7 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Texas! (2024)


Cockapoo breeders in Texas know that the healthiest cockapoos come from quality and healthy moms and dads!

We want you to have the highest likelihood of adopting a happy and friendly cockapoo into your home, so we’ve compiled a list of the top breeders in the Lone Star State. 

The breeders on this list are reputable and responsible. They’ll care for your puppy lovingly in the weeks leading up to adoption, and your puppy will come to your home well-socialized and ready to meet your children, other pets, and you! 

Are you ready to add a cockapoo puppy to your household? Here’s our list of the best breeders in Texas!

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1. Southern Star Puppies


Southern Star Puppies is the first of the cockapoo breeders in Texas that caught our attention. This breeder is run by a husband and wife team, Jeremy and Roseanne Weaver, who live on a family farm near Eustace, Texas.

Your puppy will have plenty of opportunity to run, play, and explore outdoors – supervised, of course – in the weeks leading up to your adoption. 

Your puppy will be priced in the ballpark of $2,000, and available babies are posted on the breeder’s website.

You can find additional pictures and news about upcoming litters when you visit the Southern Star Puppies Facebook page, too, so check in to find out what’s new!

Your dog will be raised as a family member and thoroughly vet-checked before he is sold.

Dogs are vaccinated, wormed, and microchipped before they’re allowed to leave the farm, and you’ll receive vet records for your dog upon delivery. 

Speaking of delivery, Southern Star Puppies knows that Texas is a large state!

If you’re trying to adopt from the breeder but can’t make it to the Eustace area, contact the team – they may be willing and able to meet you at a more convenient location for an additional fee. 

Southern Star Puppies Details:

2. Sugarbear Cockapoos


Sugarbear Cockapoos is next on our list of Texas’s most reputable cockapoo breeders.

They’re committed to producing and selling quality puppies; all pup parents are genetically tested, and disease-free, and puppies are checked out nose-to-tail by a qualified vet. Your dog will be fit as a fiddle when it’s time to go home. 

Upcoming and available litters are posted on the Sugarbear website. You can look at the little ones and then choose your favorite!

The prices of dogs are listed below the pup’s pic, and prices typically range from $2,400 to $2,800. 

Contact the kennel when you’re ready to bring home a new baby. Let them know about your experience with dogs, and provide vet references if you have them.

Tell the Sugarbear team about your schedule, yard, and family, and await approval! 

You’ll be asked to place a deposit to hold your dog, and the order deposits will determine whether your pick order is received.

Most adoptive families live in Texas, but if you’re too far to travel to the Sugarbear kennel, you can arrange transportation. If the flight is required, you can expect to pay around $600 for a flight nanny and airfare for your dog. 

Sugarbear Cockapoos Details:

3. Cedar Ranch Cockapoos


Cedar Ranch Cockapoos is a Waco breeder specializing in adorable, fluffy little cockapoo puppies.

They’re a family-run business and they chose the cockapoo breed for family reasons! As you know.

Cockapoos are known to be hypoallergenic; as there are allergy sufferers in the Cedar Ranch family, a low-shedding, allergy-friendly dog was the best choice. 

Check out the available puppies on the Cedar Ranch website and pick your favorite.

Contact the team about the next steps – you’ll need to fill out an application or interview with the kennel and then place a deposit on your dog.

Your dog will be ACC registered, vaccinated, wormed, and microchipped when it’s time to go home with you. 

While your puppy is in the care of Cedar Ranch Cockapoos, she will socialize with children and other animals. Your dog will feel comfy around the vacuum cleaner, the television, and the doorbell.

That’s because dogs are exposed to the everyday sights and sounds of household life before they’re sent to their new homes. 

Cedar Ranch Cockapoos Details:

4. American Cockapoo Club


The American Cockapoo Club sets high breeding standards for cockapoos across the United States.

Of course, there are cockapoo breeders in Texas who have joined the club, and you can search for these breeders through the ACC website. 

Select the menu option that says “cockapoo breeders list,” then click on the region of the United States that you’re interested in.

At the time this article was written, about a dozen reputable breeders were listed on the ACC website. Visitors can choose the breeder closest to them, then contact the kennel directly. 

Breeders who list on the American Cockapoo Club website take amazing care of their adult dogs and the puppies they produce!

The ACC has a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills, and your pup will be vet-checked and given a clean bill of health. 

In addition to finding your new cockapoo within the ACC listings, you can learn more about the breed.

Take advantage of the educational resources available as you prepare to bring home your dog. You’ll find info about breeding, grooming, feeding, and even exercising your dog!

American Cockapoo Club Details:

5. Pokagon Cockapoos


Pokagon Cockapoos is a responsible cockapoo breeder based in the Houston area of Texas; this may be a great option if you’re in the eastern part of the Lone Star State.

What we love about this breeder is that they are committed to raising healthy puppies and rescuing pups that are at risk!

Remember that rescued dogs aren’t typically cockapoos – sometimes, the breed is unknown. Check with the website to learn about the available babies needing a home like yours. 

If it’s a brand new little puppy you’re looking for, great! Upcoming and available dogs are posted and pictured on the Pokagon website, so it’s easy to check out who’s available to reserve.

The price for cockapoo puppies ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 and is set based on the dog’s size, color, and other characteristics. 

To adopt from this kennel, contact them! They’ll guide you through the adoption process and make you feel comfortable. The Pokagon crew is very easy to work with.

While they’ll ask about your lifestyle and your family, it’s because they’re dedicated to matching you with the best possible puppy for your family. 

As any responsible breeder will do, Pokagon will bring your puppy to a vet before sending him home with you.

Dogs come with a health guarantee, and each puppy is given a clean bill of health before being released into a new environment. 

Pokagon Cockapoos Details:

6. PawPaw’s Little Rascals


Next on our list of the top cockapoo breeders in Texas is PawPaw’s Little Rascals. The kennel raises mini cockapoos, mini doxiepoos, and miniature dachshunds in a family environment.

Your baby will have been exposed to everyday family life, children, and other animals. This means an easy transition into your home when your puppy is between eight and twelve weeks old. 

The PawPaw team offers lifetime support to you and your dog, so should you have questions about the care of your pup after adoption, feel free to reach out!

It’s the kennel’s goal to ensure that each baby goes to a loving and caring family, and the answers to your questions are just a phone call or email away. 

Check the website for available and upcoming litters, then express your interest. The kennel team will ask for a $500 deposit which will be deducted from the total cost of $1,500.

Puppies will be microchipped, but dew claws are not removed, and the kennel won’t dock your pup’s tail.

Your dog also has limited ACC registration, which means your pup will have paperwork, but you won’t be permitted to breed him or her. 

PawPaw’s Little Rascals Details:

7. Elgin Cockapoos


Elgin Cockapoos is the last Texas cockapoo breeder on our list. They’re based in Elgin, Texas, and the kennel specializes in mini cockapoo puppies. Each dog is priced at $3,500 and will come with a two-year health guarantee! 

Elgin takes care of placing puppies in loving homes, so you’ll need to answer a few questions! Let the team know about your family, home, and schedule, and provide vet references if you have them.

Your dog will be sold as a companion only, so you’ll be required to spay or neuter it once it’s reached an appropriate age. 

Elgin Cockapoos are members of the American Cockapoo Club, and their moms and dads are healthy and genetically tested. Each puppy comes with a mandatory return policy.

If, for any reason, your puppy doesn’t fit into your home, you must return it to the breeder so he or she can be rehomed with a different family. 

Elgin Cockapoos Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main cause of death in Cockapoos?

Car accidents are the most likely to kill Cockapoos. So make sure your yard has a high fence and keep your dog close by.

Can Cockapoos become aggressive?

Cockapoos tend to become aggressive when playing because they may not understand limits or boundaries.

What age should you start training a Cockapoo?

Start training your Cockapoo as soon as you bring them home. They will quickly catch on.

So Where Are the Best Cockapoo Breeders in Texas?


Cockapoos are friendly, smart, and hypoallergenic little dogs. They’re ideal for apartment living, or for those who don’t want a large dog in their family space.

If you’re a Lone Star State resident in search of the top cockapoo breeders in Texas, check out the kennels in this guide! Interview the breeder just as they will interview you, and bring home your perfect puppy match today!

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