4 Best Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ohio! (2024)


Ready to get a new Aussie puppy? We bet you are excited – getting a new puppy is always a thrilling experience. To make your search a bit easier, we’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best Aussiedoodle breeders in Ohio.

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The Average Cost of an Aussiedoodle Puppy from a Breeder in Ohio


The average cost of an Aussiedoodle puppy from a breeder in Ohio ranges from $500 to $5000. This range is wide because there are a few different size variations of Aussiedoodles:

  • Toy | $1500$5000+
  • Medium | $1000$2500
  • Standard | $500$2000

As you can see from the list above, the puppy’s size affects the starting prices dramatically.

But, of course, many other factors are at play, such as the parents’ pedigree, the coloring, the amount of genetic testing that each puppy undergoes, and many others.

However, some outliers go well beyond the $5000 listed above. For example, some breeders charge as much as $25,000 if the “stars align” for the abovementioned factors.

You’ll want to know this fact before you get too far into it.

Some Questions To Ask A Breeder


One of the best things you can do before you approach a breeder is to put aside a list of questions you can ask them.

Coming prepared with a list of questions shows that you have a genuine interest in purchasing a puppy and have their well-being in mind.

This is a green flag to the breeders – after all, they want to ensure that the puppies end up at a home that will love and cherish them.

To help you with this, we compiled a basic list of questions to ask to get you started:

  • What size do you expect the Aussiedoodle puppy to get when fully grown?
  • What brand of puppy food should I buy?
  • Are there any medical conditions that they have that I need to look out for?
  • Can I meet their parents and siblings?

We recommend asking more than this, as more questions are always better for your peace of mind and theirs, but this at least should serve as an example of what sort of questions are good to ask.

Common Traits of the Aussiedoodle Breed


General Demeanor: [Very Friendly]

An Aussiedoodle is often very friendly, intelligent, and playful. However, they are very gentle, especially with smaller children, despite that playfulness.

Fur Maintenance: [High]


They shed seasonally and require much maintenance to handle and keep under control. We recommend daily brushing and monthly grooming to prevent the Aussiedoodle’s fur from matting.

Be careful around their eyes, tails, and butt areas because they are quite sensitive.

You could accidentally hurt them when brushing or grooming them. Consider a professional groomer if you aren’t confident in grooming them yourself.

Energy Levels: [Very High]

Regarding their energy levels, be prepared to lag behind this powerhouse of a puppy.

They are incredibly energetic, though, thankfully, they don’t often bark unless they feel it’s necessary. We recommend daily walks if possible, with playtime set aside if walking isn’t possible.

Drooling: [Low, Until they drink water]


Aussiedoodles, like most furry dogs, have a lot of fur on their face.

When they drink water, that fur acts like a sponge and will cause the dog to drip water from their face for a few minutes until they are dried off with a towel.

We recommend training them to rub their face on some rag towels after drinking to manage this, especially if you have a flooring material that gets slippery when wet.

Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale by Breeders in Ohio


Now that we have covered the general information about Aussiedoodles, here are the Aussiedoodle breeders in Ohio.

1. Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles


First up on the list is Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles, owned by Cass (Keiser) Grimm. Cass lives on a 32-acre farm/homestead in West-Central Ohio.

She has been raising miniature Australian Shepherds since 1998 alongside ducks, chickens, and dairy goats.

So naturally, eight years ago, she started mixing those Australian Shepherds with poodles, making her debut in CKC-registered Aussiedoodle breeding. Her mom, Joyce, still prefers to raise the purebred mini Aussies.

Each puppy in Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles receives a mild dose deworming schedule starting around four weeks old. They will have received 1-2 puppy shots before being released to their new adoptive family. You’ll need to finish the remaining shots upon adoption.

The food they use is “Purina Pro Plan, Lamb & Rice Formula.”

At the time of writing, they had two puppies available: Summer, priced at $425, and BJ, a toy variant for $1000.

Ready to contact Cass and adopt one of them into your family? Here is Hidden Haven Aussiedoodle’s contact information.

Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles Details:

2. Doncie Doodles Ohio


Second up, we have Doncie Doodles Ohio. Donna Molitor owns DDO, and the pups are raised on the eight-acre Rickety Robin Farm in Batavia, Ohio.

From how the website is worded, you can tell that Donna takes great pride in what she does. In addition to Aussiedoodles, Doncie Doodles Ohio raises Bernedoodles and St. Berdoodles. The Aussiedoodles they offer are the smaller of the three varieties and, in our opinion, the cutest.

At the time of writing, they only had two Mini Bernedoodles available, but the availability will change monthly.

This breeding schedule gives the parents time to recuperate from the stresses of puppy birth, so you may need to be willing to wait awhile until they are ready.

When a litter is ready, Doncie Doodles puts on a show called “Movie Monday,” where you can see the puppies growing from week to week.

This is one unique approach we’ve seen for breeders, which certainly makes us trust them more. Another cool fact is that two of their Aussiedoodles ended up as therapy dogs – a testament to their intelligence.

If you’re ready to see if Doncie Doodles Ohio has some Aussiedoodles available, here is how you can contact them:

Doncie Doodles Ohio Details:

3. Stein Doodles


Next up, we have Stein Doodles, owned by Riley Steiner. Riley has made it his mission to ensure that all dogs he offers are genetically cleared and completely healthy.

Additionally, each dog undergoes the following:

  • OFA/Pennhip
  • Puppy Culture
  • ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation)
  • and ESI (Early Scent Introduction)

These practices give Riley the confidence to say that his puppies are confident and happy when ready to go home with their adoptive parents.

He even calls them “Steindoodles,” setting apart his pups from the rest of the Aussiedoodle population. Riley has a bachelors in Animal Science, earned in 2019. He uses the knowledge he gained from that program in his breeding approach, and the results speak…or rather, bark for themselves.

Ready to get in touch with Stein Doodles and bring home your very own “Steindoodle?” Here’s how you can contact Riley Steiner:

Stein Doodles Details:

4. Johnson’s Doodles


The last breeder on our Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ohio list is Johnson’s Doodles, owned by Shannon Johnson. Shannon is an Occupational therapist and hobbyist breeder of Aussiedoodles. She claims that her occupational therapy skills have helped her approach raising the Aussiedoodle pups to be adopted.

Johnson’s Doodles specializes in the toy variety of Aussiedoodles – Mini F1 doodles that run anywhere from $2500$3500, and Micro Mini F1b Doodles will run you about $2700$4000. In addition, Shannon requires a non-refundable $500 deposit to hold your puppy, which does go towards the final price. Payments must be made through Good Dog if you apply for a puppy on her page.

If you do adopt an Aussiedoodle from Johnson’s Doodles, and you have to fly in, She will meet you at one of two airports for no additional charge:

  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 5300 Riverside Dr, Cleveland, OH 44135
  • Akron-Canton Airport 5400 Lauby Rd NW, North Canton, OH 44720

You can meet her at her home in North Royalton, Ohio, as another option; she will take precautions when meeting you.

Here’s how to contact Shannon to get your Aussiedoodle puppy

Johnson’s Doodles Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the downside to Aussiedoodles?

Aussiedoodles are very intelligent dogs, so when they get bored, they get destructive.

What is the most popular Aussiedoodle color?

Black tri-color is the most desired color of Aussiedoodle.

Do Aussiedoodles like the cold?

Aussiedoodles have warm skin and fur, so they don’t mind the cold until it gets below freezing.

So Where Are the Best Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ohio?


At last, we’ve reached the end of our journey. We hope you found the Aussiedoodle puppy of your dreams from one of these four breeders and that they are happy and healthy.

And hey, could you give them a little scratch behind the ear for us?

Have a wonderful day, and good luck raising your furball!

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