7 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Ohio! (2024)


Cockapoos have become a trending breed since their introduction to the United States in the 1960s. Cockapoo breeders in Ohio know that these pups are intelligent, easy to train, and hypoallergenic, too! These designer dogs are produced when a cocker spaniel and a poodle have puppies.

They’re adorable little dogs that usually don’t grow to weigh more than 25 pounds, so they’re wonderful companions to those who live in smaller spaces. 

Does this sound like a dog you’d be interested in? If so, check out our list of the top cockapoo breeders in the Buckeye State to begin your search for your new companion!

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1. Miller Family Puppy Love


Miller Family Puppy Love is first on our list of the top cockapoo breeders in Ohio, and as you may have guessed, they’re a family-run business!

Your little puppy will socialize with kids and other animals as she grows and plays in her earliest weeks, making for a smooth and happy transition into your home. 

You’ll find that Miller Family puppies are affordable, with AKC-registered female cocker spaniels priced at just $400.

The cost to purchase a cockapoo puppy will be based on the dog’s size and other characteristics, but the dogs are priced to fit most budgets. 

Because this is a small-scale breeder, puppies aren’t always available. You’ll want to put your name on the waiting list as early as possible!

You can do this by calling or emailing the family – they’ll want to chat with you about your preferences so that you can be matched with the most appropriate dog for your family. 

Pictures and news of available and upcoming litters can be found on the team’s Instagram. They’re a very friendly team, so feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about their cockapoo puppies!

Miller Family Puppy Love Details:

2. K and D’s Legacy Cockapoos


Next up on our list of the top cockapoo breeders in Ohio is K and D’s Legacy Cockapoos. Another small breeder, this husband and wife team began the business because of their love for all animals.

Owner Katelyn’s very first canine companion was a little cockapoo, and her love for the breed has translated into a small but successful business. 

Your little puppy will be raised in the company of loving humans. The television, doorbell, and vacuum cleaner will be second nature to your baby, and car rides and blow dryers won’t faze your pup.

Of course, parents and puppies are nose-to-tail vet-checked and are only bred or sold when they’re deemed healthy and fit by a professional. 

Check out recent news and available litters on the team’s Facebook page, then fill out the puppy questionnaire to begin the adoption process.

K and D will ask about your experience with dogs and your preferences. They’ll try to match you with the perfect pup for your family using your info

If your application is approved, you’ll be asked to place a deposit on your dog.

The deposit is non-refundable, but it’ll be applied toward the purchase price of your dog. The total cost to purchase a puppy will be determined once litters are born and assessed. 

K and D’s Legacy Cockapoos Details:

3. Hannah’s Cavapoos


Hannah’s Cavapoos, despite the moniker, is one of the top cockapoo breeders in Ohio. They specialize in both designer breeds and the team breeds and sells shih-poos, too!

Hannah’s Cavapoos is a two-family team by the Yoders and the Heatwoles. The families live 20 minutes apart – one in Mt. Hope and one in Dalton – and communicate and collaborate as they raise adorable, healthy dogs. 

You can view available puppies on the kennel’s website. There are typically dogs ready to be reserved, and at times the kennel will help their responsible friends advertise dogs for sale, too!

Your cockapoo puppy will cost between $1,000 and $1,500, but the final price is set once characteristics are determined. 

If you live too far from the Yoders and the Heatwoles, you can work together to arrange transportation for your dog.

This transport is an additional cost, but the families are reasonable! The cost of your dog includes all vaccinations, wormers, microchipping, and a few goodies to keep your puppy comfy as she transitions to your home. 

Hannah’s Cavapoos Details:

4. Red Poodle Paws


Red Poodle Paws is located in Millersburg, Ohio, and the kennel specializes in breeding cavapoos, toy poodles, French bulldogs, and the beloved cockapoo.

They’re a larger-scale breeder than some of the others on our list, but they’re responsible and reputable, earning them a place on our list of the top cockapoo breeders in Ohio!

View the available doggies on the appropriate breed page. Prices and names (which you’re welcome to change) are listed below each pup’s pic.

You can reserve dogs with a deposit of $300 which is applied against the total cost of your dog. A cockapoo puppy will run about $775 but this is set by the breeder and is based on the pup’s characteristics. 

You can learn more about your pup’s pedigree by asking the breeder.

This kennel is transparent in its practices and will disclose testing information and vet records before you adopt your dog. Pictures of your dog’s parents are available right on the website!

Red Poodle Paws Details:

5. Birch Lane Paws


Birch Lane Paws may be the perfect cockapoo breeder if you’re looking for a quality dog with an excellent pedigree and a one-year health guarantee.

This kennel breeds Yorkies, Bichon poos, Cavalier King Charles spaniels, and several other breeds and cockapoos. Look at the puppies waiting for someone like you, then choose the one you’d like to purchase.

You can view the puppy prices, but the Birch Lane Paws team also accepts offers. This makes puppies accessible to more Ohio families! Dogs are sold as companions only – you’ll need to agree to spay or neuter your dog as a condition of your contract.

Failure to do so will also void your health guarantee, so be sure you speak with the breeder about their expectations. 

While you’re in the area, be sure to visit Birch Lane Paws’s recommended supply store. Buddy’s Pet Supplies is located in Fredericksburg, Ohio, and carries everything you’ll need for your puppy, from toys to grooming tools. 

Birch Lane Paws Details:

6. Willow Lane Puppies


Willow Lane Puppies is the next Ohio cockapoo breeder on our list. This breeder is run by a husband and wife team, and every puppy born into the kennel is raised as one of the family until it’s time to join yours.

Your dog will be pre-spoiled upon arrival at your home, and most puppies have quite an easy transition into life with a new family. 

Willow Lane Puppies specializes in cockapoo puppies; wife Kaylee grew up on a farm and fell in love with animals – like cockapoos – from an early age.

Your puppy will have begun training under Kaylee’s expertise and will be ready to finish potty and obedience training with you. Husband Abe manages the business side of the kennel, so you’ll likely meet with him, too!

Puppies are posted on the website as they become available, and upcoming litters are announced on the site, too.

Dogs come with a one-year health guarantee; you can bring your puppy home when she is ten weeks old.

Dogs are priced based on their characteristics, but you can expect to pay between $2,500 and $3,00 for your fur-ever friend. 

Willow Lane Puppies Details:

7. Little Paws LLC


Little Paws LLC breeds several pups, including cavapoos, morkies, shichons, and cockapoos. You can view the available little ones when you click the appropriate link.

While cockapoos aren’t always available, you can always put your name on the waiting list! Once an upcoming litter is announced, you can apply to adopt, then place a deposit on your dog. 

Dogs at Little Paws are reasonably priced – you can expect to pay around $1,500 for your cockapoo puppy from this Ohio breeder.

Your dog has a one-year health guarantee against genetic conditions and certain other illnesses. She’ll have been checked by a vet and vaccinated, wormed, and microchipped before going home with you. 

Puppies are sold as companions only, so you’ll be required to have your dog spayed or neutered as a part of your contract. If you have questions about the appropriate age to do this, please ask!

Most responsible cockapoo breeders in Ohio recommend that you wait as long as possible to have the procedure performed – it’s better for your dog’s overall health and development. 

Little Paws LLC Details:

  • Location: Millersburg, Ohio
  • Phone Number: 330-473-3238
  • Website: Little Paws LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest Cockapoo color?

There are three rare Cockapoo colors–merle, sable, and phantom.

What is the longest-living Cockapoo?

The longest living Cockapoo was reported to have lived for 23 years.

Are Cockapoos needy dogs?

Cockapoos are social dogs, and if they are not with their pack, they will get clingy. They just want to be close to the people they love!

So Where Are the Best Cockapoo Breeders in Ohio?


The little cockapoo is the result of crossing a poodle with a cocker spaniel, and the designer breed has increased in popularity since its introduction to American families!

Since the 1960s, these fluffy little friends have been hypoallergenic companions to thousands of families. 

Considering a cockapoo as the newest addition to your own household? Contact one of these breeders!

These are the best of the best cockapoo breeders in Ohio, and you’re sure to find a healthy and happy little fur baby when you shop the kennels on this list. 

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