How Much Do Aussiedoodles Cost? Actual Breeder Costs Included! (2024)

How Much Do Aussiedoodles Cost

Aussiedoodles, which are a mixture of the Australian Shepherd and a Standard or Miniature Poodle, are adorable dogs. They’ve been around for a couple of decades now. With the trend towards creating hybrid dogs, breeders believed mixing a Poodle with an Australian Shepherd would result in an allergy-friendly dog that was smart, loving and would make a great family dog.

So, how much does an Aussiedoodle puppy cost? You should expect to pay between $1,500 and $5,000 for an Aussiedoodle from a reputable, quality breeder. The average cost is probably closer to $2,500.

An Aussiedoodle that isn’t registered or comes with limited registration will be on the lower end. If you’re getting your Aussiedoodle puppy from a distant location, you will need to factor in transport costs. When choosing your puppy, you’ll want to know it comes from a good home that breeds good healthy stock.

The Aussiedoodle is definitely a success story. You only have to look at an Aussiedoodle puppy to understand why they are so popular.

If their gorgeous looks don’t get you, their intelligence sure will. Since bother their parents are known for their intelligence, it should come as no surprise that Aussiedoodles are also very intelligent. Regardless of what it is you’re looking for in a dog, you’ll probably find it in the Aussiedoodle.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that all Aussiedoodles are not created equal. Many factors can impact the cost including size, breeder quality, health clearances, and more. We’ll be covering everything you should consider in this article.

Actual Aussiedoodle Puppy Costs

When asked how much an Aussiedoodle puppy will cost, it’s often a difficult question to answer because there is such a variance from breeder to breeder. Here are 5 different prices for separate Aussiedoodle breeders. Most prices vary by color patterns.

Breeder Name



Cottonwood Creek Doodles


$3,800 to $4,200

Crockett Doodles

South Carolina

$800 to $1,900

Sand Lake Kennels

South Dakota

$1,250 to $3,250

Pecan Place Kennels


$1,250 to $1,950

Hope Hill Doodles


$1,600 to $2,000

Here’s our complete list of Aussiedoodle breeders across the US, including those who ship puppies.

What Impacts Cost Differences?

Aspiring Aussiedoodle owners are often amazed when they learn how much they may have to pay for an Aussiedoodle puppy. What amazes them most isn’t so much the cost of the Aussie puppy as the wide range of prices.

Why is one Aussiedoodle puppy so much more or less than another one? One would think that since they’re all mixed-breed dogs that come from an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, they’d be inexpensive and relatively close in price. This is seldom the case.

Several things can influence the cost.

  • A newer breed of dog – Almost any time a newer breed of dog is created, everyone wants to be an owner of that dog. This can affect the price in two ways. The dog may be cheaper because it’s new and still somewhat unproven. Once they’re proven a wonderful dog, such as the case with the Aussiedoodle, the price increases. In most cases, the price of new breeds of dogs is higher because it’s a new breed, it’s “trending”, and everyone wants one.
  • Popularity – Anytime a dog is a newer breed of dog, they seem to instantly rise in popularity. Once this happens, the price increases, and it usually increases substantially. It falls back to the old “supply and demand” policy.
  • Age of puppy – Generally, the older the Aussiedoodle puppy is, the less expensive. Everyone seems to want a puppy that they can raise and train himself or herself.
  • Breeder reputation – Reputable breeders tend to charge higher prices because they’ve invested more time and money into their breeding program and can usually back it with certain guarantees.
  • Registration – Because Aussiedoodles are mixed breeds, they cannot be registered with the American Kennel Club, but they can be registered with the International Designer Canine Registry. If they’re registered, they’re going to be more expensive.
  • Health – Many reputable breeds have their dogs screened for certain diseases and the dog’s “score” is listed on the pedigree. One example is the Canine Orthopedic Foundation of America, which screens animals for diseases like dysplasia. If the puppy has a healthy pedigree, that can increase the price.
  • Breeding rights – If you buy a puppy with full breeding rights, meaning you can breed the dog, the price will be higher than a dog with a limited registration that cannot be bred.
  • Location – If you’re buying your Aussiedoodle from a far location, the price will be higher because the buyer usually covers traveling expenses. This can increase the price by several hundreds of dollars, especially if the dog is being flown to your location.

Finding Quality Aussiedoodle Breeders

If you’ve been considering buying an Aussiedoodle for a while now, you’ve probably done your share of research and heard all the do’s and don’ts and read all the warnings about only dealing with quality Aussiedoodle breeders.

Your first question was probably, “How do I know if it’s a reputable breeder?” There are several things to watch for when talking to and visiting the breeder and the kennel.

  • If the breeder doesn’t want you coming to his kennel or wants to meet you halfway, there may be reasons he doesn’t want you at his kennel. Find another breeder.
  • The breeder should be willing to answer all your questions about this litter, the parents and his breeding practices.
  • Breeders who continually breed their dogs every heat may be a puppy mill. Avoid these places.
  • Are the puppies current on their shots? A quality breeder won’t have a problem showing you the health and immunization records.
  • Well-fed puppies are “fat and sassy”. They should be active, playful and inquisitive. Puppies that are shy and withdrawn may not have been properly socialized.
  • The kennel area and the puppies should be clean and well cared for.
  • The breeder should not have a problem showing you the puppies’ pedigree.
  • The mother should look healthy and active. She may be thin from giving birth, but if the vertebrae of her spine can be seen, this could be a health issue.
  • Don’t be afraid to do reviews on the breeder if it’s not someone local and familiar. Most reputable breeders will have a website and an online presence. If the breeder is local, ask around. Word of mouth is a great source of advertisement.

Tips For Working With A Breeder

Unless you know the breeder personally, one of the most important things is to have a good relationship with the breeder. You should feel comfortable talking with him, asking questions and sharing any concerns you may have. If you have any questions about this breed or the parents of the puppy you’re planning to buy, the time to ask these questions is before you make the final payment.

It’s not unusual for a breeder to ask for a deposit, especially when you’re dealing with popular dogs like the Aussiedoodles. This is just the breeder’s way of ensuring you don’t change your mind later. It’s also a way to get a pick of the litter. Many breeders give buyers their choice by the order in which they receive payment.

For instance, the first person to send a deposit gets first pick, the second person gets the second choice and on and on. Whether you’re paying in person or through the mail, be sure to get a receipt. If you’re mailing a check or money order, make a copy for your records be sending it.

Related Questions

What coat colors and patterns do Aussiedoodles come in?

Aussiedoodles can come in so many different colors, it’s hard to mention them all. They can be black, chocolate, red, cream, blue merle, sable, red sable, black and white, black and tan, red and white, tricolor, silver, apricot, and chocolate and white. Some interesting patterns found in Aussiedoodles include red merle tri, abstract, blue merle parti, phantom, blue merle phantom, and brindle.

Do Aussiedoodles come in different sizes?

Yes, Aussiedoodles come in different sizes. The size of the Aussiedoodle is based on if the Australian Shepherd is mixed with a miniature Poodle or a Standard Poodle. They can range from 10 to 15 inches tall and weigh from 10 to 15 pounds or may be 14 to 23” tall and weigh from 40 to 70 pounds.


Despite the cost of buying an Aussiedoodle puppy, most owners believe they are more than worth the cost. With a little research and diligence, you can find the puppy of your dreams and a companion that can be with you for many years.

Photo Credit: Cottonwood Creek Doodles