equal parts friendly and aloof. They will play with others and have fun but require alone time to recharge.


Basenji German Shepherds are friendly hybrids with loving personalities. The breed loves nothing more than spending time with their favorite people. Basenji German Shepherds are comfortable meeting new people. 

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t benefit from having plenty of alone time later to relax.

Despite having no issues around new people, the breed will need lots of exposure so they don’t just tolerate the presence of strangers. Instead, they’ll eagerly welcome visitors to their homes.

This breed is highly energetic, and that is reflected in their various habits. In particular, you can expect to see them prowling about the home and running around.

Their curiosity and high-tempo personality make them a perfect guard dog. However, they may not alert owners with their voice, but instead an iconic Basenji yodel. 

One thing to consider is that they will require extensive daily exercise to keep on top of their precious personality. 


Basenji German Shepherd mixes can be solid tan but may also have a tri-color design resembling the German Shepherd.

This coloration depends on which breed offers more genetic makeup to the dog. Some Basenji German Shepherd mixes bear more of a resemblance to one ancestor.

Basenji German Shepherds usually have more than one color and may retain the coloration of a Basenji, being tan with white going down the center of its chest.

These white splotches may also decorate your Basenji German Shepherd’s legs and underbelly. In addition, some examples of the breed can have reddish tones on their coat.


A Basenji and a German Shepherd are nowhere near the same size, with a German Shepherd being bigger. You might imagine this would cause the resulting puppies to be a mix of sizes.

However, most Basenji German Shepherds will take after their German Shepherd parent, making most puppies on the larger side.

While Basenji German Shepherd mixes will typically be smaller than a standard German Shepherd, they can still grow as dense and tall as one. This breed will usually be anywhere from 25 to 80 pounds and can grow up to 25 inches.

It may be rare, but some Basenji German Shepherd puppies can be on the smaller end and inherit their Basenji parent genetics for smaller stature.



Basenji German Shepherds can live between ten to 14 years. However, when the breed receives the proper care and treatment, they may live longer.

The longest living dog was an Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey who lived 29 years. Usually, Australian Cattle Dogs live 15 years and no more than that.

In contrast, the average German Shepherd has a lifespan of slightly over ten years, while a Basenji ranges from 12 to 14.  

When your Basenji German Shepherd mix lives a life full of fun, abundance, and exercise, they may have more years in their life.

Health Conditions

Basenji German Shepherd mixes are generally healthy. However, some may be susceptible to conditions like hip and joint dysplasia. In addition, Basenji German Shepherds can develop depression symptoms if they don’t receive the proper care.

Allergies may also be common in a Basenji German Shepherd mix. These can manifest in many ways but often result in excessive scratching and itching, and sudden rashes.

Some may even have food allergies or environmental allergies that could impact their daily life and make it difficult to do basic things.

Watch for signs like itchiness, scratching, and excess salivation since these may indicate an allergy to something in the environment.


Basenji German Shepherd mixes can be challenging to train. That is partly a consequence of the breed typically borrowing stubbornness from their Basenji parents, making training at home difficult.

However, it is not impossible. With time and patience, you can train a Basenji German Shepherd mix, but you will need to be consistent with your approach and methods. 

With that in mind, consider making a training schedule to follow to ensure that your Basenji German Shepherd mix can rely on predictability and understand what you expect of them. Use training treats, praise, and affection to aid your effort.

Moreover, start training young to ensure your Basenji German Shepherd mix puppies and other Basenji Shepherd mixes learn much better and faster.


A German Shepherd Basenji mix may not need much grooming and is hypoallergenic. Basenjis have notoriously short hair and don’t shed.

If a Basenji German Shepherd mix takes after its Basenji parent, it won’t need more than a simple wash every couple of weeks.

However, German Shepherds have long hair that will need to be brushed and washed several times a month. German Shepherds are notorious shedders and may leave a trail of hair in the wake.

If a Basenji German Shepherd mix inherits their coat type, they will require frequent brushing and hair trimming.

Regardless, a Basenji German Shepherd will need to have its nails clipped and filed every couple of weeks, as well.


Basenjis and German Shepherds are active dogs and need plenty of exercises to keep up with the demands their energy calls for them.

Although these breeds are calm and mild-mannered, exercise keeps them happy and healthy. Daily walks, runs, or jobs can provide a Basenji German Shepherd mix with the exercise it needs to be happy.

Besides more rigorous activities, Basenji German Shepherd mixes can also get exercise from playtime with older children and other pets.

Dietary Needs

Basenji German Shepherd mixes should be fed a high-quality diet with ample protein and fiber. Avoid food options with by-products, unnecessary sugars, and fillers.

Likewise, don’t choose anything with artificial colors since these food dyes are known to cause cancer and hyperactivity in dogs. Other dyes are carcinogenic and can harm your pet’s internal organs.

Are Basenji German Shepherd Mixes Good With Children?


Basenji German Shepherd mixes do best with older children and those who aren’t loud and precocious.

While German Shepherds adore young children, Basenjis are not comfortable with anyone who doesn’t respect their boundaries. Basenji German Shepherd mixes usually take after their Basenji parents in this regard.

A Basenji German Shepherd mix will prefer the calmness and quiet typical of an older child. They will also likely enjoy small games like hide-and-seek, tag, fetch, and tug of war.

Basenji German Shepherd mixes don’t get the inclination to play often, but they will have mild outbursts of playtime. Usually, the breed would rather prowl around their established perimeter, looking for dangers or trouble.

Are Basenji German Shepherd Mixes Vocal?

Most Basenji German Shepherd mixes are vocal and enjoy using their voice as a typical German Shepherd would. However, some Basenji German Shepherd mixes are barkless and may inherit the short larynx of the Basenji.

They can bark, but it causes discomfort. Instead, a Basenji will yodel, scream, and howl—a habit that is most common when they get excited. 

When a Basenji German Shepherd inherits a short larynx, it may only bark to alert their owners of danger or a need. As with the Basenji, they will likely retain the ability to yodel, mewl, and groan.

Can Basenji German Shepherd Mixes Be Left Alone For Long Periods?


Basenji German Shepherd mixes are a perfect option for busy families.

They thrive on alone time, as long as their needs have been met and they don’t have any urgent health problems. In particular, the breed requires alone time after social interactions to recharge their batteries and keep themselves happy.

Basenji German Shepherd mixes inherit their Basenji parent’s desire for independence and the need to explore on their own.

Since they are so deeply independent, the breed prefers to prowl around the yard and perimeter at their leisure, looking for potential threats or danger.

In that context, you can be confident that your Basenji German Shepherd mix will be comfortable at home while you are away from home.

Are Basenji German Shepherd Mixes Good For First-Time Dog Owners?

Basenji German Shepherds are stunning and fascinating dogs. However, they are picky and require a lot of care, time, and patience. Basenjis tend to pass down their genetic traits for stubbornness and difficulty training.

So, while the mix may be affectionate, they can be challenging to train for verbal commands.

Due to this difficulty with training, the breed is best for seasoned dog owners and those with experience training canines. First-time owners may be better suited to a more easily trainable breed.

However, first-time dog owners can volunteer at shelters to get some experience before adopting their Basenji German Shepherd. With this approach, a prospective owner will be better prepared to learn how to care for this unique breed.

Conclusion For “Basenji German Shepherd Mix Guide”


Basenji German Shepherd mixes are a perfect dog breed for families with older children and those who enjoy spending plenty of time outdoors.

Couples who want a companion for outdoorsy adventures will love introducing a lively Basenji German Shepherd mix into their home.

The breed is highly intelligent and loves nothing more than watching out for danger and hunting small creatures that wind up in the backyard.

Basenji German Shepherd mixes are also loyal dogs who get attached to their owners and are willing to protect them at all costs.

Choosing a Basenji German Shepherd mix will give you a pet full of energy. They’ll need lots of exercise and activity but will reward you with devotion, loyalty, and love. 

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