How To Sell a Puppy You Just Bought (Find a Good Home Fast) (2024)

A cute little English Bulldog puppy walking on green grass.

When you buy a puppy, you may have full intentions of keeping it for the rest of its life. Unfortunately, things can happen that can cause some pet owners to realize they can’t keep their puppy.

There are many options for ensuring your pet finds a good home, even if that home isn’t with you. 

How do you sell a puppy you just bought? If you have just bought a puppy and decide you can’t keep it, consult the breeder first to see if they will take the puppy back. Hanging fliers in local businesses, placing adds online, and enlisting the power of social media are additional options. Also, contact your vet to see if they can help.

If you have just bought a puppy but need to sell it, read on to learn about your options.

How To Sell a Puppy You Just Bought

Some people buy a puppy only to realize it’s not the right dog for them or they can’t keep it for another reason. If you need to sell a puppy you just bought, consider these suggestions.

1. Speak With the Breeder First

Most breeders will take the puppy back from you and may even offer a refund.

Some breeders even require buyers to sign a contract that says they will give the breeder the first option to buy back the puppy.

Breeders may also have a waiting list of people who want to buy puppies from them and who will want to buy your puppy.

2. Talk With Your Veterinarian

Speak with your veterinarian to see if they know anyone who has recently lost a pet and is looking for a puppy.

They may be able to refer you to responsible pet owners and may even let you hang a flier in their office.

3. Place an Advertisement in Local Papers

Take out an ad in your local newspaper. Some papers have pet classified sections and allow you to add photos of the pet as well as the asking price and your contact information.

4. Get the Word Out on Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to reach a lot of people quickly, and if you have a puppy for sale, you can post about it on your profile or newsfeed.

You can encourage anyone interested to contact you through the social media app to work out the details of the transaction.

5. Create an Online Ad

There are various online pet classified websites that allow you to make online ads for your pet. Hoobly, Craigslist, and PetClassifieds are some of the best options.

6. Make Flyers To Hang in Pet Stores and Local Businesses

You can create your own fliers with photos of your puppy and information about it. Be sure to include your contact information.

Post your fliers in pet shops, community bulletin boards, and local feed stores.

Some non-pet-related stores and libraries will also allow you to post your fliers. Always get permission before doing so.

7. Consider Rehoming Instead of Selling

If you aren’t able to keep your pet but know someone who will give it a good home, consider just rehoming it without selling it.

You might not find someone willing to pay for your puppy, but you may find someone who will give it a good home if you offer it for free or for a reduced adoption fee.

A black Lab puppy sitting in a half-barrel outside.

How To Sell a Puppy Online

When you sell a puppy online, you want to make sure you are only advertising on legitimate websites where you will find good pet owners.

Craigslist and Hoobly are two of the best places to list your pet for sale online. 

Make sure your ad shows pictures of your own puppy as well as information about its age, any health issues, any papers or registration that are included with the puppy, any accessories you want to include, and any veterinary care you have provided or expect the puppy to need soon.

When screening prospective buyers, be sure to ask for vet references and meet them in person, so you know the person will give your dog a loving home and be able to provide the proper care for it.

How To Screen Potential Buyers

The best way to screen potential buyers is to ask a lot of questions and request vet references or even references from other breeders they have purchased puppies from in the past.

You can also ask to meet the buyer at their home if you feel safe doing so.

This will give you an idea of the type of home your dog is going to and will allow you to see if they have a fenced-in yard, young kids, other pets, and safe conditions for the puppy.

Related Questions: 

Can I Sell My Dog to a Pet Store?

Some pet stores do buy dogs. You may need to provide proof of a pedigree as well as proof of proper veterinary care.

Where Can I Surrender My Dog for Free?

There are many rescues and shelters that will accept pet surrenders. Your local dog pound may also do so.

If possible, try to return your dog to the person whom you got it from or offer it for free to a friend, family member, or loving home.

Shelters are often overcrowded, and it’s always best to try to find your dog a home before you surrender it to a rescue.


It’s never easy to get rid of a pet, even if you just bought it. If you have bought a puppy and can’t keep it, there are many options for finding a good home.

Always consider your pet’s best interest and consider any contract you may have with the breeder.

Don’t just sell or give your dog to anyone. Make sure it’s someone who can give it the life it deserves.

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