6 Best Basenji Breeders in Ohio! (2024)


The basenji is a lovely breed of medium-sized, short-haired dog. Originally bred in the congo, they were tailored to help hunters flush out small prey.

Well, they still make good hunting dogs, and those are in high demand, particularly in the southern parts of Ohio, but they also make excellent family pets.

Whether you live in the country or the city, a basenji could be the right dog for you. Fortunately, there are many reputable basenji breeders right here in the state of Ohio!

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Is the Basenji Right for You?


The basenji is a highly intelligent dog, which makes them excellent companions and loyal family dogs, but they are not for everyone.

They are on the smaller end of the medium size, adjust well to living in urban areas, and are good with kids when they’ve been socialized to be around them. However, they are not particularly easy to train.

A basenji understands what you are asking of it, but getting them to cooperate is another matter entirely. They like to play games and try to outsmart their trainers, and if one knows it can get a treat for doing something, it won’t do it for free.

Some people enjoy this degree of cleverness from their canine companions, and if you are one, the basenji might be the right choice.

The basenji’s intelligence makes them little escape artists. They’ve been known to hop fences, find gaps when they’re available, and the hunting instinct in these dogs is strong.

Trying to keep a basenji from running down and killing animals it sees as prey is a monumental task, so they aren’t necessarily good in a house with cats or small pets. 

These are hunting dogs. It is simply in their nature, and trying to go against that is folly at best. If you do have other smaller animals around the house, it might be best to look for a herding dog rather than a hunting dog.

If you’re okay with all of that and looking for a smaller medium-sized dog with short hair that won’t make as much noise, the basenji might be right for you.

The basenji is a barkless dog, but that doesn’t mean the basenji is soundless. They make sounds and can emulate a bark, though it doesn’t come as naturally as their other sounds do.

The basenji will make sounds to communicate with you but aren’t likely to make loud ones that will annoy your neighbors in the middle of the night. This fact is one of the things that makes them a good fit for city life.

The Best Basenji Breeders in Ohio


There’s little wonder why someone would want a basenji in their life, but if you’re planning on trying to find one from a breeder, you want to find a reputable breeder to get your basenji puppy from. 

Finding a reputable breeder can be a monumental task. You want to be sure you do your due diligence and find someone who treats their animals well and breeds quality dogs that will be free of many of the common issues plaguing purebred dogs.

Rather than wade through a mire of suggestions without being certain if what you’re getting is quality, or taking hours to search out all of your options yourself, here is a list of some of the best basenji breeders in Ohio!

1. Sue Kite (Klassic Basenjis)


Klassic Basenjis raises their pups around people, so they’re already well socialized by the time they get to you.

Sue Kite vets anyone adopting pups from her to make sure the dogs are going to good homes, and you can expect she takes as much care in every aspect of her dog breeding. 

If you go to her website and take a look at the application, it will give you an idea of what she’s looking for in terms of the people she will sell pups to.

And though the standards are not impossible to meet, they are strict enough that you can be sure she is a reputable breeder.

Her website feels comfortable and homey with a lot of warm brown colors and galleries of images of the dogs that have come out of her kennel.

And while it looks comfortable, it is still set up professionally, so you have a good idea of what she’s about and what you’re getting into with adopting a dog from her.

Sue Kite Details:

2. CarolAnne Worsham (HiCotn Basenjis)


That’s pronounced “high cotton,” and as the website says, “when you’re in high cotton, you’re in good times.”

Ms. Worsham’s website is full of information about the basenji breed, and you can feel how much she loves the breed just by listening to her talk about them.

While there isn’t much on this website about the actual adoption process, you can feel how warm Ms. Worsham is as a person, and it makes her feel approachable and easy to talk to in regards to questions.

CarolAnne Worsham Details:

3. Timothy Huff (Victory Basenjis)


Don’t let the somewhat sketchy-looking website fool you. Timothy Huff comes well recommended in the Cleveland area. In the basenji community, Mr. Huff is well known for quality dogs and quality training.

Most of his customers find him through word of mouth rather than online, which tends to be the way of things with dog breeders in Ohio.

If you’re looking for a service animal or an emotional support dog, you can get one through Timothy Huff. There are parts of his website dedicated to just that, which you won’t find anywhere else on this list. 

Huff brings years of experience and passion to the puppy breeding process, and you’re sure to love any pup you bring home from Victory Basenji’s. 

Timothy Huff Details:

4. Becky Blansett (Epic Basenjis)


This one’s based out of Facebook. Becky takes a more casual tone with her website and presentation, but you need to look no farther than her gallery to know that she breeds quality dogs. 

The approachability of her as a basenji breeder is a plus for people who feel less intimidated going to someone who feels like the dog breeder next door rather than a more institutional-looking website like some of those above.

Becky has been breeding Basenjis for 32 years and operates out of Dayton, Ohio. While many dog breeders have shipping options, Epic Basenjis does local pick-up only, meaning you will have to go and meet the dog before you take it home.

While you do so, you can ask more questions about the puppy you’re purchasing, and you may even get to meet its mama! 

Becky Blansett Details:

5. Laurie Owen (Spring Willow Kennel)


Although she self-describes as a hobby breeder, and this is another one with a Facebook page instead of a proper website, Laurie Owen comes well recommended by the basenji community if you can get ahold of her.

The Facebook page was last updated in 2018, but there are still people posting on the page and sending her e-mails.

All of the dogs at Spring Willow Kennel grow up in the house and are well socialized, which is the perfect environment for a family pet.

Hers is another name that crops up a lot on the forums, and she comes well recommended by basenji enthusiasts the state over.

Spring Willow Kennel Details:

6. Tracy Leonard, DVM (Select Basenjis)


There isn’t a website for Select Basenjis, and in fact, you’re unlikely to have heard of Dr. Leonard save by word of mouth.

While that can feel a little bit suspicious, Dr. Leonard’s e-mail address is easily found, and they are easily contacted. If you spend some time on basenji message boards, Dr. Leonard is a name that comes up quite a bit.

You know you’re getting a quality breeder simply because of the support in the community surrounding the name.

In case you weren’t aware, DVM stands for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, making Dr. Leonard uniquely qualified to breed and raise basenji puppies.

Tracy Leonard, DVM Details:

Basenji Rescue and Transport (BRAT) 


Alright, so this one isn’t a breeder, but if you would consider a rescue, these are quality people doing quality work. 

Of course, if you want to raise the pup yourself, this probably isn’t the best way to go about it, but it would be worth considering if the pedigree isn’t as important to you.

It’s also an excellent resource for anyone considering taking in a basenji, regardless of how you mean to do that. BRAT provides an honest look into what keeping a member of the breed looks like. 

Although we’ve touched a little bit on what Basenjis are like as pets, BRAT has a whole section about taking a look at whether or not you will be equipped to handle a canine companion with the unique needs the breed has.

Basenji Rescue and Transport Details:

  • Location: 7255 Jermyn Cove, Germantown, TN, United States, Tennessee
  • Phone Number: 877-488-7328
  • Email: BRaT Contact
  • Website: BRaT

A Rescue or a Breeder?


One question that might be on your mind if you’re considering adopting a basenji is whether to adopt a rescue dog or buy one from a reputable breeder. After all, rescuing a dog is a very good thing, but aren’t rescue dogs usually recovering from trauma? 

Well, sometimes they are, and it can make them more difficult to acclimate to your family, but any reputable rescue program will do its best to match a dog to your family.

If you have your heart set on a basenji puppy, you will want to go with a breeder over a rescue. Most dogs that are in a rescue will be adults already. 

But if you’re looking for a dog that’s been housebroken already so you don’t have to do it yourself, or you don’t have the kind of money to spend that it takes to buy a pure-bred puppy with a pedigree, the adoption fees from a rescue are often much lower.

Mind you, there will still be fees with any reputable rescue.

There are fees because they have to be sure you have the means to take care of a dog, especially one that has the trauma of having to be rehomed at a more advanced age, but they would be nothing compared to a purebred basenji puppy with papers.

Conclusion For “Best Basenji Breeders in Ohio”


Regardless of where you meet your new canine companion, with a basenji, you are sure to have a loving relationship with your dog for years to come. Choose your companion well.

Make sure before you go to meet the dog that you’re prepared to meet a basenji’s needs and that a basenji will meet yours. And if all of those things line up, go and adopt a puppy from one of the best basenji breeders in Ohio. 

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