4 Best Pug Breeders in Texas! (2024)


Pugs are one of the most popular breeds on the planet. However, there aren’t a lot of resources out there designed to help people find a specific breed in a particular state. To remedy this, we’ve compiled a list of these four Pug breeders in Texas!

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The Average Cost of a Pug Puppy from a Breeder in Texas


In Texas, the average cost of a Pug puppy from a breeder is around $1200-$1500.

Considering its popularity, this is actually on the cheaper side of breeds. For example, a Rottweiler can run as high as $9000. This low cost makes the Pug a relatively affordable breed.

Some Questions To Ask A Breeder


Asking questions is an integral part of the adoption process for the breeder-client interaction.

It shows them that you are interested in the puppy’s well-being to them and that they are trustworthy with good answers. After all, a puppy adoption is a two-way interview. So they’ll likely have questions for you as well.

  • Do any of these Pugs have any medical conditions I need to know about?
  • Can I meet the parents and the rest of the litter?
  • Are there any vaccinations that I will be responsible for in the near future?
  • When can the baby Pug come home with me?
  • What brand of puppy chow did you give the Pugs?
  • What is the name and address of the Vet that saw the puppies?
  • Can I contact you if I have questions about the Pug puppy in the future?

Of course, you could ask many other questions – we’re sure you have a few of your own. We strongly encourage asking as many questions as possible – going in prepared is a big plus for any adoption process.

Common Traits of the Pug Breed


Pugs are very smart. For example, our Pug likes to move his bed closer to a spot where it is warmer when he gets cold.

Also, Pugs are sensitive to our emotions – they comfort you when you feel down. Ours does this by stuffing his nose into our legs to let you know they are there. It is seriously endearing.  

One downside of this breed is that Pugs shed a lot. We’re not kidding – you could use the fur to create a stuffed Pug toy after brushing!

We often fill our trash bin with pug fur after brushing him. To keep this under control, you’ll want to do daily brushings to maintain the coat, which will help considerably.  

An added benefit of daily brushings is that they will see it as bonding time and feel much better after brushing.

To emphasize this point, our Pug loves brush time – we’d grab the brush, and his tail would start wagging like crazy as he’d excitedly run up to us and get “tippy tappies” with the first stroke of the brush.

Then, as thanks, he’ll give us kisses and nuzzle us with his nose.

Pug Puppies For Sale by Breeders in Texas


The following four sections in the article are our list of breeders in Texas. We’ve included as much information about each breeder as possible to make it easier for you to see what each breeder does to present themselves.  

Some have professional websites loaded with great pictures and quality information. Others are owned by small hobby breeders who don’t have professional websites.

That doesn’t discount them from their breeding knowledge, though – many breeder websites look like they came straight from the 90s and have been breeding for over 20+ years.  

Ultimately, contacting the breeder and asking the questions listed above and other questions you may have will help you verify their expert claims.

1. Pug Haven


First up on the list is Pug Haven. This breeder has a sparse website with very little information on it. However, they have many testimonials from happy Pug owners who adopted a puppy from Pug Haven. It is highly rated.

These great testimonials are what convinced us that John is a quality breeder.  

The owner’s name is John, according to one of the testimonials on the site, and he ensures that each puppy is dewormed, up-to-date on all required shots and vaccinations, and comes with a health guarantee.  

Ready to get in touch with Pug Haven to find your snorting furball? Here’s every way to contact them!

Pug Haven Details:

  • Location: 19598cr3215d, Mount Enterprise, TX 75681
  • Phone Number: 936-221-3007
  • Website: Pug Haven

2. Fairy Tail Puppies LLC


Second up is Fairy Tail Puppies LLC. Their website feels very 90s but is overflowing with information about Pugs. For instance, they have a page called “Puppy Info,” with a few snippets of information you’ll want to read.

One such snippet is that they require all puppies to take ALBON, a medication designed to combat the onset of Coccidia, an intestinal parasite that can consume a 2 lb puppy in just 24 hours.  

Upon adoption, you must obtain seven cc’s of ALBON from the Vet. You’ll also need to get a five days supply of Panacur.

According to the breeder, these medications are relatively inexpensive and will help them adjust to the new environment they call home. They also offer a warranty contract that confirms several aspects of the puppies:

  • Certification and affirmation that each puppy is a purebred Pug
  • A health guarantee at the time of purchase, minus any allergies the puppy may have
  • A disclaimer of trainability, fur color, full size as an adult
  • A notice that the breeder is not responsible for any vet bills after the adoption process is final, and any shipping is covered by the buyer
  • A mandate of a vet visit within 48 hours for the health guarantee to be observed
  • Deposits are non-refundable

We will note that they do not accept refunds should you decide you do not want the puppy or find another Pug for cheaper after purchase.

These conditions are common among breeders and protect them against fickle people who want a puppy one day but realize it’s more work than they are ready for.  

Ready to talk with Fairy Tail Puppies LLC about getting a Pug puppy? Here is how to get in touch with them:

Fairy Tail Puppies LLC Details:

3. Too Cute Pugs


The third breeder on the list is Too Cute Pugs, owned by Sarah. Sarah has been working with Pugs since 2009, and her goal is to send home only healthy and happy Pugs.

This breeder offers pugs in many colors beyond the standard fawn + black. However, if you intend to enter your Pug into a dog show, you should know any non-standard colorings are not allowed to compete.

They have:

  • Fawn Pugs
  • Leucistic/White Pugs
  • Black Pugs
  • Brindle Pugs

Too Cute Pugs will ship to you via airliner, for which they charge $450. You’ll need to pick them up from the airport, though.

The puppies must be at least nine weeks old to go home with you, but they prefer to keep them until they are twelve weeks old.

Additionally, they must stay indoors as much as possible to keep them safe from Parvo until they complete their 4th vaccination (the twelve-week mark mentioned above).  

They do not allow you to see the puppies or meet the parents in the home, which they defend with several points:

  • The 1-3 week-old babies are too young/fragile to interact with untrained humans.
  • It puts a lot of stress on the puppies; if they are woken up by humans and are hungry – they’ll cry.
  • Mother Pug is protective of the puppies and may attack humans if it thinks they are being threatened.

You can read more about it on this page if you’re curious – and you can contact Too Cute Pugs using the following information:

Too Cute Pugs Details:

4. Fancy Texas Pugs


The final Pug Breeders in Texas on our list is “Fancy Texas Pugs.” This breeder raises the babies in their own home, as they do not believe in housing the puppies in a “facility.”

They do this because utilizing a facility does not give the puppies proper socialization or a chance to develop a unique personality.  

This breeder has been breeding on and off for the last ten years, only doing it intermittently to give their female pug time to recuperate completely.

With that said, they have much more experience raising puppies to adulthood beyond those ten years in breeding.

They raise each Puggie to have:

  • An even temperament
  • Great Health
  • AKC Purebred status

Additionally, all adult Pugs they use for breeding are cleared of all major health problems and have strong bloodlines stemming from champion Pugs.

Fancy Texas Pugs has a $300 deposit fee to reserve a puppy (Non-refundable), handled by Square. If you intend to adopt from this breeder, they will inquire about you, your family, and your lifestyle.

They want to know what you are looking for in a companion dog, as they want to ensure their puppies go to only the best families possible.  

This breeder only utilizes a contact form as a way to contact them. We couldn’t find a phone number or email associated with them. However, with some digging, we found they operate out in Hutto, Texas.  

If you’re ready to adopt your Fancy Texas Pug, here is how to get in contact with them:

Fancy Texas Pugs Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

How old can puppies be sold in Texas?

Texas law mandates that puppies be sold only after they turn eight weeks old.

Can I leave my puppy home alone for more than a day?

You can’t leave a dog home alone for more than a day, no matter how old they are. Puppies need constant care and interaction from their humans.

What is the rarest Pug color?

The rarest pug color is silver fawn, sometimes just called fawn.

So What Are the Best Pug Breeders in Texas?


Pugs are among our favorite breeds; we aren’t surprised you share this love.

We hope you found the special, loving, and cute baby Pug you were looking for and cherish the furry and silly memories you will make together as a family. We know we do!  

Before you go, here is a tip: regularly clean their snouts, as food and other debris will get stuck in the folds and cause irritation and itching.

We use a lightly damp paper towel, but you can use baby wipes or whatever clean cloth you find.

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